Sport & Dirt Bike Basics : Inspecting the Tires on a Used Dirt Bike

Sport & Dirt Bike Basics : Inspecting the Tires on a Used Dirt Bike

My friends call me CK and I’m speaking on
behalf of Expert Village. I am a stunt man and I’m going to give you some tips today.
Tires are also a main aspect in the dirt. You want to look for a tire with some good
nobbies , good tread still left, good edges. You want to spin the wheels, make sure that
they spin freely, there’s nothing binding up in the bearings and you also want to check
the spokes. You can check spokes whether they’re tight, basically by just looking at them,
but when you squeeze them together like this, say so they should feel tight. If you feel
one that’s loose or wiggles around, that’s going to need to be repaired or tighten that
could also show you that the rim is bent and that’s another pricey item to repair on
a bent rim.

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  1. uhh no yur the idiot. its alot easyer to wiggle them around rather then going and getting a tool and hitting them. some people dont know what to listen for. everyone knows that if soethings loose then its gota be tightened.

  2. yur rim could be worped. The owner before you (im assuming its used and you just got it?) could have had a bad Rear wheel bearing. If the bad bearing goes too long without being fixed, it can damage your rim. Or it could be as simple as the tire isnt seated properly on the rim. Or like you said could be loose spokes, if they are loose (if you can wiggle them with your fingers) dont ride until they are either tightened or replaced kuz then yu could damage yur rim and thats no fun. Hope This helps

  3. what a fucking uselees idiot this guy is, all his videos are fucking retarded. this guy deserves a fucking punch in the face for making this shit, like his making all the beginners that look at this shit fucking goons! crist sake man did u even fucking watch this bullshit before u put it up. expertvilliage should be called villageidiot

  4. i spent a minute of my life watching this video and his stupid conclution is a kind go-to-see-your-X-brand-store if you want them repaired. funny though

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