Spotlight- 2014 Silverado 1500, Leveled, 20×12’s and 285s!

Spotlight- 2014 Silverado 1500, Leveled, 20×12’s and 285s!

– Hey Guys, Shawn again. Custom Offsets, Custom
Offsets TV on the YouTube. Got a vehicle spotlight
here for you today. It’s a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500. This one’s going to have
one of those level lifts. So it’s level in the front and
brought back up in the rear with the blocks. And then he somehow got 20
by 12’s and 32 and a half’s to fit with no rub, no trim. Let’s go. (rap music) (techno music) Hey guys like I said, we got
a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500. What he did on this one
is called a level lift. So it’s got a leveling kit up front, but rather then the typical two, two and a half inch level, this
one does both the upper coil spacer and then lower spacer as well, which brings up the entire
front of the truck three inches. If you were to do just that
and leave the back as is, you would basically
have that squatted look. So what they do is they
also put in the larger block in the back, and what you end up with is a completely leveled truck. But it’s brought the entire thing up. And what it also does is, it
means you can fit this big wide shit inside this square wheel
well Chevy came out with. So, what he’s got here,
go on that side Junior I’m feeling froggy. We always do it from that way. So, he’s got 20 by 12 negative
44, and this is the RDRs. They always have a good size lip on them. So, it’s right around six inches of lip. And it’s a negative 44
offset and then the tire he’s got on here is the 285/55. So when we figured that out
it’s basically a 32.3 by 11.2. What that means is he’s a
shy under a half inch under a 33 and then he’s
another half what is that, like an inch and a quarter
narrower than a 12 and a half. What that did if you look at
the side wall is it stretched this tire just a little bit, and this is an Atturo Trailblade XT, and remember we have told you before, the Atturos run a little bit narrow. So that pulls the tire down because you’re stretching it like that. And if you look on the back,
Junior, he made it so that he’s got a 12 wide on a
leveled Chevy with 32.3s and he didn’t rub. Basically he said tearing out
of the driveway in reverse, Dukes of Hazard style is
the only time it rubs, otherwise it clears. So that 285/55 would be the
answer if you want twelve wides no trimming and you go with the level lift where you got the full
three inches up front and then you bring up the rear two inches. So this is going to be
one we’ll tag it on there as basically a perfect fit
because he’s got that in there where it almost does not rub
and he’s running the 12 wides. I’m still having a hard time with it that’s why I keep repeating it. So its basically the perfect
fitment for these Chevy’s, when you’re trying to get it in there and not do any trimming. And then he’s done a bunch
of other really clean mods on this one. He’s got the Anzo front lights and that’s that u-shaped accent glow. You can see he did the bow tie in black. Just basically classed it up. You’ve got two choices with these, they’ve got all these dimples in here, so you could put vinyl on there. The problem with vinyl is it doesn’t suck into all the little pockets. So it kind of has a weird smeary look and PlastiDip actually
looks significantly cleaner because you can apply it thick
enough and then it covers up all those dimples and lays flatter. He’s got 35% tint on the windshield, and then 20% on the front
to match the factory 20% on the rear windows
and on the back window. And then you can see the side steps, he went with the Iron Cross,
these are pretty slick. They’re really straight angled
so rather than your typical step tubes, these you’ll see
have a really sharp angle to them, which to me is
perfect for a Silverado because Silverado’s
have square wheel wells and the squared off
headlights and everything, so it’s a perfect match for that truck. And then taillights are the Spyder, and you can see they’ve
got the smoked lenses, so it’s a clear lens but
it’s got a smoked lens to it. And then it’s got a black
housing inside of there and then again with
these Spyder taillights, they’ve got almost the
u-shape that matches up with the headlights really well. Then you can see, same thing
with the rear bow ties. Then he’s got a Tonneau
cover on there that lays almost perfectly flush
as well, so that’s cool. ‘Cause it just kinda tucks in there. Looks like that’s a Tonneau sport, there is a billion
Tonneau covers out there, we just got one for CO2. We will be installing
and bringing to you guys once we restart that build, so. Just look down the side of it Junior, probably from the front. I thought these 12 wides
would stick out more but I think because of the tire size, it’s actually keeping
a good amount of tread inside the wheel wells which
is nice ’cause you’re not spraying everything up
the side of the truck. But it’s still giving it
a really wide stance look, without running all that
stuff up the side of the truck and throwing rocks up the
side of the truck, so. I’m actually surprised at how
much that doesn’t sick out, but it still has that perfect look to it. You wanna see the interior, Junior? So this is the LT package. You can see its got the LCD
screen, steering wheel controls. I really like the Chevy
interior for these models. And then for exhaust,
he basically did muffler all the way back, so cat-back
and it’s got a full master 40 up underneath there. Then he came out with duels
outside the back of the muffler. And it sounds amazing. These trucks have a couple
of resonators in them. So, by replacing from
there all the way back, he replaced not only the muffler, but also the resonator that they have toward the back of here. Some guys were just trying
to remove that muffler and it wasn’t helping that much because it still had a
resonator back by the tailpipe. They were really let down
when they got done with that. But he replaced all of that which helps and sounds really good. Dennis wanna say anything? I think that’s pretty much it, clean truck, good looking truck. I think the black in the
headlights and taillights and bow ties and everything
just made the truck simpler, it brought it down to two
colors, black and chrome and cleaned up the
whole look of the truck. You know I say all the time
this is what I think they should look like when they
are coming from the factory. I don’t know why they
don’t make them like this, but I’m glad they don’t,
then they can be more unique. That’s it 12 wides, negative 44’s– I’m gonna re-look at
it, I keep forgetting. I think its 285/65? 285/55, 20’s, 12 wides, negative 44’s, level lift and they fit on
Chevy’s without rubbing. Remember that you’re
gonna wanna know that. Peace. (downbeat music)

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Nice rides I just got a granite blue 2014. It came with 18's I'm glad, I off road a lot so I want more rubber and less rim wish they were 17" but I don't think they fit around the calipers. Like the exact specs you give makes this easy for me thanx.

  2. I am looking to add 20×10 -24 XD820s on my 2016 sierra with a 2.5 rough country level. Would I be able to fit 295/55r20s on that without any trimming, if not would 285/55r20?

  3. Tasteful mods = No
    1980's called and want there flowmasters and slashed cut exhaust tips back

    Nicely accented with stretched tires like the hella-flush import crews, and finally riding in unadulterated comfort from that honey badger mangled driver seat.

    Spend money on a useful upgrade and add flex fuel sensor on there and run some E, these DI motors can make good use of it even N/A. Plus It will help give you some of the hp lost from those 50lbs per wheel of unsprung weight addition. Stock gearing too I bet.

  4. Seems like a lot of lift just to get it to a decent "average" height. Why put steps on? It doesn't need them. Stretched tires wtf?? These things are cars heavy duty cars anymore. Nearly useless as pickups. IMO

  5. I had a leveling kit put on my 2015 Silverado rally 2 Edition 1500. And it still sits like a inch and a half lower in the front. why is that?

  6. guys i cant find this convo on the website , i know my wheel well is different 2012 silverado 2.5 ruff country level lift whats the biggest i can go on tires with little plastic trimming (only) on these RDR's 18' or 20' will consider both sizes – thank you for your time in advance

  7. Who couldn't have a bill ready for the video? Lol he needed to take the whole clip out ?🤣 hahaha what a clown

  8. Hey quick question, I have a 2017 chevy Silverado with 22" rims and 2" wheel spacers on the front. I want to put some mud or all terrain tires on my rims, what size tires should I get for the tires not to rub to the wheel??? Nice azz trck doe!!!👌

  9. Saw this dudes truck in person today down in the ghetto. Loved it. He did a great job. Aggressive appearance.
    I'll be getting ahold of you guys to help build my 2017 deep ocean blue silverado.

  10. Does it require a cheetah high powered compressors (is what the local shop asked to stretch the tire ) I wanna have the same setup but does it have to be the exact rims and tires for it to work or will it work with a nitto tire? Please reply I wanna get this done asap @ customoffset

  11. According to tire calculator 285×55 is bigger than a 33. It's kind of half way between a 33 and 35 tire. Who's right? I've seen you state this on a couple video's now. Looking for clarification.

  12. For someone who doesn't take their truck off road, what are the chances of popping the bead on a stretch like this? Just average daily driving, mixture of highway and city, no off roading… I love the look, but I'm scared to buy a set up like this for my Silverado and end up popping the bead and jacking up my wheels and tires

  13. Holy cow…20×12's with a level? I've got 35's on my leveled Ram 2500 with 20×9's and was worried…All about that perfect wheel offset and tire combo to make it fit. I was move interested in making a 35 tire fit versus having a deeper dish wheel. I can live with a 20×9 wheel and love the look.

  14. Would i be able to run 285/55/20 on the Fuel Coupler Wheels 20×9, Offset: 20 on a stock gmc sierra 1500, without rubbing or trimming?

  15. Hey guys thanks for all the great videos, it's saving me a ton of money seeing what these trucks look like before I pay for it! The video work in 4K is awesome..

  16. Out of all the accessories on this truck he did not mention the black trim around the wheel well openings. Anyone have an idea of the brand they might be? Gives the truck a nice look. Very subtle.

  17. Tires like that are a bitch to mount lol had to use two of those air tank blasters fired at the same time to get it to stretch that much to go to the wheel

  18. can I do the leveling kit and put on 22×12? some people tells me that I will need a lift kit and some say I don't have to lift it? (Sierra 2014)

  19. Does the truck have RC 2.5 leveling lift kit or does it have the RC 3.5 suspension lift kit? The title says leveled but later in the description it says a 3.5 inch lift kit. Can you clear this up for me and maybe throw in a link to the kit on your website? Thanks and great vid!!

  20. That is a sweet looking truck! I have a 2016 silverado black as well. Im gonna steal that wheel and tire combo, looks aggressive 😎

  21. same set up but did 3 inch block in the rear so there is some rake. 100 percent level looks like shit

  22. your 285 55 is 32.3×11.2??? See below from your sight.

    Brand: Atturo
    Model: Trail Blade XT
    Size: LT285/55R20
    Inventory Number: TBXT-J3HI0AFA
    Aspect Ratio: 55
    Inflated Diameter: 32.5
    Inflated Width: 11.7


    Brand: Atturo
    Model: Trail Blade XT
    Size: 275/55R20 XL
    Inventory Number: TBXT-I0045752
    Aspect Ratio: 55
    Inflated Diameter: 31.9
    Inflated Width: 11.2

    The 275 is closer to the dimensions talk about in the video. I just want to get it right because I plan on getting this package. The 275's are about $280.00 cheaper on your sight and run only .4 shorter than the 32.3 that you talk about on the video. Will the 275 be stretched to much on a 20×12?

  23. Nice job ,but,,,,You don't need to show to many bills on all your videos when you only need one ,be simple!!!!!!not arrogant…

  24. I have a 2014 Silverado that has a 2inch Lower Strut spacer currently on it. If I put a 2inch spacer on the top of the strut, total 4in level will it drive/ride fine?

  25. I have a 3” maxtrac leveling kit on my 2015 Silverado and you’d believe it was never there. Absolutely no change to the ride.

  26. Do you have any information about why installing an upper and lower spacer combo on a 2014 Z71 is not recommended? Or if in your opinion it's ok, thanks.

  27. 08 Sierra 1500 2" leveling kit up front running 20×12 -44 with 305/55r20 amps and it rubbs real bad 😂😂

  28. Looks like my truck but I blacked out the grill. And has leather interior. I did a 3 inch level and got 305/55R20
    Basically 33×12. They rub very little works for me

  29. would a aftermarket control arm along with the leveling kit be best choice or stock control arms will be fine?

  30. not to brag or anything but i have 20×12 -44 offset rims with 420s nitto Tires and a 2/4 drop on my 2012 Chevy tahoe… so it is possible to have a super wide looking truck haa!!! just gotta get used to the rubbing 😬

  31. Exactly, they should come from factory like that. A 4 wheel drive should look like a 4wheel drive not a 2wheel drive

  32. I’m doing a 3” Front Level and a 1” Rear by MotoFab and putting in Toyo AT II 33×12.50/R20LT’s. Hopefully I don’t have any rub lol

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