Spotlight – 2014 Toyota Tundra, 7″ BDS Lift, 22×10 Fuel Assaults, and 35s

Spotlight – 2014 Toyota Tundra, 7″ BDS Lift, 22×10 Fuel Assaults, and 35s

– Hey guys, Shawn again
from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. Got another one of these
vehicle spotlights for you. It’s a 2014 Toyota Tundra. Did a seven-inch BDS on this thing, some 22’s and some 35’s. Let’s go. (rap music) (dramatic music) So like I said, we got a 2014 Tundra. This one’s gonna have the seven-inch BDS. We’re working with Holiday on
another one of these builds, and they just wanted to go
more extreme than the four-inch we did last time. So, we brought this thing up
seven inches up in the air, and then for wheels and
tires, it’s gonna be the 22 by 10 negative 18 fuel assault, so it’s gonna be the Fuel Assault again but this time in a 22. And I will show you what
that lift looks like. As you remember, when
it’s not a lipped wheel, we kinda just come in here
and measure the concavity, how much that thing is pushed in. So, I usually try to get a
feel for where that center is, and then bring it out and look
at where that wheel comes out and that’s gonna be
probably about five inches. I would say that this
distance, here to here, is about five inches of concavity that that thing is pushed in. Super aggressive wheel. As you remember, that fuel
assault basically comes out past the tire, even on this
10 wide, 12 and a half, it’s a little bit past
the side wall of the tire. I would say, down here,
if you look where you got the pressure on it,
the tire is coming out, so you got some protection, but she’s still pretty
aggressive, as far as the setup. That’s gonna be the matte
finish with the machined edges, which really compliments
the little bit of chrome that we did leave on the vehicle. And then for tires, it’s
the 35, 12 and a half middle ridge rappler, so it’s gonna be a really strong tire. This is gonna be their new hybrid, which is also a 12 ply rated tire. I want to make sure I’m
saying that right, Mario. Yes, that’s a 12 ply rated tire, and it’s gonna be still
good on the highway, still good in the mud, it’s gonna be the best all around, really. So, as far as fitment on that, Mario, if you come take a peek up front here. All we had to do is– this liner used to wrap around, so we took off the bottom of the liner, notched out a little bit, and then tucked the liner up in there, just to push it away from
where that turning radius is. In the back, what you
always have with the Tundras are these body mounts, the cab mounts, start to cause trouble, but with that seven inch
lift, we’re up high enough that you have clearance for days, so there was no mod back there. And then in the back,
you’ll see the upgraded BDS, 2.0 Fox shocks. So, Fox shocks upgrade,
and then, I believe, that’s a five inch block,
so you’ll see that it’s got just a touch of rake,
almost perfectly level on this one, from what I can see. Now, we’ll start front to back, show you some of the other little goodies that we threw on here. You’ll see we’ve got the 30-inch, black label light bar in there, so that’s gonna be the
full RBG color change. We’ve just got it set at white right now, but that will do all
the different patterns and the color change or whatnot. And it really fits
perfect inside of there. We’ve just got some
special feet that we use, and it just tucks right inside of there. And all of that light’s
still coming through, so it really works perfect. Then, what we did is, we had
our vinyl guy come around and he wrapped this entire surround that used to be chrome in black. We wrapped the bumper ends in black, and then we kept going to
the rear of the vehicle and wrapped all of this chrome,
the entire bumper, in black. So, we really just blacked out the chrome, except for those side steps, the emblems, throughout the vehicle, and of course your decals on the back,
the TRD Off Road decals. Those are still gonna
match with the chrome, so it just kinda gives your
eye something to focus on. It’s a charcoal truck with black accents and then that little touch
of chrome throughout. Then up here, we did a window
tint to match the factory, so 20 percent up front
to match the factory. And inside, this thing’s only
got about 18,000 miles on it, so it’s got a super clean interior. Pop that back door open. And it’s got a ton of
room in the back also. So, it’s a really clean truck. I think that pretty
well– oh, the taillights. So, you’ll see the
taillights are also tinted, and then tinted the third brake light. We just wanted to get rid of
any other color on the truck and really black this thing out with that black and charcoal look. We’re really pumped about it. Turned out frickin awesome. Super excited to see
what they think of it. This is gonna be another one– I know that– I believe
all of the previous ones we’ve built sold already, so they only last a week or two. If you’re interested, you
want to get a hold of Holiday and see what they got for a price on it. But we’ll also try to put
the link above or below in the description to you
guys can go check it out. Appreciate you comin to check it out, appreciate you guys subscribing. Appreciate all the support
we’ve been getting all around. We’re definitely having a blast out here and hope you guys are too. Peace. (smooth piano music)

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  1. Lol I bought fuel assaults for my 15 Sierra here in Ontario to be different..
    Now all I see are these rims..if you can't beat em, join em.

  2. Love the Flat Black look – makes so many trucks look xxx… chrome is so 1965….. I wish people ran more colors but it sucks that cops pick on those who are unique

  3. You guys need way more subscribers. This channel has influenced me so much. Made me purchase the vision prowlers and some 33's love the lifestyle.

  4. God dam intro had me yelling at the family telling them to put their phones on silent and refrain from speaking, thought I was at the movie theatre for a sec.

  5. Fuck, that Tundra looks Sexy as hell. 😍 I have to say that BDS Lift definitely complements the truck just right.👍

  6. Could y'all post a video of the light bar installation on this tundra? A lot of people are wanting to do this but videos on YouTube are a hit or miss

  7. Love the new look. I think with color keyed fender flares, would finish the look overall. Add a TRD dual exhaust and call it the day.

  8. Hey Shawn I'm a big fan of your channel I love your reviews on Lifted truck and the Toyota Tundra. Would you mind and go on my channel and take a look of my Toyota Tundra 2014 built and let me know what you think of my built thank you I really appreciate it

  9. Great looking Tundra. Just asking, but what's the reason they stuck with only running Fox Shocks in the rear?

  10. oh ok… that kinda sucks a bit. either way it's a bad ass truck. I drive one as my company truck down here in South Texas… they are good for work. thanks.

  11. Great content, but that cringy intro and song turns so many people off. please reconsider. Your engagement rate will improve: I guarantee it.

  12. how much do you guys normally charge for a 6" lift? I'm asking so I can compare against expensive ass california lol

  13. I started to think that thing was going to transform. Those ridge grapplers looks good, just had mine flipped. I didn't realize it had a different pattern on each side walll. Sounds dumb, but I'm happy with how it looks now.

  14. Just curious as its something thats not really talked too much about. Are you changing the gear ratios on all these lifts?

  15. Can't find anyone local to tint my taillights. Any info would be great. I leave just about 20 mins. south of Atlanta Ga. Thanks.

  16. Putting a crazy offset in your wheels is bad for the bearings and puting a low profile tire on a truck id about as practical as lowering a 4×4 truck… no sense…

  17. Do you have to lift the tundra truck in order to fit those 22s on there??? I want to put these rims on my tundra but I don't wanted lifted

  18. I want to run 37 tires on my 2004 titan I have a pro comb 6 inch lift what should I go with to lift it 3 inches more so I can run 37s I have 35s

  19. Looking into 22×12 -44 with 35×12.5 on a 6inch pro comp lift 2015 tundra. Any idea how much trimming needed for this setup? Thank you in advance!

  20. Think ive decided the 7" BDS is going to be my choice. Ive been in touch and I like the numbers I saw.
    7" BDS Fuel Hostage 22×11 on Amp AT 35×12.5×22…Be in touch soon

  21. I’m looking into buying a tundra and would love to know how much all the mods costed so I can have a general idea of what I’m gonna pay

  22. Man I'm a huge gm fan but damn those tundra are starting to win me are tundra trucks honest opinions please?

  23. I love the builds you guys do but I would love to see a 6in lifted Tundra rolling on an 18 in rim with 35s. More sidewall for off roading.

  24. Would like to see wheels without the hub-caps to really get a honest look at depth, besides I don’t run hub-caps on my wheels or at least a flat cap.

  25. Putting the 7" BDS on my 2014 Tundra soon w/ Fuel Avenger 35 x 12.50 R20 rims. How is the Nitto Ridge Grapler tire long term? Some say the ply belts fail but have found nothing on this. Is any of that true?

  26. How good a hold is a wrap on a chrome bumper? I have a tundra and was looking to do the same. Local dealers say they don't guarantee it because it'll probably come off sooner than later

  27. I'm confused on the 35". My 18 and 19 tundra have 35" tires with about 2.5" lift. My next one I'm shooting for 37" and I probably won't be lowering my front diff ~4" like this set up.

  28. I was thinking about bringing my lift up to a 7 inch and getting my hands on some 22" Fuel assault wheels with 37"s and also upgrading the shocks in the front and the rear just curious on how much trimming would have to be done

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