Spotlight – 2007 Chevy Avalanche, 7.5″ R/C Lift, 20×12, and 33’s

Spotlight – 2007 Chevy Avalanche, 7.5″ R/C Lift, 20×12, and 33’s

– Hey guys, Shawn again, Custom Offsets CustomOffsetsTV on the YouTube. Got a vehicle spotlight for you guys. This is going to be the
’07 Chevy Avalanche 1500. We took the wheels off the old CO Avvy so we decided to put them on this one put a lift kit on it, let’s go. (rap music) (slow hip-hop music) Got this 2007 Chevy Avalanche. This is a 1500, and what
we did with this one is he went with the seven
1/2 inch rough country lifts. You’re going to see this
massive spacer in here and lots of new ball joints and stuff because it got complicated
as it always does but with that seven 1/2 inch lift and then with the wheels,
these are the 20 by 12 negative 44 Moto Metal Knights 62s, the negative 44 offset. Then they get 33 12 1/2
Federal Couragia on here. These are the ones that we just
took off of our CO Avalanche that we’ve running for
probably like a year, I think maybe year and a half. Who knows, maybe 15, 20,000 miles. Still plenty of tread on them. They balanced out really good. Never had any issues with them so he now slapped them on this Avalanche with that seven 1/2 inch Rough Country. What’s amazing even to us is even with a seven 1/2 inch lift we had to do quite a bit of trimming on that front bumper cover and then had to heat all of this up pull it all in and then we used zip ties, tie straps to
pull everything forward. The other option is you just lob that off but we were trying to preserve as much of this one as humanly possible. Back here he just had to take off the front of this running board but he didn’t have to do anything as far as trimming inside of here on that inner fender so that one didn’t need anything as far as a NorCal. If he would have went to 35s which is what everybody’s going to say when they see this truck is they should have went with 35s he would have had to do quite
a bit of trimming back there so he was trying to avoid
that this time round. I think he’s going to
end up up going with 37s he said once he wears these out and then do that extra trimming. That’s the plan. Which will take a full NorCal and quite a bit of work
to get those to fit. As far as the rest of it you can see the coils back here for
that seven 1/2 inch lift you’ll just see the big
old Rough Country coils to bring up the rear end of
the truck about five inches which basically levels it out
when it’s all said and done. Start at the front of this one. I think most of it is stock from there but we’ll just give you a front view. It’s got one of those
Chameleon paint jobs. I have no idea if this is a factory color. I highly doubt it. I would imagine, it is factory? Okay, Chevy got all carried away. It is one of those Chameleon paint jobs. It kind of has a bluish-green
color change to it depending on where the light’s shining. The interior on this ’07 is really clean. It’s actually in really good condition. I’ll show you the back. Super clean truck on the inside for sure. But that’s pretty much it. Even the running boards are going to be the factory running boards. I’d imagine that’s an
after market rack on top at least half of that. I don’t think that was stock. Then typical Avalanche if you guys don’t know much about these these covers all come off and whatnot but it’s a hard cover. (trunk slamming) that’s pretty much it. I’m sure he’s going to do color match tint and everything else. This one, he literally
just bought it at auction or somewhere and had it shipped in and sent it to us right away to put the lift kit,
wheels, and tires on it. That is your ’07 Avalanche 1500 on seven 1/2 inch Rough Country and some 20 by 12 negative 44 Moto Metals on some 33 12 1/2 Federal Couragias. Make sure you subscribe, peace.

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  1. i have an 07z71. some good tips.its those tires that stick out a little to far for me though.(Slinging")IMHO IMHO….P.s my avy is on your site! =8^D "LoL"

  2. What's your shops opinion on using spacers to achieve a 6" lift. I went to 4wheel parts and they offered me a stage 1 lift which utilized my factory strut and control arm and used spacers to achieve a 6" lift. right away I said that shit cannot be safe or proper since I'm used to seeing longer control arms, longer shocks, knuckle adapters so I'm thinking angles would be crazy what a shitty kit. please advise!

  3. @custom offsets, what brand of lift would you recommend as far as ride quality on and off road for a 2009-14 ford f150 4wd?

  4. I'm wanting to see it on 38s. I've been wanting to put my avalanche on that kind of lift with 38s. I hope u guys make a video on that lol.. right now my 07 avalanche is on 6" lift with 22×12 and 35s I like it but I feel I could still go bigger or maybe go with those mottos 20×12 with 38s on, love ur videos bro

  5. Roof rack is factory option, at least it looks GM from what I can see. The color is Bermuda Blue Metallic. Personally the lift and tires isn't my thing. I like the big meat little rim old school look. It appears 20's are the new 15's. Nice set up though.

  6. Hey guys a same avalanche with 6.5 zone lift kit do you guys thik can i put a 22×12 fiel assault on 33s tires do you think they will fit?

  7. Man.. I had a silver 2013 Avalanche with an 8" Bulletproof lift on 22s and 35s and I regret every day selling that truck. Thing got negative gas mileage, but man was it awesome.

  8. That 7.5" lift looks good , this inspires me to do the same to my 08👍 Great Video. Thanks for all the Info and all you do at Custom Offsets

  9. Hello guys!
    I just bought a 2011 z71 avalanche and this truck needs an off road stand. Mostly everyone will tell me to lift it the same as the video but I want to give it a 2 inch lift. What size of wheels and tires do you guys recommend because im going to buy everything from you.

    Love your channel!!!

  10. I own an 06 same paint but no plastics on the body. Sits on 07 factory 20s. She's pretty but been thinking of a lift now I'm positive I'm gonna get one

  11. I cannot seem to find any info on how this lift rides. Does the vehicle feel more tippy going around a corner.? Is it extremely bumpy even with the upgraded front shocks? Cruz its alotnof money to be wrong and a bad feeling you messed up a good truck ?

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