– [RCSparks] Yes it’s time to give this old dusty beast a little attention. (air whooshing) Some of you may actually
remember this truck. It was a different color
of course it was white with a little bit of this
maroon color on the bottom. I painted this probably last summer. And I have to say I think the
red looks fantastic on it. This is only a shell,
a roller if you will. In fact, let me take the body off here. You can see that ACERT Cat C15
in there, the diesel engine. Lots of controversy about
that engine over the years. Here we go, all empty in
fact these tires are so old. Let me say, this is a Semi Joe body. It’s all stirring, Semi Joe is not crazy Joe he’s another dude that has
been building for years, I just did another video
on the most recent truck that I had from him which was the Aerodyne
truck that I’m working on for my Kobelco as you can see over there. I want to have a matching set for that so you can see that video. But this has been sitting
there for so long, Semi Joe had sold this off, I got this from Greg
Marsh a long time ago. And this truck is so old in fact the tires are like hard rubber. Maybe they were always hard rubber, but you can definitely tell
there’s some age to it. Let’s see if you can flip, listen. (squeaking) (laughs) The old leaf spring suspension. Rust on the drive shaft. No transmission, no motor. Old Futaba stock servo. Totally a shell with hard tires. So I think it would be a good idea because I have this
beauty which is an R2 RC four wheel drive transmission, very rare, hard to come by and I’ve
had mine in my drawer for a long time. This is going to be a great
transmission for this. Instead of using the transmission like the three speed Tamiya transmission, I’m gonna use this single speed which has 32 pitch gears on it and I’m gonna bolt this
basically directly on. I’ve gotta make a mount for it. Unfortunately, I’m only going
to be able to mount it on one side but I’m not
too concerned with that because the L bracket made out of steel will be more than strong enough to hold it and there’s not gonna be enough torque to actually twist up the frame. You can see this has
been loved before, guys. I figured why not. I looked around my shop, I know I’ve been into Loading Wars and trucks and semi-trucks and it’s not really an area
I’ve thoroughly explored and feel satisfied with and I definitely want to
bring this beast back to life. Okay, now over to my scrap metal. There it is, right away. Anything better than that? No, this angle bracket will work though. So I wanna keep with the rustic look so I don’t really, I’m not really worried about touching up the paint or that rust on the drive shaft or even using the steel for a bracket cause it’ll be nice and strong. But what I’m gonna have
to do is just cut it, first I’m gonna mark the two holes on the R2 transmission. And then I’m going to make one just a little bit wider and I’m gonna drill four holes once I’ve market it out on the frame where I want it to be sat. Generally, it’s gonna be in this old area. In fact, even though these
holes are kinda crooked, hmm maybe I can move
it forward a little bit into this area here. I don’t wanna weaken the frame too much and if I can bolt up on one side and kinda match the two screws, then it wouldn’t bother me too bad. Kinda like drops in
where the drive shaft is like right down to about there which drops it down, leaves me an option in the front if I want a front driven
axle for the future. But this is actually backwards,
this should be like that so the motor goes up front. But it still gives me output on each side. So for width. I want it about that wide. Okay so I set up the angle bracket on my drill press you can see here. And just ready to add a
little bit of cutting oil and to start on the two larger dots. Hey, I’m gonna be drilling wake up. (laughs) (machine powering on) (drilling) Okay, let’s see here. Yup, beautiful. Like that. Did I make it too high? Dang it, I may have drilled it too high. Okay, so I failed to
consider the actual height of the holes on the transmission so what I’m gonna do is because these ones will line up with the frame, I’m going to make these
holes a little bit lower to the corner and then that
way I’m just gonna have the right or the proper height adjustment for the transmission to mount on. Here’s a little RCSparks for ya. (drilling) (laughing) (drilling) And I gotta look deep into the giving tree for the right screws. So all my spare screws over the years get dumped in here, it
means I have a little bit of everything, sometimes
a lot of everything. (laughs) Moment of truth, does it line up? Yes! It does. Now what am I gonna use for a motor? Looks like I’m running a
little low on motors here. 35, 45, I’ve got this Roc 412 but this is for a Crawler. Kael mounted up, gonna add some grease so the CowRC Udder Butter or
just normal grease will do. So all greased up you can see nice. It’s very sticky grease, I like it. And so a few minutes later, bum bum bum, there it’s all mounted up. But I have to tell you my friends I cannot believe what I
have learned over the years and what I’m still
learning about this hobby. Look at this, I was so proud of myself ’cause I had mounted up the motor nice and straight but you’ll see it’s kind of cockeyed if you can. I’m gonna give you a different angle, see it’s off to the side a little? Well here I had it in nice and straight laughing to myself about these holes and like why somebody would
have drilled them on an angle, that didn’t make sense. Until I had everything
square and trued up. Look at this center
carrier bearing right here. Because of this transmission, if you mount it up perfectly straight it torques the drive shaft off to the side adding extra strain on
that carrier bearing. So what I’ve had to do is I’ve let off the screw a little bit. I’ve torqued the motor off
to the side a little bit which helps line up that drive shaft and voila, problem solved. Now I get to mount up the center plate which is right here Which side, I’m not sure. Yeah right about there. And then start mounting
up some electronics like the receiver and such. This truck is so old you can even see rust on the leaf springs
and if I turn it around look at on the spring itself. You can’t do patina as
good as real patina. I gotta tell you that much. That’s where I’ll mount the ESC and the RC four wheel
drive R2 transmission has that nice clear plexiglass
so you can actually see your pinion straight
through doing its work. Okay I’ll just pop some batteries into a standard duel stick radio. I don’t need anything crazy on here even though I’m gonna
give it six channels. Power that up. (beeping) Put the back on. Good to go. Got my two cell. The very big moment, can I get it to come alive. I don’t see why it wouldn’t. The battery, got my channels. Only one and two plugged in. No transmission necessary. Ooh I like that. Ooh, I double like that. Yes! First time power! What about the back, I don’t even have what’s my voltage at? My voltage control on my ESC is set for two cell so that’s perfect. Is it set on brush less
forward and backward? I do not know. (beeping) Let’s see if we got our power. (wheels whirring) Yeah! Oh it’s reversed. (laughs) (wheels whirring) Okay, I’ll have to switch that around. It’s a brush less, censored motor, right? So I can’t just go and switch any of those wires around I actually have to go in and switch the setting here. Forward. Yeah! Backwards. Oh I see, what did I see there? I see my back tires not spinning. Why not? (wheels whirring) (laughs) There’s no diff in there. There’s something missing. (wheels whirring) Yeah, I’m turning it it’s almost like there’s
not axle on the inside. And now with the body mounted up you can see underneath of the servos, both servos even though I’m not using the transmission help because then I can put the ACERT on top. Let me get this in there properly. Beautiful, nice scale
engine fits in there. That’s one of the nicest
features wouldn’t you say? Yeah! Let’s see, here we go. First time it moves. Just trying to take it slow of course using the dual stick steering plus holding the camera at the same time. Plus I also have to investigate, woo hoo, I have to
investigate what’s going on with that back axle. I’ll leave that til next time though. What a beautiful looking truck, guys. (whirring) So I do have a hood, I do have a grill as well still with me. They are both unpainted but I gotta tell you guys, what do you think of the
classic old style truck? Like you guys have seen
me with a lot of different semi trucks, what do
you think of this one? I’ve had it around for quite some time. Do you wanna see it in Loading Wars? Leave me a comment down below and we’ll see you in the next
episode of RC ADVENTURES. Now get outside and have a good time with RC, you know I always do. Hey, if it’s too cold stay
inside, build one instead.

About the Author: Michael Flood


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