Sport & Dirt Bike Basics : Tips for Buying a Used Dirt Bike

Sport & Dirt Bike Basics : Tips for Buying a Used Dirt Bike

Hi my name is Chris Kelley and I’m speaking
on behalf of Expert Village. I am a stunt man and I’m going to give you some tips
today. So you don’t have the cash to buy a brand new one, a used bike is a good route
to go. What you want to look for when you buy a good used bike, first of all you want
to see if the bike is clean, if you go to look at a bike and the bike is cleaned, it’s
not all dirty, you’ll at least know that whoever owned it took the time to clean it.
Certain things you want to look for on the bike, or just a general overlook of the whole
bike. You want to look at the forks, the wheels, make sure nothing is severely bent. Look at
the handle bars, take a feel of everything that moves, get a good seat on the bike and
see if it fits you, see if it fits your needs, if you feel comfortable, if it’s what you’re
looking for. This bike here seems to feel pretty comfortable to me. Throttle seems good,
the levers are not sticking, they move freely back and forth. You also want to check out
the rear end, you want to look at the chain, see if it’s the sprockets down here, you
want to make sure that this is not severely worn. When you get a worn sprocket on the
rear tire, what happens is that these teeth right here, they start getting curved, they
look like a little shark’s backbone, like a shark fin going through the water. What
that means is that the chain has worn that groove down deep and when that starts happening
those teeth will get weak and start breaking off, then you have a chance of loosing your
chain and breaking your engine cases, which is a very expensive repair.

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  1. Checking the chain is a good idea, the one on a used bike I bought snapped the day I bought it and cracked my engine case, I was so pissed about that

  2. do not ever buy a used dirt bike or any vehicle that is sold used because if you buy any used vehicle it will be a lemon the seller or dealer that sells it to you will rip you off on purpose just to get your money and you will have a lemon as long as you have the bike or vehicle don't ever buy any used vehicle no matter what the seller or dealer tells you do not believe a word they say to you.

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