Steph’s 2017 Mustang GT Build || 650+ Horsepower Twin Turbos – Part 2

Steph’s 2017 Mustang GT Build || 650+ Horsepower Twin Turbos – Part 2

Stephanie: This car is a freaking animal! Hey, guys. Welcome to this episode of “Hot Lap,” which,
in my opinion, happens to be one of the best Hot Laps that we have ever done to date. But that’s probably because it completely
features my 2017 GT build. Now, I’m gonna show you guys what I’ve done. I’ve done a lot appearance-wise and power-wise,
and we will get this in dyno numbers later on, so hang on. But, for now, I’m gonna stop talking, so I
can show you guys what I did. Take a look. All right, guys, we’re back in the shop with
my 2017 GT build, and we’ve done a lot to the car since you saw it last. Now, we all know how it is. As excited as you are for new parts, you still
can’t wait to get even more new things, and that’s exactly what happened to me. In case you guys missed it or if you forget,
I did some pretty big things to my car already, including some big suspension upgrades, like
the air lift kit. I have some Whiteline sway bars on there and
a couple of other suspension goodies that I’m hoping will help me out down the road
here. I have a Kooks cat-back on there, and I have
a Barton short throw shifter. As much as I still love these mods, I had
a lot planned for this car, and that’s what I’m showing you today. We have a lot to go over today, because I
did do some big things to make the car live up to that bad-bitch name. But before we get into my car here, if you
guys wanna make sure you don’t miss anything either with this build in the future or any
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“American Muscle Videos.” Well, with all that being said, I really wanna
show you guys what I have going on with the car here today, and I’m sure you guys can
already see there’s a big change in the front end. What you’re looking at here at is Cervini’s
new 4-Inch Cowl Hood for the S550 Mustang, paired with a Roush Front Fascia. I can tell you guys right now that, before
this hood even went into production, I knew I had to have it for my car. I love this hood on the S550. I think it helps to add body and dimension
to the car, but it’s not overbearing. The other thing that I really like about it
is that I think it adds really smooth lines, and it eliminates those hood vents, which
is one of the only hoods that does that, and I knew that that’s what I wanted for my car. Now, as far as the Roush Front Fascia goes,
this thing kinda speaks for itself, guys. It gives the car a complete facelift, it adds
different lines to the car, and it’s just way more aggressive overall when you compare
it to that stock front bumper. Now, I will say that this was a lot of work
to install, but the end product makes it totally worth it, in my opinion. You do keep all of your stock lighting, including
your headlights, your turn signals, and your fog lights. You just extend them down and relocate them. One thing I really do like about this is that
it gives you so much more room for activities in the front end here, which is definitely
something that I’m gonna need. The other thing that I like about it is the
front chin splitter here actually sits lower than the factory one does. And with that being said and knowing that
this car is on bags and knowing that I’m gonna lay it out all the time, I knew I was gonna
have to do something to the side of the car to help complete that low-profile look all
the way around the car. Now, what I have chosen here are RTR Side
Splitters. I knew I was gonna be looking at a side splitter
option for this car, because you guys can see, right now, I don’t have a whole lot of
clearance going on here. I really like these splitters for two reasons. One, because I think they’re subtle enough,
but yet they add something to the side of the car and just give it a little bit more
dimension, and they help complete that look of the lower front chin splitter all the way
around to the back of the car. They also do add little winglets onto the
rear bumper there, and I really like that, because I think it helps just complete the
look of the car overall. But speaking of the rear of the car, there
is one more thing that I wanna show you guys back there. Now, this right here was another part that,
the second I saw it, I knew I had to have it on my car. I’m usually not a wing person, but the look
that the GT350R Carbon Fiber Rear Wing gives to the S550 is undeniably great. So I knew I had to have it for myself. The other thing that I really like about this
wing is that I think that it helps gives this car a more balanced look from a side profile,
especially with that big cowl hood. Now, I did do a few other appearance things,
like you guys can see, I have some tinted windows, and I did do a little bit of light
tint, but I really didn’t wanna murder this thing out or anything like that. I just wanted to tie together some of the
black components, and I think a little bit of light tint helps me to do that. Now, that’s gonna be it as far as appearance
goes, but now we can get to the really fun stuff, because if this car’s gonna be a bad
bitch, it definitely needs some power. When I said, “Get to the fun stuff,” I really
meant get to the fun stuff. If this car was gonna be a bad bitch, it needed
power and lots of it. I’m a turbo person at heart, so I figured
out what better way to make a fully streetable monster than to add two bad-ass twin turbines
of death and destruction. This is the Hellion Twin Turbo Kit, and I
chose the Twin 55s. Now, this is the smaller option, but these
things will spool instantly, and they’re gonna give me the power band that I really wanted
with the car. Not to mention, it will get me to or at least
really close to my power goals very easily. And I haven’t even driven this thing on the
street yet, because we literally just finished the install and it isn’t tuned, but I’m expecting
this car to be fun as hell on the street. I told you guys I need those rear tires at
some point. Of course, we didn’t just slap a twin turbsky
kit on the car and go. It needed some supporting fuel and drivetrain
mods as well. When it comes to fuel, I have some good old
ID1000s in place of the stock injectors, and luckily, I can get away with a fuel pump voltage
booster. The JMS FuelMAX that I added here can support
up to 1,000 horsepower, so I’m good there. I just hope I won’t be too limited by my injectors,
but we’ll see on the dyno. Now that we’ve got the twin turbo kit and
fuel support installed, we’ve gotta get to some of the other supporting mods, so this
thing doesn’t break in half. So I knew when I decided to twin-turbo this
car that I was gonna have to look to my drivetrain to do some upgrades if this car was gonna
be able to handle the power from the twin turbo kit. The first place I looked was actually my half
shafts. Now, we’ve seen it here ourselves with our
own cars, and I’m sure you guys have seen it at home, too. If you guys wanna take your car to the drag
strip, you wanna do some launches, you wanna have a sticky tire, you need to upgrade your
half shafts almost right away, because you’ll be finding those weak points really easily. I decided to take care of that problem once
and for all myself here, so I chose the DSS 1,400-Horsepower-Rated Half Shafts. Now, I don’t think these things are gonna
give me any trouble at all, but I can tell you guys right now that I am gonna put them
to work. Now, the other thing I knew I needed to upgrade
was my clutch and flywheel setup, and I chose the McLeod RXT 1,200-Horsepower-Rated Twin
Disc Clutch. I love a good twin disc clutch, and this is
definitely one that falls into that category. I really like this clutch because of its engagement
characteristics and a really light pedal feel. And I paired this clutch with McLeod’s Lightened
Steel Flywheel, because at the end of the day this car is gonna see some drag strip
time, but it’s mostly gonna be a street car, and I need the steel flywheel for its street-driving
characteristics. But honestly, guys, this clutch isn’t doing
me any good sitting on the table here, so let’s get it installed. All right, guys, now that we’ve got this thing
all buttoned up, I am gonna put it on the dyno here in a couple of minutes and go over
the numbers with you. But, first, I’m gonna take this thing out
on the street and see how it is. This car is a freaking animal. All right, so we’re gonna go over dyno numbers
here in a couple of minutes and look at the curve and see why I’m feeling what I’m feeling. But this car, like I said, is a freakin’ animal,
and I’m gonna try to do this without swearing, but I can’t promise anything. And I’m not sure how much happier I could
be with this car, I mean, because there’s still some stuff that we need to fine-tune
with the car. But overall, I mean, this car is freaking
insane. It’s completely different. The sound that it makes when the freakin’
turbos spool, oh, my God. The car’s fully spooled at, like, 3,400 RPM,
and I couldn’t really ask for anything better than that. That’s why I wanted to go with the 55-millimeter
turbos, anyway. Everyone’s like, “Why didn’t you go with the
bigger turbos?” Because you don’t really need the bigger turbos. I have freakin’ 110 millimeters of turbos
under the car, under the hood. I can’t even talk. I’m too excited. When I was initially picking a cat-back for
this car, I was trying to find a cat-back that I thought would sound good naturally-aspirated
and under boost as well, which was a bit of a challenge. So I really like the sound of the Kooks, and
I love the way this car sounds with this cat-back and the turbo kit. Obviously, the turbos are gonna quiet it down
some, but to me, this car is the perfect freakin’ sleeper. Yeah, that’s basically gonna be it. I feel like I’m gonna get into a lot of trouble
with this car. Cop: How much trouble are you gonna be in? Stephanie: It’s my car, so not much. Cop: That’s yours really? Stephanie: Yeah, it is. Cop: That’s a sweet-looking car. Stephanie: Oh, thanks. It’s newly-built, twin-turbo… You wanna see it? Cop: Yeah. Stephanie: Yes. The cops wanna see it. The thing just sits you back in your seat
so hard, and you get, like, tunnel vision in third gear. And next thing you know, you’re going faster
than you even thought that you were going. I don’t know. This build has just been freakin’ awesome. This car turned out awesome. It looks the part, it sounds the part, it
runs the part. So, I mean, I don’t know. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve definitely got a bad-ass car. All right, guys, so I’m about to go over the
numbers with you. And we went with an unleashed tune, and this
is what we’re looking at numbers-wise. My stock numbers were 398 horsepower and 372
foot-pounds of torque. Now, after everything that I’ve done here,
right now we’re looking at 678 horsepower and 626 foot-pounds of torque. That makes for a peak gain of 279 horsepower
and 254 foot-pounds of torque and curve gains of 289 horsepower and 267 foot-pounds of torque. Not bad, but I know that there’s more left
in this car. I mean, I’m not out of fuel, and what we’re
looking at tune-wise, this is really just our first finished tune, and I am planning
on taking this car to the track here in the next few weeks. So you guys can bet that we’re gonna keep
working on this and fine-tune this even more and make it even better. So, guys, keep your eyes out for that, and
I’ll be heading to the track soon. All right, guys, so that’s gonna do it for
this episode of “Hot Lap.” I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you liked
seeing my build. Please comment below, let me know what you
like, and let me know what you think of the car. And don’t forget, I will be taking this thing
to the track very soon within the next couple of weeks here, so if you guys don’t wanna
miss it, then make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel “American Muscle Videos,”
so you don’t miss a thing either with this car or any other cool content. And as always, for all things Mustang, keep
it right here at

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