Stealth Car Camping in a Toyota Prius (Building a Bed, Staying Warm, Privacy & Security)

Stealth Car Camping in a Toyota Prius (Building a Bed, Staying Warm, Privacy & Security)

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  1. What happens to the Prius batteries when they need to be replaced..???……Land fill….nice…..real tree huggery. do you have to eat 'Amys" organic crap and be a "Vegan" to have a Prius..???…

  2. I lived in a Car because i needed to. You idiots do it for Videos and because you think it's cool. You want to be cool..?? Join the Marines and do something for your country …Put some time in for the freedom you have to live in a stupid car and make Videos.

  3. Constantly relying on GPS..?? try learning how to read maps because like you know…if there were no Saddle-Lights the Sky helping you out and stuff or if they quit working…you might know how to get around then.

  4. I like that the pruis battery can ppwer the car all night and the extra hidden storage in the back. I also have solar power and back up camera. I slept in it when I couldn't find a hotel going thru NM it worked for me and I didnt have the setup you have…. you could have uhaul intal a hitch on the back and buy an addtl mini trailer to tow for other crap you might need

  5. You look like the quintessential boy next door, a nice young college man! I thoroughly enjoyed your informative video. Just bought a Thule roof suitcase because I would like to be as organised as you by freeing up interior real estate ( Ford Escape 2011)

  6. A fake stuffed dog as "company" sitting in the front seat. Where is the "Wilson"….? In the back of the trunk…? Or is he deflated in the glove compartment….?

  7. Thats pretty cool dude. I'm thinking of driving crpss country in my ecoboost mustang. I've already tested laying in the back with my seats folded down. I'm concerned about temp drops at night though. What's your take on staying warm? A sleeping bag good enough?

  8. For one human it is perfect, but in my experience it is not wide enough inside for two people to fit comfortable. (I own 2006 prius model NWH20)

  9. You need to figure gasoline costs + electrical charges + discharge wearage. Just blowing about gasoline isn't the totality of the wearage costs.

  10. Thanks for all the great info about security … and that cool headrest computer holder. I'm wishing I had a Prius now. Having access to battery power to run the comforts of home is a huge plus. As well as the gas mileage.

  11. Have you considered removing the front and back seats on the passenger side to give you more roomy space? You could keep the two seats on the driver side. It’s pretty awesome.

  12. Dont block the battery bent in the rear right side. its there to cool and return the air flow to the battery so it dont overheat.
    great job.
    I had a 2012 Blue Prius III with the Solar roof about ($1,200)option. Love it, and the wife love the turbo botton. Great car, too.
    I now own a 2103 Ford FUsion Energi plug in.
    Much better than prius but, no trunk room and it weres the tires quickly because of the weight but I like it too. been to Yellow Stone park in August 2017 and LA SF and Grand Teton, where I mostly camped in my car . Did the samething.

  13. When I travel and camp I bring a motorcycle battery and a solar panel (recharge) I don't like to work off my prius battery. My battery is lithium ion so it's super light

  14. I think if I were going to have a fake dog for security.(never would ) I'd choose a doberman or rot or pit. The border collie seems like a lame choice . I have a border collie and love her but really

  15. Has anyone ever tried to "rescue" your fake dog from being locked in a high temperature automobile? Ok i see you addressed this issue.

  16. I guess since you are so organized, its 2nd nature to produce a video as detailed as this. I've sat through (meaning "wasted") hours of people who ramble on about "how to" while sitting on their bumper, and never show "HOW TO!" (only if you can hear them over the wind noise, or a mike 10 feet away). Add to that those who just have stuff thrown in and tucked wherever. I seriously doubt if they're for "real" since I don't see how they could find anything when needed. Thanks for showing how things go together, how you access, how you SLEEP, convenience items, and with many great tips thrown in without a lot of painful "umms" trying to think what you're going to say next. You get an A+ for organization (video and living area) and for being concise!

  17. ShadeSox …
    They wrap over the door jam and allow the window to go down but keep the bugs out.
    Also, doubles as a privacy shade since it's a black mesh.
    Best part, they pack down to glovebox size – you can squish them in a tight spot. Just mesh.

  18. Fort,

    Great resource video. Thanks for sharing!

    Questions: Specifically, is your Aerodynamic flush roof Solar Panel a Prius option or please share who makes and does the aftermarket install? I also didn’t catch, have you added an additional AGM battery? And extra Instrumentation or Electronics, like a Solar Charge Controller, etc?

    Thanks much also for your incredible (Shout Out!) Viewers, spend some valuable time there!

  19. Where did you get your bike rack it looks like a good one it looks like you can unlock the bikes on it where'd you get it and what brand is it and what kind of extra fixings did you have to get on your car to be able to put that on there

  20. If you don't mind me asking what did you get your mattress cuz I looked like a pretty good one too and do they have bigger ones and whatnot

  21. 2008 Prius, 270,000.0 Miles Incredibly Dependable! Just keeps working no problem….. . FYI, As I watch the moon and stars with head at back end window and found that the laptop sitting open behind passenger seat also reflects the screen when looking straight up into a dark sky. The picture is reversed but with wifi hotspot phone unlimited real hs access for $50. a month walmart card go any place, cheap & climate controlled is perfect in ohio winter, just leave it on till summer or keep driving south till you can open a window…. then drive more south and use the AC without changing the temp setting…. <3 My Prius W/B <3

  22. Awesome video. I have been living in my Prius for the last FIVE years. Mostly in Miami Beach but roadtripping around the country a lot. Always looking for new faces to follow

  23. What sheet did you use to keep the trifold dry ? Condensation and the resulting wetness is a issue. I dont want it to get moldy

  24. Your diet sucks balls… Do more research on how nutrient deficient the vegan diet is.. The majority of your caloric intake should come from animal based foods.. lots of saturated fats and their accompanying fat soluable vitamins and lots of grass fed beef.

  25. Hi. Why it the Prius V? Only a few mpg less but lots more room. Are there any inherent downsides or is it just overlooked?

  26. Thank you very much! Your video is so very good; so inspiring. I have a Prius and, chances are I'll get another one in about 3 years. This time I'll know to get one with navigation, Plug-in capabilities, solar roof and all the amenities that I can get. I am old (74 years old) Retired Navy and super happy living the simple life. I am a nature Photographer and I make Nature videos and, yes, I want to see as much of the USA as I can. Thank you!

  27. I'm considering doing this. But my only clear concern is the taillights. With the car running all night, even though it's quiet when the gas engine isn't running, aren't the taillights always on? I'm concerned about them drawing attention to my car in the middle of the night.

  28. How long does the engine have to run to charge the battery? And how long does the battery last while heating the car?

  29. Needs 5% tint in the back and leave the front. Then put a curtain between the b pillar to block the front windows. And if you really want to go 0% visibility in the back then put those covers on but it’s good to have 5% in the rear anyways cuz it keeps it cool and always darker

  30. great video, very inspiring! I recently picked up the exact same prius (same color and trim) and considering taking it to burning man as well! I was impressed to hear you took it there and car camped! How dusty did it get?!

  31. If those backseats were hollow, they would be able to a lot more storage space in general.

    (The backseats could be hollow as they’re not really serving their intended purpose anyway)

  32. with all the money you make from EBR, you must be in a Sprinter by now… all your vids, good job

  33. I totally agree with Ricky's statement. You do pay attention to detail and your information really shed light on the direction I want to go. Thank you.

  34. Why wouldn’t there be a high demand for Priuses in Texas? I live in Texas and I see Priuses everywhere. Don’t stereotype Texans!

  35. Someone invested some earlier childhood love into you. You are an inspiration not because of your great finds but because of your inavading drive. Here's a x

  36. That is awesome! Really appreciate you sharing so much details on your system. I'm totally fascinated and intrigued.

  37. Prius has a major problem flaw being the Generator Module.. If something happens to that the car is junk because it cost $6000-8000 to fix it.. Prius has no engine accessories like alternator or starter and relies on the Module to run everything even start the car..
    The Toyota Yaris gets 50mpg.. l can take a old Honda Civic and get 100mpg with $400 in mods.. You can even install a thermostat through couple of relays to get climate control where the engine will turn the air con set by the thermostat and then shut itself off..
    Mike Turner got 100mpg w/aerodynamic mods…
    The Prius is a roomy car but is it worth it????

  38. Planning a trip from uk to South Africa, The NM nigelmarston sun covers is my next thing I will buy for my ford galaxy!!
    Thank you

  39. You're one of the first cleanly car campers I've seen! Good for you! This video was exactly what I wanted. I wish I could do this with a Camry Hybrid, but I think maybe the trunk makes it a no-go, though maybe with the latest model…?? Also, the popcorn in the natural bags is a far, far safer choice. Read up on those bags friend!

  40. authentic, intelligent, humorous "i don't want to get skin cancer", non judgmental "i'm not there yet", creative, on and on… you are top 10 percentile on my humanity vibe scale.

  41. In this day and age if your parked somewhere in the sun and have the pup in the window someone is bound to call 911 or take it upon themselves to bust of a window

  42. I'm thinking of switching from an SUV to a Prius. Seriously, it looks like you have as much sleeping space as I do. I was curious, do you know the length from the back of the front seat to the end of the interior for your bed?

  43. Want to see an awesome little truck that would be perfect for what you're doing ceck out this website . They own a newer bus now but before that they owned this awesome little Landcruiser pickup with a really nice cell built on the back. It had a small diesel engine so it was fair on gas and very reliable. The cell on the back was really nice and clean and had everything you would need. I'm stil kicking my butt to this day for not buying that truck, I dream of owning it all the time. Their little truck was callled Totoyaya and they have several pics on their site.

  44. I keep coming back to this video! It's the best Prius camping video out there!

    I also like that you included your insights about the 4Runnerwhich is something I had been thinking about switching over to from a Dodge Journey.

  45. I did not even think about a freedom Car/Van living life in a prius //?/…. Thank you for your video, keep sharing and exploring and testing, reviewing products and places for us all /./. in this awesome unique community we all are part of a freedom roamers and adventurers. Thank you again.

  46. I admit until I saw this vid I simply did not get why the coal rollers singled out Prius for their juvenile ire. Now I understand.

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