Starting A Car Detailing Business: How Much Money Do You Need?

Starting A Car Detailing Business: How Much Money Do You Need?

Okay so let’s talk about how much money you
actually need to start your car detailing business. So, this is a real big topic to
myself because I made a huge mistake when I first started my business. I spent way to
much money on products and tools and chemicals that I absolute did not that I didn’t use
that I didn’t use, 90% of those were just never used. They just say on a shelf collecting
dust, looking nice. So, let’s talk about what you need to start a business. When you initially
want to start a business, again, if this is your first time, you start Googley searching
what you need, so you just Google, you know, mobile detailing, car detailing business and,
if you want to open up a shop, you open up a shop, and then you just see this list of
what you need, what’s necessary, these recommendations from other detailers who even emailed this
detailers yourself and see what they recommend. So things will come up to you like, you know,
if you’re going to be a mobile detailer, you’re going to get a generator, insurance, business
cards. You’ll need every interior and exterior product and tool under the sun because you
want to really make sure that you’re going to be prepared for every single encounter
that you may possibly get with every customer. So you want to make sure that if one customer
in particular wants this type of detail or this type of scent, or this type of whatever
it maybe, you want to make sure you have that product and tool in stock to fulfill that
customers’ needs. I’ve been there, trust me. You’re going to get t-shirts, water tank if
you’re going to be mobile detailer, pressure washer, you may even look into, can’t really
see down here, but a shop. So again, that’s just busy work, right. It doesn’t correlate
exactly to starting a business and getting customers, right. Just because this is just
kind of noise overall. In the beginning phases. Obviously when you kind of grow your business
and you get more customers and you have more steady flow of customers and cash flow, then
yes, a lot of this is necessary. You do want to grow, you do want to get your business,
kind of in a nice, hockey stick manner of growth. But in reality, if you’re just starting
off, right. If you’re, if you’re you say, Okay I do a lot of detailing for a while,
I have a few products, maybe I can start this as a business. But you don’t really need all
this mess going a long here. With the products that you have in hand, right. With what, let’s
say, uh, your first few products were for headlight restoration. Then that in itself
is already enough to go ahead and start offering headlight restoration services to your friends,
family, and co-workers. So, if you really go down this list and you want to create an
Excel spreadsheet and come up with different price points and see what gets the best deal
and what account can you setup to save money. Then this can easily, for me like, personally,
it ran me, I think I said $2200, $2000, somewhere around there, when I started my business,
but that was all mostly products. It wasn’t, I mean that $2000 could have been used so
much more effectively in growing my business instead of just buying chemicals and tools.
So, with those $2000, I would have spent maybe, let’s say, $400 in actual products and chemicals
and the rest would have gone to marketing and sales. So, you guys that are starting
your business, you guys really want to go into this long list of what’s everything that
I absolutely need to become a business. I want to look official, I want to be presented,
I want to present myself like an actual business, so what do I need to feel like a real business.
But, my take would be with the few tools and products that you have, even if you don’t,
even if you’re barely getting into detailing entirely new, then I would suggest spending
the absolutely minimum money you could possibly spend to get going. So let’s say and this
comes to identifying what you want to offer. So, in the beginning phases, you know, your
mind is like, I’m going to be a great detailer, I’m going to offer all these services so everyone
likes me and that I can really fulfill every customers needs. Wrong approach. When you’re
going to be starting your business, you really want to identify, because you know, you’re
not going to have all the resources you possibly can, right. So, identify what you really just
want to go after in the first few months, right. So, me personally, I for some reason
always liked interior. I always preferred that over exterior work, it just so happens
to be like that way. So, I, starting now, if I would start over, I would only buy interior
products. And, even if I offered my services to someone and they, “Oh, but do you offer,
do you wash cars, do you do this. Do you do headlight restoration? Engine detail?” But
I’m still in the beginning phases and I’m only focusing on interior, I will tell that
person, “No, I do not do exterior. I only do interior work”. You want to stay laser
focused on what you’re going to offer. That way the products and tools that you buy are
exactly correlate to what you’re going to be offering. Because if you go to one customer
and you say, “Okay look, yes I do do interior cleaning” and then the next customer is like,
“Okay, well I kind of don’t want interior cleaning but want an engine cleaning and a
wash” okay let me go buy those products. Okay will this other customer goes and they want
headlight restoration. Okay let me go buy all those products for that. And you’re just
going to keep on bouncing to just fulfill each customers needs. Which isn’t bad by any
means, you know, ideally that’s what you want. You want to be prepared for anything, but
I’m talking about the beginning phases of things when you don’t have all the money that
you can get, you don’t have a steady stream of customers coming in. Really really point
out what’s the one thing you’re going to offer and do that very well. So if it’s just going
to be exterior detailing, only focus on that. Only buy the products that you need for that
and go from there. Don’t say, “Okay I offer exterior. Oh wait, I also want to offer interior,
so let me buy all the tools that I need for there.” That’s what you don’t want to do.
Focus on the thing that you’re really going to offer great and then buy what you need
for that. So, realistically, and again, depending where you live and all that good stuff, the
price ranges are going to differ, but realistically, if it was to buy products and tools right.
If that’s because that’s the main thing that you need for to start a business. In the beginning
phases, if you could literally spend $200 on products. Even I can guarantee you can
spend less than that. Again, focusing on what you’re going to be offering. If you want to
offer every service under the sun which is PDR, headlight restoration, paint correction,
interior cleaning, engine cleaning, wheel coating, paint coating, headlight coating,
and all that jazz. Then yes, you probably sum it up around $10,000, I’m sure. But, if
you’re going to be offering one type of service and you want to be the greatest at that and
you really want to focus on that, then maybe under $200 you can do that. Again, depending
what you’re going to be offering of course. Because if you just want to offer paint correction
services, then yeah, you’re going to need buffers, pads, product, that’s going to run
you a higher price. But again, it’s really knowing what you want to offer in the beginning
phases. You know, as you’re trickling along and you’re getting customers and you see revenue
and customer flow is rising and that’s when and that’s when you can kind of, you know,
venture off and buy a few more products to get you going. But, again, this is all in
the beginning phases of things. You really want to trickle along with what you’re going
to be offering and as you pick up more customers and more money, then yeah, by all means, venture
off and offer more services. Uhm, that’s my biggest, uh, you know that’s my take on it.
But again, on just the products themselves, maybe under $200, $400 bucks. You do not need
to go out there and pull out a credit line or barrow money from friends and family to
get this going. What I would highly recommend is that if you do want to spend a lot more
money, then I would not spend it on chemicals or products but on marketing. So, you know,
that’s the biggest thing and I preach that on every single that I do. That marketing
and sales is the biggest driver for growth. That’s what’s going to get you more customers,
that’s what’s going to get you more customers, that’s going to teach you how to upsell, how
to make more money, how to get a higher hourly rate- so many things. So if let’s say you
had $1000 to spare, right. If you’ve been saving up and you have $1000. I would literally
literally spend 20% on chemicals and products, 80% on marketing and sales. And that can be
whether buying a training course to learn how to market and sale your business, whether
it be hiring a consultant for a specific type of marketing channel. But I would mostly spend
my time on education, on how to grow a business, how to market a business, how to sell in business,
then how to detail or how to become a better detailer. Because the margin between good
to great in relation to having a successful business with growth is very very little,
right. You can take an average detailer and have exceptional marketing and sales and they
will surpass just about every detailer that has great detailing skills but doesn’t market
their business. And I’m not saying you can have low quality, that’s not, I’m not saying
that’s the exception. You have to offer exceptional services, exceptional detailing services,
and exceptional customer service. But what I’m saying is the difference between having
an 80% or 60% paint correction achievement, meaning you remove 60% of the swirls and scratches,
compared to 80% of swirls and scratches is very little. The customer probably won’t even
notice the difference if you show them. So that’s what I’m referring too. Just because
you think that being the best detailer is going to be the growth, is going to drive
growth to your business, is not actually the answer. I would spend most of the funds that
you have, however you, whether you save or you have a credit line or whatever it maybe
it. I’d spend most of that on marketing and sales to grow the business and keep the detailing
aspects of things to a minimum. Because after a certain point, it gets trivial. After a
certain point, the customer hardly notices the difference between you spending an extra
two hours or one hour compared to just the thirty minutes it takes you to complete it
is now going to show up. It’s not the real propeller for growth. So hope this video helps,
I know this wasn’t the exact concrete maybe some of you were looking for because it’s
going to differ in so many ways. But as far as the concept, it’s really focus in on what
you want to focus on, I already repeated myself twice. But focus on what you want to offer,
in the beginning phases, see what what’s more convenient for you, what’s more cost effective,
and then go from there as you build customers, as your getting more money coming in, then
of course you can start and venture off to new products, new chemicals, see what other
services you can offer. So hope this video helps, leave a comment down below and tell
me what you think and I’ll see you on the next video.

About the Author: Michael Flood


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