Sport & Dirt Bike Basics : Tips for Buying a Used Sport Bike

Sport & Dirt Bike Basics : Tips for Buying a Used Sport Bike

Hi my name is Chris Kelley and I’m speaking
on behalf of Expert Village. I am a stunt man and I’m going to give you some tips
today. So you want to buy a sports bike, you want to buy a street bike. Good things to
look for on a used bike, first of all you want to look it over, you want to look it
over and see if there’s any major damage you can see. You want to look for it’s been
laid over, see scratches or things broken, broken mirrors. You want to get on the bike,
see how it feels, see if it’s a good fit for you. Some bikes, actually all bikes are
going to fit different. They’re going to feel a little bit different and you want to
be comfortable, you might not feel comfortable with the way that you’re leaned over, or
the way that you sit up. If the bike feels comfortable then you want to go ahead, it
looks good overall, you want to check the levers, make sure they move properly, feel
the throttle, work the rear brake and the front brake, make sure that everything works
first of all. And you’re going to also want to check the fork seals, fork seals are down
here at the top of the fork tube you want to look for some oil, leaking running down
the fork tube, if you see oil on the down tube that’s going to tell you that the seal
is either blown or you have some problems in the internals of the fork. You also want
to look at the tires, make sure there’s good tread wear on there. And the chain, your
chain is what drives this bike. Some bikes have a shaft drive, which are generally mostly
maintenance free, except for chain the oil in the shaft drive. But on a chain drive bike,
like this one, you’re going to have to take a look and make sure the chain is oiled and
lubed and that there’s not too much slack in it. That it has a little bit of play, but
it’s not dead tight. Also, take a look at your sprocket, make sure that the teeth are
not worn or broken. You’re definitely going to want to get on the bike, see how it runs,
you’re going to want to start it up, see if it’ll work for your needs, see what you’re
looking for. This bike feels pretty good to me.

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  1. I was expecting more info.. like how much mileage is acceptable, what are the maintenance intervals required, what brands are long lasting etc.. I pretty much know in detail about cars, but I'm a newbie to bikes.

  2. Its a 600 gixxer – same model from 1997-2000
    I'd say that one is a 1998 or 1999 judging by its color scheme. The 750's had the same shape

  3. You can see that this bike was very cold.. 😀 it didnt run properly when he started it.. 😉 When you start a cold bike u supose to wait a minute or two to let get into the work mode 😉

  4. To check the headstock, sit on the bike, apply the front brake and push down on the handle bars, see if you can detect and rocking. Or wheel the bike forward a bit and squeeze the front brake to bring the bike to a rapid stop.
    Second, put on centre stand, have a buddy push down on the back of the bike to lift front wheel off ground. Turn the bars to see if theres any "notching", it should be smooth.
    yeh good one, reminds me of my bike and its abused headstock and leaky forks.

  5. Meant to +1 for Harsha806, but my hand slipped.

    I've heard you also are supposed to check how it pulls away in second gear & how it starts up cold (not warm… too hard to see/hear problems on a warn engine). & Check the bolts on the mirror. Mine were painted black (stock)… Bolt paint easily rubs off if you remove the mirrors. & you have to remove the mirrors for most tracks. Thus you can tell if the bike has been raced.

    Most of all I think you just have to find someone you trust & get lucky

  6. hahhahahahaa i just cant stop laughing cuz this guy is serious hahahahahaha that is how you no if its a good bike 😉 hahahahaha just sit on it hahahahahahahhaha im tripping

  7. at 2:03 Make sure its oiled and lubed, and your gonna wanna play with it make sure its not too slack but nice and tight..LMFAO!!! this guys hilarious

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