Spotlight – 2015 Toyota Tundra, 6″ Lift, 20×12 -44’s, and 35’s

Spotlight – 2015 Toyota Tundra, 6″ Lift, 20×12 -44’s, and 35’s

– Hey guys, Fuller here
with Custom Offsets. Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. We have another Vehicle Spotlight for you. This one’s a little different than usual, this is a 2015 Toyota Tundra
on a six inch pro comp with some 35s and 20 by 12s. Let’s go. (upbeat rap music) ♫ Big trucks, decked out ♫ Rollin’ through the wood ♫ And it flexed out ♫ Rims so big and the windows black ♫ Got the light bulb lit up ♫ Double chromed out stacks ♫ Yeah we love to get ’em dirty ♫ But still they so clean ♫ Custom Offsets Team Stance is the team ♫ We on top of it now ♫ We ain’t never gonna fade ♫ So you better get ready ♫ We taking over the game (slow music with heavy bass) – Alright guys, like I said,
this is a 2015 Toyota Tundra. So, to fit this wheel entire
setup, what we have is a six inch pro comp, and this
is actually a coil-over kit so if you come on in here,
you can see full replacement here so you get the
coil-over and this kit also comes with new knuckles and everything, all the hardware to
get the correct angles. And these coil-over kits
really give you the best ride, both on and off road. They can take some abuse
with this coil-over setup. So, for wheels and tires,
these are the Fuel, oh boy, they start with an
A, I forgot what they are, we’ll put them on the screen. Fuel 20 by 12, negative 44s,
we’ll do a bill test for you. We got a five today, no hundos. So if you go all the way back,
come in here a little closer, all the way back to where the
back of the spoke is, I guess, you’re right about that five,
five and a half inch lip. Out to the front it’s a little
less, maybe a four and a half or five there. So, still a pretty good
size lip for 20 by 12. And then for tires, he’s
running the 35 by 12 and a half, Toyo Open Country MT. So this is a mud terrain so
you see a big, luggy tire, a lot of space here. Then, as far as trimming goes,
on the Toyota’s on the front, if you swing around and
take a peak in here, there’s a plastic panel that
goes in here and you can actually just take that
panel out to get your front clearance, so you don’t
have to worry about cutting anything up, which
is nice on the front. On the back side, we’ll
see if we can see in here. So, the plastic is removed right here, we just had to trim that out. Then, there’s little bit of
metal on the bottom side, you can cut that and if
you wanna do a full NorCal and hit it back, you can
also do that to create extra clearance in the back. It was not quite rubbing but it was close so we wanted to just take this plastic out and push that metal back. As far as other accessories,
he’s also running the fender flares, this is like a
Bushwacker Pocket Style flare, painted to match. Then we’ll kinda of just
give you a walk around. So, on the front he has Spyder headlights, nice LED bars in there. Paint to match bumper. He’s got the LED cubes
in the bumper, as well. Then we’ll walk you down the side. Blacked out badges basically
all the way around the truck. This is a limited package,
too, we’ll show you the interior in a little bit. Flares on the back. As far as rear fitment,
obviously it fits no problem and it has blocks in the
rear to get you that lift. So, overall, if you take a
step back, the truck sits pretty level. Now, it’s got wheels and
tires in the back right now so if it looks like it
has a little bit of squat, that’s what it’s from. But without those in there,
the six inch coil-over sits perfectly level. Same Spyder taillights
in the rear to match. Paint to match bumper and
then the blacked out logos. So I’ll just walk you up
front and we’ll take a look at the inside. Pretty clean interior,
black with the wood grain. You see all those are sharp. He also changed out the
interior lights for blue LEDs. Kinda just keep that blue
and black theme going on. Lastly, he’s got 20 percent window tint and the WeatherTech visors. And that should pretty much wrap it up. So, that is your 2015
Toyota Tundra on a six inch pro comp with some 20 by 12s and 35s. Make sure you like us on
Facebook and subscribe on YouTube. It’s Peace. (soft music with heavy bass)

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  1. Damn. Someone should make a replacement for that cover delete in the wheel well. Protect that harness from mud and rock.

  2. Guys forgot to mention the added trac bars from procomp, pro comp front skid plate and the trd pro grille with color matched surround. Yeah nice and clean tundra.

  3. You guys should start doing a side by side comparison of stock model and lifted model to see the difference in height. Or maybe some measurements? since the side by side would be a little difficult because you need two of the same trucks lol.

  4. How does something like this actually perform off road I love the looks but is it practical for off-roading?

  5. I got a 2015 Tundra I’m doing a 3in front lvl kit what back space do I need on a 20in wheel and can I run 35 or just 33 tires @ 12.50 wide?

  6. Do not remove the front plastic on the bumper as he states the tires throw water there which causes the fog lights to burst due to the fog lights being hot from running then cold water touching them. I have replaced 4 sets of fog lights in the last 4-5 months and finally gave up on them and don’t have bulbs in the fog lights

  7. Hold on guys….35-12.50-20 is not supposed to go on a 12" wide rim. Only rated for 8.5"-11" wide rim according to the Toyo website
    35-13.50-20 is ok for a 12" wide rim. This could be dangerous.

  8. All this money and skipped out on the lift. Pro comp is garbage. Toytec fox or icon king would have been better

  9. I'd really like to know how good are tundras? Never owned one they look sharp as hell but are they durable and worth buying?

  10. Awesome Build. did you have to regear. did this affect mileage? how about sound in the cabin while the windows are up? was it noisy? tyre noise

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