State Transit Bus Operator Recruitment

State Transit Bus Operator Recruitment

– Welcome to State Transit. – State Transit is
a state government-owned agency with over 2,100 buses
in Sydney and Newcastle. – We deliver more than 17,000 services. – We carry more than 640,000 customers
every week day. – The training takes about two years.
I had my trainee for two years. It’s quite good. It’s quite involving,
it’s quite intensive, but pretty rewarding
when you come out the other end of it. – When I first started driving the bus, I was actually quite frightened and my heart jumped out of my chest
when I first saw the city at night, and the traffic, but as time got on,
it actually gets easier, and actually easier than driving a car. – The main benefit
of working at State Transit is the opportunity
to work closer to home, meet lots of new people,
make new friends and gain new skills. – The five weeks annual leave you get
working for State Transit, I like to take it all in one big go so I can spend all the time
with my family and look after my kids
and also assist around the house. – I’ve been with State Transit for
five years now and have three children. In that time, not only have I been able
to balance my work and life responsibilities, I’m able to
give my children everything they need and be able to still call myself
a great mum. After five years of being on the State
Transit team, we’re like a small family. We help each other in any way we can by giving way at a set of traffic lights to helping each other out
when we get lost. We put broadcasts over the radio
through radio room to advise others of breakdowns
and other problems in traffic. Bus drivers have a lot of opportunities
for their future career. I know a lot of bus drivers
that started as drivers and then have worked their way up
to radio room, or staff supervisors, head supervisors and managers,
the list is endless. You can go… You can go so many places. – When I won the CEO award,
it was an absolutely amazing feeling, because at that point of time,
I realised… many people have inputs in getting this award, my family, my friends, and it was an absolutely amazing feeling
to get that award and especially when you know
someone somewhere is watching you and your services are being recognised. – Some of the shifts that I do, I have a
couple of regulars who are shift-workers and they’re on there every night and I know who they are,
they know who I am, and they don’t even
push the stop bell any more, the bus just stops for them
at the correct stop. I’m also on the Mona Vale Depot
Institute Committee. We arrange a lot of social functions
for the staff at the depot, drinks nights, prawn nights,
barefoot bowls. We have an upcoming day tour
to the Hunter Valley. Driving for State Transit, it means that
you get a corner office with a view and a $700,000 company vehicle. – So what are you waiting for?
Come and join us. The State Transit team
look forward to meeting you.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. i bet passengers and drivers are more friendlier than in NYC. in New York City some rude and nasty some passengers curse the drivers out. I bet buses over there are always on time in nyc 99.9% most routes never on time.

  2. What's with the pathetic security glass shield that's supposed to protect the driver????????
    Any freak can spit at the driver, or swing a bat, or throw a brick…….DRIVERS NEED FULL PROTECTION!!!!! I am sure State Transit can afford to have full size screens installed.

  3. True – I talk to a lot of bus drivers in my home state of WA. Many have told me its a rewarding experience. Having developed strong relationships with my drivers have allowed me to say hello with ease. I know a few drivers myself by name.

    These guys are awesome. Some also know me by name, so thats an added bonus.

  4. Two years is not the period of time to train prequalified people to take the bus out on an entire shift unsupervised and do all the tasks safely and to time. I'd expect two months. Though it could take longer for them to do the same on all programmed routes.

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