Stolen Odyssey – SoCal Honda Dealers

Stolen Odyssey – SoCal Honda Dealers

Ryan: Quinn is an amazing young man, he really
shows that just because you have a mobility issue you can’t stop living, so he goes out
into the community, he does different things, he inspires other people. Sheila: So Quinn has cerebral palsy and it
was the result of a birth injury so he’s had it his whole life and it’s pretty severe for
him in terms of its really affected his motor skills, cognitively he’s fine, he’s verbal,
all of that but he has visual impairment and needs help with his daily living. For all of us, right, we take for granted that we can just get in any car pretty much and go off where we want to go, Quinn can’t do that
because of his wheelchair and so there is one kind of vehicle that can transport him and
that is an accessible vehicle. The van had a rear entry so he’d just slides
in, he locks down, puts on his seat belt and he’s good to go. Ryan: He needs that van to get to places like
his art classes and his swimming lessons and basically just to go out into the world and
do the normal things that everyone does every single day. Quinn: I came out on Saturday to go get something
to eat and the van is no where on the property. Ryan: He came out to the carport where his
car usually is and it was totally gone, someone had stolen it. Quinn: Almost like a situation of where’s
my car? Sheila: Someone entered the house, took the keys and
drove off with the van. Quinn: A lot of emotions were going through
my mind. Not having a readily accessible car means
you have to like plan your life out a lot more. It just felt weird and strange not being able
to do that. Sheila: These vehicles are so expensive they’re so
hard to come by and so you know it was just all of those things that everyone does with
the police, filing a claim with your insurance company but on top of that we had the heaviness
of Quinn not knowing when he was going to be able to go out because we had no vehicles
for him to use. Ryan: We did everything we could, we went
out on Facebook. People started GoFundMe Pages, lemonade stands
and anything to rally together as a community to get money. Sheila: A lot of people had written on Facebook,
like you really should contact Helpful Honda. Ryan: I thought why don’t we just reach out
to the Helpful Honda People we see the commercials all day, everyday. Maybe they could do something to help so I
sent a message over to them and within 24 hours they contacted us and said they wanted
to help. Sheila: There’s a knock at the door. Helpful Honda, in the blue shirt with the
khaki pants. Sheila: Hi Honda: Hi, how are you? Sheila: Oh, what! You know when you have cognitive dissonance,
you can’t quite believe, like is this really happening. Honda: Hi Quinn! So just follow me real quick, we heard that
your Honda Odyssey got stolen. SoCal Honda Dealers is replacing your stolen
Odyssey with a brand new Odyssey. What do you think? Sheila: Oh my god. Quinn: Woah. Honda: Here you go! That’s for you. Sheila: Okay, that’s amazing, oh my god. This is fantastic. Quinn are you speechless? Quinn:Yeah. Sheila: I know I know. Quinn: Just like shock, there’s no other way
to put it man. Honda: Hop on inside in the front seat if you’d
like. Sheila: Oh wow it’s nice. This is incredible. Okay thank you Honda: It’s our job to be Helpful, we’re glad
we could help. Ryan: We were talking to the Helpful Honda
People, organizing we thought we’d bring them lunch to keep them here at the house so that
the van could show up and while we were on our way to get lunch, Sheila contacted me
and said, “Guess what happened?” Sheila: I got a call from the Claremont detective
and said we found your van in Ontario. Ryan: That would be something to celebrate
in itself but Honda went a step above and beyond and not only gave him a new van but
now we’re able to pay it forward with another random act of kindness and give a van to someone
who needs it that doesn’t even have a van so they contacted another family, a local
family that is in need and we were able to just work it all perfectly. Honda: And we wanted to know if we could donate
it to another family in need? Sheila: Absolutely. Honda: So that way we can help two families
today. Sheila: Absolutely. Oh my god that is just like the best possible thing. I lost it because I can’t think of anything
better than being able to help out another family to have a car. How cool is that? Two families get to you know,
we get to benefit and then another family, that is like amazing. Honda: You’re welcome, it’s our job to be helpful. Quinn: It feels great because I know now that
my life is like my normal again. Even to just be able to leave when you want
to is the most liberating thing ever. Sheila: Just confirms like wow, Honda is a
really good company. Not just their cars but their heart. Yay Honda!

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  1. Scrappy Toys and I were in one of your commercials couple of years ago and just want to thank you. Is any chance getting a Helpful Honda T shirt XLarge thanks again. Scrappy Toys is going strong and continue to put smiles on kids faces.

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