Steeda Built, Bullitt Mustang Pt. 1

Steeda Built,  Bullitt Mustang Pt. 1

Good day everyone!! Dario Orlando here from Steeda Autosports. We’re proudly introducing the new Steve McQueen Edition of the Bullitt Mustang built by Steeda which we’re very proud of. First we’re going to start off with this MagneRide vehicle and use the Steeda performance lowering springs. To just bring it down just a pinch, probably another half inch and improve the roll stiffness a bit. You know Ford did a great job with this vehicle. It’s nice clean subtle appearance. We like the red calipers that they did with the Brembo Brake Package along with the color addition in red to the rear calipers. We’ll be adding our front and rear Stay Bars to this package. Plus it’s going to get a Supercharger which at the end of the day is going to produce about 775 horsepower to the rear wheels. As we walk around to the back as you notice there’s no rear wing. We want to keep every thing to the DNA of the Bullitt Mustang. Again we are going to add our Stop the Hop package to the rear to keep the rear end settled down under hard acceleration. Then we move around to this side. We look at the Maroone Sticker here and as you can see Steeda Autosports is the ship to address on all these vehicles. And once we receive the vehicle We do a thorough clean inspection, wash the car and have two or three people go over the vehicle in detail to make sure that when we receive it, it’s in perfect condition. and we are very proud of this and we would like you to follow along with us on this build. This will be a 775 Horsepower, Whipple Package. Along with the Steeda MagneRide Suspension upgrades. Thank you!

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  1. Jp T, low mileage Bullitts are lower than MSRP in Southern California. I am looking at that option. I went to my local Ford dealer last week, and they still have a Bullitt on the lot (not the showroom floor) with a "Market adjustment" of $9,995 over $51,000 MSRP. A quick online search, and I found several cars for around $45K and around 4,000 miles. Maybe better used car prices outside California could help you get this car?

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