Spotlight – The OG 2003 Avalanche, 6″ lift, 20×12’s and 33’s

Spotlight – The OG 2003 Avalanche, 6″ lift, 20×12’s and 33’s

– Hey you guys, Shawn again, Custom Offsets. Custom Offsets TV on YouTube. Today we’ve got my old
three Chevy Avalanche 1500. First build we ever did. It’s six-inch lifts, it’s got 33s, got big ass bolts in the fenders. Let’s go! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ (heavy metal music) – ‘Kay guys, like I said, this was one of our first builds ever. So this’ll take a little while, ’cause were gonna basically
go through everything front to finish. Front to back. Start to finish. So, if you look at suspension, we just did a six-inch Rough Country lift. Which you can barely even see anymore because it’s got so
much Scorpion bed liner and other products on there. We built this truck, shit, Junior, five years ago, I think? It’s got like 100 thousand, or
200 thousand miles on it now. It’s definitely been
through the ringer and back. It’s done a little off roading,
we’ve broke some stuff. Speakin’ of broke, I’m
down to 20 bucks Junior. If we look at the wheels, we got the 20 by 12 motor
metal M zero nine six two. You can see it’s gotta
little over five-inch lip, damn near six-inch lip. That’s 12 wide, negative 44. You can see this is the black
with the machined edges, with milling. Then it’s got the milling
all the way around. Little curb rash from Taco Bell. Then we’re runnin’ the
Federal Couragia 33 12 1/2s. So they’re 33 tall, 12 1/2 wide. You can see it’s a big, luggy tire. We kinda wanted that for that
off road look on this one. I have no idea how many
miles there are on the tires. It’d a been a good one to tell ya but, I honestly lost track. This thing’s had so many
different wheel and tire packages on it, it’s a little bit crazy. As far as trimming, with the
33s and the six-inch lift, you basically just have to
take out some of this edging. This was my first trim job ever, so it’s not the absolute cleanest. I probably could’ve pulled that forward, or pulled this out, took the metal back, and then moved it back with a heat gun. Instead I just got in there
and started chewin’ at it. So this’ll definitely
look like a rookie one, ’cause five years ago
that’s exactly what I was. You can see I used a
fork or a spoon, perhaps, to trim the front (laughing), maybe an air chisel. I don’t know, it looks good though. Thank God we’ve gotten better
at that, but that was how we used to make ’em fit. We’d just start hittin’
it with shit and see if it would make room. That’s wheels, tires, suspension. Like I said it’s six-inch. Let’s next do lighting. So we’ve completely
replaced the upper markers and the lower headlights, the lower fog lights, are all just Amazon cheapo updates, just to kinda clean ’em up because the old ones were
pretty faded from ’03. You can see we got the
six-inch dual bars in the back. (swishing) I was being attacked, Junior. I lived. Those are basically
replacing the tow hooks. We took out the tow hooks, and then came in from the inside, and just screwed right in. So those little buggers’ll be adjustable, you can still get some
adjustment out of ’em, but they literally fit right
where the tow hooks were. If we ever have to pull this one out, we just pull it backwards, don’t worry about the tow hooks. We gotta 20-inch, behind the grill there. That was one of our first 20s. So it’s got some cobble
drop brackets in there, but now we have the EMB as you know, woulda made that a much cleaner set up. But right now it’s just
sitting on some plates. Is what it is. Like I said, this one’ll kinda
show you some of our sins from back in the day. And then tail lights. Let’s go this way, Junior,
it’s muddy over there. You can see we just went
with a cheap tail light. We used to have the VHT, but
the police kept yelling at us. So it’s got the cheap eBay
tail lights thrown in there. Lambo exhaust. Back in the day, I really wanted a Lambo. I couldn’t afford one, so I just took a old piece of cardboard, and I formed up what I thought
looked like a Lambo exhaust. Brought it to the local metal shop, had ’em bend and weld somethin’ up. Straight piped it. Just threw a small Flowmaster 40 race pipe in the middle there, muffler. And created Lambo exhaust. It’s sweet, Junior. It’s sweet. This entire truck is Scorpion bed liner. We originally had it Plastidipped, but we wanted to make it more forever, and we also wanted to
hide some of the rust that was sneaking through. I can tell you that that
didn’t work very well. But the good news is even with bed liner, you can come back and put
Plastidip over the rust. Eventually it’ll be
like four inches thick. But it’s awesome. These are our Fender Bolts. So when I first got this truck, I was tryin’ to make it beefier looking, so I tried to go get some Fender Flares, found out they don’t exist. The only thing you can buy
is some weird little strip. So I just said, well I wanna
make it look like there’s flares or something, so I thought about puttin’ bolts in here, but when I did it, I said to hell with it and
bought the absolute biggest bolts I could buy at the hardware store that were only two inches long. Drilled holes through all
of my fenders and body, put silicone RTV on there and literally threaded these bolts in. So it’s a one-time deal, definitely had to get
it right the first time. I think I measured about
11 times and drilled once. ‘Cause I was using a speed bit as well. So you really had to pay attention to how deep you went with it. Now I’ve got big bolts in my fenders. Same thing with the grill. I tried to find a grill for this five years ago didn’t exist. I wanted a rivet style. So again I went to the hardware store, bought the absolute largest
stainless steel Allen bolt head hardware that they sold. I laid out a pattern, drilled through my entire grill, threaded all of these in. Holds the grill on really nice now, but when you do have
to take the grill out, you gotta take 5,000 Allen head bolts out. Because they’re actually
into some of the frame. So that’s super awesome. It’s got 20% tint in the rear. The police had us put 35% up front. Still not entirely legal,
but they felt better. It’s got a 5% banner up top. Used to have a roof mount bar. I can show you what it looks like. It’s got the told mirrors,
also Scorpion linered. You can see that when we had
’em do the Scorpion liner over at Premier Auto in Brillion, they even did all of the
doorjambs, all of the doors. So it’s really well done. They did a killer job on it. It used to have the roof mounts. You can see some of those sins up here, but because we filled ’em
with silicone and put the hardware in, no harm, no foul. You can actually remove
those roof mounts and have no left over consequences. Inside we’ve got the Ruff-Tuff gator and black leather seats. Those have been in there
for about four years. Show almost no wear. Still fits super tight. Big, big fan of these. Still running a lot of
these in a lot of vehicles. We’ve got Kicker speakers. Replaced all the factory
ones all the way around. The gauge cluster is from Repair My Gauge. I think it’s,
or something. But that’s a complete replacement. So I sent him my gauge cluster, which had wore out motors
and all sorts of problems. They actually repair all the motors, they put the new faceplate in there, they did the blue needles like I wanted and the blue backlighting. I think it was like 300
bucks or somethin’ like that. And it turned out awesome. Definitely updated the truck, and fixed all the problems I had anyways. You can see we’ve got Navigation. Head unit in there from
my buddy, Jeff Clear, over in Ohio hooked me up
with that back in the day. If you look up, Junior,
you’ll see that I actually took the entire headliner out. So the entire headliner is suede. If you feel up in here, there are Custom Offsets
logos underneath there. It was supposed to give
it an embossed look, but apparently I didn’t
make them big enough for it to show the detail. But I know they’re there
and that’s all that matters. You break the camera, Junior? (chuckles) I won’t tell anybody if you don’t. Okay, we’re back. Junior got in a little
fight with the camera, but I think we won. In the back, you can see same thing, it’s got the pullover
Ruff-Tuff seat covers, it’s got a pair of tens underneath the seat. I think that’s it for interior. What am I missin’, Junior? All sorts of fun stuff. There’s a lot of little stuff, too, probably not worth mentioning. It’s got the 5.3 with
200 thousand miles on it, so it should go another quarter million. I think that’s it, Junior. – [Junior] I think we got her pretty good. – It’s got 65 thousand
gallons of paint on the frame, because every single spring, I’ve added more and more and
more and more black paint. I would say we’ve been able
to keep her pretty clean over the years. Never stored, always run, left outside for months. She’s a real trooper. That is the C O Avalanche. Her name is Stance, according to her plates. It’s big, it’s badass, it’s all black, it’s Scorpion bed linered. Make sure you subscribe, make sure you come watch us, Custom Offsets on YouTube. Peace. (slow piano rock music)

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  1. this is the mullet of trucks, went out of style for some reason but is still bitch'n and tough when see one… bad ass truck, wifey wouldn't let me get one because we were shopping for a new truck…

  2. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘. That is an impressive-looking beast! Definitely hands down, those fenders are fantastic. Your imagination to use those bolts. Genius, even on the front grill and the muffler idea is fantastic. I never would have thought to do something like that. A bit jealous πŸ˜’ that you have it and I don't😭😭. lol.πŸ˜‚ It looks like something Batman would drive. πŸΊπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š

  3. i have an 07z71.ithought this was a great vid!.i post a lot of your stuff on all our "FB"sites.always was curious about it..great vid thanks!

  4. i love this truck because it is so "you". you can really see your creativity and ambition to get a nice build going even if you didn't really have the means. like throwing the bolts strait into the truck since you couldnt get flairs for it. love it!

  5. This channel is great. finally a average guy(minus the lambo)doing average man builds. Not some company taking 50K trucks adding 40K accessories.
    no need for new bumpers, 6k lift and ridiculous priced AF rims.

    thats clean for 200k who'd thought people would want something with 200k till now, all these guys /

  6. I want to bring my truck too get a lift American force rims with tires and wait for it the same day also need a ball joint and alignment can i do that in one day?

  7. Haha, those tires look tiny for those wheels. they look like Low profile tires. You need taller tires, or a smaller lift. Unless your going for that mall crawler look. then I think it looks right.

  8. I hope you like polishing I have Motometal wheels the chinezium chrome started pitting in like 5 months 😳 maybe I should have got black , I have to get them powder coated

  9. in addition to the rough country lift did you had additional lift installed? it looks really tall for 6”. how much is the actual gap from the tire to the top fender? i order the same kit and just wanted to have an idea of how the lift could look. thanks

  10. I have another question regarding the 6" RC kit, in your experience on the avalanche did the u-joint made any type of noise after the lift was installed turning to either side or driving off? thank you.

  11. hey i had a question. i recently bought fog lights bit the bottom light turns on but the higher one doesn't any idea ?

  12. Would the same size tire and wheel package fit with just a Leveling kit? Obviously I would need to trim and/or add 2" spacers…

  13. Curious if anyone knows? Is there a longer ABS/speed sensor available. My 05 Avalanche has a 6" rough country with 35's and ever since the installation my ABS and traction control light is on. I inspected the wiring harnesses and they are TIGHT!!! So tight they ended up breaking the wiring connection at the harness plugs. Now my lights are on! Looking for a longer wiring harness…. Thanks in advance, if you're still out there on this video?

  14. Hey I have a question the Honda Ridgeline truck has a camper shell is it possible you can fit one on the back of a Chevy Avalanche truck or is there a size difference between truck

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