Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang, Exclusively Custom Built by STEEDA Pt. 2

Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang, Exclusively Custom Built by STEEDA Pt. 2

Well all I can tell you the driving
experience of a Steve McQueen Mustang built by Steeda is that it has asphalt
rippin performance!! When we saw the first Bullitt Mustang roll into the Ford dealers we saw an opportunity to work and take this vehicle to the next level.
So our team out of Detroit, Bob Adams did a whitepaper and reached out to Chad
McQueen and he liked the idea of collaborating with Steeda. You know at
that point McQueen Racing. So we came up with a concept of using premiere
components especially in the supercharged department like the Whipple, and the Steedaized the suspension with our high technology dual rate springs
and our suspension components and once we developed a dialogue it just went
from there and we’re very, very pleased. What a great job Ford did with the
chassis and presenting such a good car to the market and what a great car for
the aftermarket to take it to the next level you know for that consumer group.
So that’s how it all started and to work with that group and Chad McQueen and to celebrate also Steve McQueen’s 50th anniversary with the Bullitt Mustang. It’s quite extraordinary and I’m tickled to death that you guys took the time and obviously do the homework of it. If you look at the attention to detail,
the ride-height filling up the wheel wells, the shocks, those sway bars, the
motor combination. It’s all here. So what caught my eyes is a splitter on the front end how
different it is. I cannot wait to spend some track time in the car I mean having
the rear seat delete in the in the roll cage in this that’s damn awesome!! Well, you know hey back then the 68 Mustang you know in the movie was
state-of-the-art. Today this car would be you know, several steps further ahead of
that as far as technology and engineering. you know first off Ford doing a fabulous job with the powertrain and the
structure of the vehicle then Steeda adding the different suspension
components and like with any movie or any you know production set we would
prepare the car you know for events like that but it would be great to see a
Steve McQueen Mustang you know jumping through the streets of San Francisco
absolutely! We Steedaize the vehicle with a Whipple Supercharger which boosts
the horsepower well over 700 horsepower. Plus we used all of our latest
suspension technology to take the Bullitt to the next level, which includes our
state-of-the-art Dual Rate Suspension Springs our Front and Rear Stay Bars our
Vertical Links our Tow Links our IRS Subframe Support Braces with our IRS
Subframe Support Bushing Kit to keep the rear end stable under hard acceleration
and plus our Front and Rear Stay Bars which are fully adjustable. This really
makes it a track winner, a pleasure car to drive. You know we play close
attention to the dynamics of the vehicle we don’t want to make a buckboard out of
it. We want the car to be very compliant and put very good road manners. So
everything we do to the car we detail to perfection to make sure the customer
receives the best product available with the performance gains provided. I mean
it’s just incredible and what’s nice also is you can take this car on track
and it’s and the way we set up the vehicle dynamics it’s very easy to drive.
You can throttle steer it. You know we, we incorporate a slight push into it and
for the more advanced drivers you can you know tune that we push out that to
oversteer with our adjustable rear stay bars but you know generally speaking is
a joy to drive and we make it very easy to drive. This type of vehicle it’s always good to get into the heart and soul of your investment and not only to learn how to drive it, take it to some on track events, take it to the drag strip
but also the regular maintenance. The involvement of maintenance is actually enjoyable. It’s like okay, you know I just did a couple track events or you know
I’ve run the car pretty hard for the last 90 days or three months and what we
call it, we call it nut and bolting it. Unskilled technicians can nut and bolt
and go through the whole car and the critical points that do come loose in
under an hour and it’s a lot of fun and you can look and enjoy and see all the
different improvements that Steeda incorporated in the Bullitt Mustang. The horsepower and torque of the new S550 you know the five liter especially when
you supercharge it, it’s amazing! The thrill of acceleration is awesome!
Like I always go hey does anybody want to go for a thrill ride? I mean because
it is just phenomenal and plus the handling aspect of the vehicle just even
makes it more enjoyable. So yeah the rumble of the V8, let’s hope
it’s here to stay for a long time! Track days, dragstrip days, going to car
club days, car show days it’s one of the greatest cars to have you know as far as
that because it has a lot of great history! You know for the money and for
the investment you can’t beat it. Best bang for the dollar! I mean look at and the history behind the car and what we’re celebrating with the Steve McQueen
Edition, the 50th anniversary and working with Chad McQueen. You know if you plan
to do a high performance driving event or do these events, they offer
instructors at these events to learn how to drive your car and it’s really
amazing it’s like you want to be as smooth as possible, when driving the car
you know through your transitions under braking, acceleration, and cornering. So
yeah if you do like to take on track events go to the several schools that
are available out there today and get hooked up with an instructor. I would
highly recommend that. For example you can take, you know the Steeda high performance driving event cars that we build we start off with a $50,000 performance pack one car and we add $20,000 to it and we’re beating supercars that cost three four times as much and you know that’s the same thing
with the Bullitt Mustang the only other thing that you would want to add if
you’re really hardcore on the track with the vehicle is to add a dif cooler, which
is simply installed and you can order them with dif coolers from Steeda if
you’re gonna be on tracking the vehicle.

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  1. Tell you this. I bought one about two months ago and and it's pretty damn fast off the show room floor.

  2. I love to own a 2019 or a 2020 bullitt Mustang, and ship it to Steeda.
    Please Lord🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 make this happen

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