Stop Washing Your Car with Water

Stop Washing Your Car with Water

rev up your engines, now normally I try
out of products and if they work how good I show my videos and explain how
they work but today it’s a little different I tried out the products and
lo and behold the company that makes them gave me a private tour of their
laboratories where they invent the stuff and test it out now instead of the usual
dog and pony show that companies gave I’ve been on various tours it was me and
seven of their scientists and I was actually shocked at the level of science
that these guys put into products it really did shock me I thought I’d just
try different stuff but no they compared it to their competitors so they can make
theirs work better and last longer guys do it for a living
they’re actual scientists and they test the stuff on actual cars I didn’t want
to keep improving it from the scientists perspective if they don’t keep improving
the stuff hey don’t be out of a job say they make the perfect product
you know hey if they can’t approve it anymore they don’t need them anymore
they’re under immense pressure to make more and better products now the first
thing I’m talking about is this rain-x waterless car wash and rain repellent I
don’t personally care about waterless cleaners myself I live in Houston
there’s water all over the place but some people even here they live in
apartment complexes there have no access to water the stuff is actually quite
interesting all you do is spray the stuff on you cover it we’ll do half of
it here and what it does is it lifts up the dirt you can even see it’s lifting
the dirt up the chief engineer explained to me a little experiment and showed me
gets on the paint and the chemicals inside lift the dirt off and then you
just wipe it off get a nice microfiber towel wipe the lock it’s all dirty side
here’s the shiny clean side you can even feel the difference and the cool thing
about this is it’s safe for all exterior surfaces you put on your windshield you
can put it on the plastic you can put it on the bumpers you can put it on the
rubber sides around your window it doesn’t scratch it lubricates it
actually makes it somewhat waterproof check this out here’s theside I did
here’s a side I didn’t do, the side I did beads up uniformly but the other side
it’s just the blotchy mess of course rain tax was originally known fari stuff
you put on your windshield to make the water just evenly dispersed and blow off
in the wind well a lot of their products have that technology in them it evenly
disperses everything it evenly cleans on you clean you know when you’re done it
leaves some little bits of residue on it lets rain bead up and of course will
help protect from some stuff not a gigantic bird clop coming down I keep a
jug of it in the trunk of my wife’s likes so when I see birds come and they
crapped all over it I go in a trunk kiddo squirt this all over the place and
then I’ll use my microfiber towels in a trunk and wipe it off so the acid won’t
be able to eat in now the next product I’m talking about is these rain-x
silicone advantage wiper blades and if you’ve watched my videos in the past you
know that I say silicone wiper blades are the best wiper blades in the
world well they are now truth be told they’re not 100% silicone because if
they were then they’d be crappy wiper blades, in a Sun with ultraviolet rays
it will degrade a lot faster now of course I asked them I said they’re not
a 100% silicone they said no there’s silicone and graphite some other stuff
but we can’t tell you our secret formula but it is silicone based and as you can
see in this experiment they did in front of me regular rubber that’s in dry ice
it’ll snap like a twig this is a natural rubber one I’m gonna do this silicone
one this is silicone there’s the silicone bend it, it flexes not flexible but
well yeah it’s moving, natural rubber
it’ll snap, the silicone it’s still bendable so if you live up north they’re
much more flexible in cold weather and if you live in the land of intense heat
like Phoenix Arizona if it only rains three or four times your nose wiper
blades are sitting on your windshield they will actually kind of melt on from
the heat of that kind of Sun but the silicone won’t it holds up under higher
temperatures too, it just is a much better range than rubber products do, now on
their box it says last twice as long well I don’t agree with
them I found that they last a lot of longer than I had a set on a car it lasted five
times as long as the other ones did I live in
polluted Houston we got Baytown over there all the petrochemicals it’s a very
abrasive environment and I had a set on my old Toyota the things lasted more
than five years now truth be told I do clean them I use a solution of 50%
alcohol 50% water and I clean the blades how they do it once every 2 or 3 months
if that and as you see me in other videos I use this new finish I polished
the windshield and I do that maybe twice a year when you polish it you’re getting
rid of the imperfection you’re making it as slippery as possible so they’ll be
less friction and the blades will last longer and as you can see truthfully I
haven’t done in about six months so I’ve been a bad boy not so kind wiper blades
of course costs more if you factor in how long they last they’re a better deal
overall the main problem that I found with silicone wiper blades if they’re
manufactured correctly like these that have graphite built in so they don’t
shatter some of the cheaper ones don’t any chatter they’re always relatively
hard to find and they might not make it for your model car but I notice they’re
not selling them and the AutoZone down the street I guess they’re any extras
having said I got of course trying to many more stores well more power to them
because the main reason I saw in the past that a lot of manufacturers weren’t
pushing silicone wiper blades is because they last too long and let’s
talk about planned obsolescence hey they want you buying wiper blades as much as
possible so they make as much money as possible so this is kind of going
counter to that I mean I’m all for things that last longer so hey if you
really want some good wiper blades they’re the best ones that I found so
far they test these wipers out on actual sections of cars
because you know each windshield is a different shape they actually test
these things for a long time saltwater freshwater ultraviolet rays heat these
guys are actual scientists doing this stuff it’s just not some clown making
them in their backyard now the last product I’m talking about is this gumout
all-in-one fuel system cleaner they really test the stuff they got testing
land outside of Columbus Ohio which I’ve visited where it was a kea they took it
apart we looked at the inside they put it back together not the whole thing
exactly perfectly cuz then they drove it around the track for a tank of gas then
they brought in and took it apart again and they showed us all the things that
happen it actually didn’t work and that’s because it contains PEA that’s a
nitrogen based cleaner all the real cleaners contain it if you use the
cleaner doesn’t have PEA on a modern car your just wasting your money now years
ago some of the early ones like chevron techron they used to tell you how much
PEA was in it but years ago they stopped doing that they said they didn’t
want to get in an additive war and of course these guys didn’t tell me the
actual ingredients or trade secrets and stuff but they did a very interesting
experiment that sold me they had bottles of their competitors and they did a test
they did a chemical test they put them in vials and if it had the nitrogen base
cleaner that turned a reddish pink color and if it didn’t the carrier agents were
clear the first one they tested the test tube was completely clear it didn’t have
any nitrogen based cleaners at all that was seafoam, then they had others
the had a little bit of red and a lot of clear and then there’s and a whole bunch
of red in it compared to the seafoam that had none whatsoever it was obvious
to me watching this experiment that there’s contained quite a bit of PEA in
this concentrated solution can you take the top off it’s got a big old neck
it’ll go into any gas tank you don’t even gotta low on set don’t have a cap
anymore this pushes through the hole and fills it up you don’t need to have
funnels and spilling all over the place you’re just sticking in an empties
itself in a tank that’s right call intelligent engineering it’s just it
today I don’t expect much from anybody anymore and these guys hey I gotta say
they impressed me and I am NOT an easily impressed person since I’m not a paid
advertiser they can’t pay me to say how great their products are they
impress me with real technology I offend the other companies out there dare to
give Scotty private tours and we’ll let him talk privately actual scientists and
engineers I’m all game just don’t try to sell me a bill of goods and please
whatever you do no one send me any more of these ceramic nanotechnology coatings
that’s stuff is just a scam hey this doesn’t say get more horsepower it tell your
that it cleans stuff which is exactly what it
does this keeps your engine running the way it’s supposed to run it isn’t going
to magically rebuild your engine and give you more horsepower and better gas
much it’s a maintenance item and with this little maintenance as people seem
to do today it’s a good thing that people make stuff like this and since
this is a mechanic Monday I’m giving away a case of this rain-x waterless car
wash have a chance to win place a clean non-offensive comment under youtube
comments below and the winner will be chosen randomly by computer to clean
their car for quite some time with waterless car wash, so if you never want
to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Scotty god the science. Please enter me for the nonoffensive car wash, my car never been washed and this will be first. Thank you

  3. Personally prefer Marvel oil..use one quart mixed in my oil during my oil changes n 4 oz on my gas tank when it half empty/half full. Works for me n cheap.

  4. Yeah! A way to not use 100 gallons of water a week washing my car. I've been using Rain-X for decades. I'm a little jealous I didn't get to talk with the engineers too.

    Thanks, Scotty!

  5. 6:30 Scotty always said that fuel additives are a waste of money because gasoline is a great cleaner. So why the change?

  6. Love U💛😎✌️super fun info Star ⭐️
    ..respect to U Mr Kilmer.. but , wonder what the effect the waterless car wash has on the environment leaching into road run off ground water ..
    thanks for wiper blades info

  7. Scotty! Excellent video! I have used RainX for years! It's probably one of the few products on the market that actually does what it claims to do!
    I always use the RainX brand wiper blades. They may cost a little more, but they are definitely worth it!
    Thank you for the info on the new waterless car wash! I'll definitely check it out!

  8. Great products, Scottie! It's always great to watch your videos and learn tons of stuff about car repair and maintenance. And not be fooled by companies selling crap. Haha!

  9. Love your videos Scotty! Your information is great and you pull no punches. From one car lover to another, keep up the good work!

  10. I'm curious if the water-less cleaner would actually scratch paint from wiping off dirt? Soap and water lets dirt float and you rinse it off with water. I'm sort-of intrigued though because just spraying something on and wiping off dirt seems too easy. Also, can you still use wax after cleaning with it?

  11. Looking for advice, would a 1997 Corolla like new with 53000 miles, no accidents, no rust, be worth $4300? Unfortunately it is sold by a dealer but I haven't seen something like this for months. Or would a 06-08 Corolla with about 100k for around 5k private sale be better? If that is ever listed.

  12. Don’t make a habit of using waterless car wash. Yes it “lifts” the dirt. But then you press it back and rub against the paint. Any particles harder then the clear coat will cause small scratches that over time will dull your paint.

  13. Appreciate you taking the time to test these products, helping the little guys out there not get ripped off, keep up the good work!

  14. Washing your car with a chemical spray while inhaling the spray. Over time what could possibly go wrong with your lungs. No thanks.

  15. You can keep the Rain-X. I just wanted to thank-you for your videos. They always entertaining. And, informative. I will try the silicon wiper blades.

  16. Marvel’s mystery addictive did something to my 5.7 vortec. It felt as if I had hit NOs. Couple months later and still running. Would say it improved.

  17. Excellent bird poop remover for AFTER you've washed your car since it's shiny surface is a target for the birds trying to eliminate the glare.😁😁

  18. Thank you for making these educational videos for us!! I’m starting to think I can finally understand a lot more about how to keep my car in its best shape. Keep up the great work Scotty!

  19. I've been very impressed with the rain-x line of products, would definitely want to try that waterless car cleaner =)

    Keep up the great work Scotty!

  20. Scotty you are like the goverment. Just because it looks good on paper or a lab doesn't mean it'll work in the real world… At all. Like their strict laws on big rig engines. This stuff is legit crap. I have a black town car always gets water spots because hood and trunk is so flat. Tried this stuff, it's a streaky mess. Wax paste would have been easier and better because it rained last night and I still have water spots. That was a total waste of time and money

  21. Good tip on the silicone for different types of weather, a lot of reviewers only consider the weather in the area that they live. Thanks!

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