Storage Wars Oklahoma Flea Market Swapmeet Reselling Casey Nezhoda

Storage Wars Oklahoma Flea Market Swapmeet  Reselling Casey Nezhoda

the world is watching $500 so guys we’re downstream casino down in
Oklahoma Oklahoma okay guys everybody’s watching us right now but
Kansas Kansas Missouri Oklahoma did people amazingly awesome everybody’s
gonna cheer they left storage wars they loved the downstream casino restored and
they also loved our YouTube channel so cheer guys awesome so we’re really lucky because
storage wasn’t being watched all over the world but some of the most awesome
people we get to meet him every week and we want to thank again downstream Casino
Resort for having us thank you people for having us and we’re gonna answer
some more questions like I let you go thank you for watching Chaplin Oklahoma
winter local flea market so that’s like flea market and antique stores
everywhere say hi Rosa she’s always on the side of the video she’s like don’t
put me in I’m wanted by the FBI I guess behind you for 38 years you’re gonna
mess it up with a stupid flea market video yeah they might deport me oh go
back to Ireland – it’s okay to love me here I’m America’s favorite German
storage auction buyer but when when shopping Oklahoma so this is a flea
market that we found some the locals told us about it there’s an outdoor flea
market plus an indoor flea market so you guys gonna go with hunting with us right
now Teddy Anna’s gonna find something cool
Casey’s definitely gonna find something cool and I’m just gonna look around so
see if there’s any money-making opportunities but after shipping and
stuff so we probably not that excited about it hey we got outpost the safe
right yes it’s not crushed anywhere okay so so yeah let’s go check out the
Oklahoma free market and see what’s going on guys so guys this is supposed
to be the outdoor section we’re all like regular daily vendors come so I think
inside to someday leave anastagia first boots jewelry No humming – oh yeah yeah don’t you get it
sure just a me is kind of weird yeah yeah totally butter dude are you guys what is it just a piece of art it doesn’t just directly own binoculars
what’s cool about like birds he didn’t like so
we watching that in videos guys sub jabs video see there’s a lot of baseball card
hunting and stuff like this and here’s a lot of videos of in the swamp it’s like
this so backe so Midwest it’s kind of cool to be here please we don’t really
have that on the west coast looks like the pink sweater she bought
last time yes part at the end that should be on a shirt but only
Casey’s allowed to work oh it Twilight jewelry and you’re up wow
that’s really pretty Oh mom and I was angry so we were
waiting for everything the hardening it’s right here
who’s your neighbor day yeah thanks for watch you on TV thanks for watching
appreciate ya it’s pretty good do you gotta you really rare comics key
books anything no I have done no this is Melissa oh
sorry this is our GG – I’m the big eh yeah so guys this is Mel but the mouth
the mouth you saw it cars – or the special future
DVD collection and what party autumn actually they came back to interview me
mommy you slow down okay why do they call her mouth every genes a technopath
against me I usually put I’m looking for nicotine you tell me a little bit better
but I’m achieve my mouth right now so there you go yet I wouldn’t cup coffee
to ever get exactly what she said but I’m not cursed we thought Renee talked to on the blu-ray DVD special feature
they came back and interviewed me Michael Wallace is a voice of the
sheriff Clark said go see the math makeover Matthew oh yeah I will spit
BIOS tow mater no it says when you go and see her just don’t think you’re
gonna get in there one hour get out you go do it they booked me one hour five
hours later they got out they actually mr. plane flying home oh that’s funny
that’s how I got to put up a DVD but yeah so if you get a chance go over to
Galina just as it’s my mines that way and there’s all kinds of car stuff
okay Carnegie cars okay and yours to tell you for like that right and we
actually have a beauty without restoring it has a local artist there is a baby
Boop and all kinds of neat stuff Luigi’s there all kinds of cool stuff
but your Lena – it sounds I bought this for $1 and I’m gonna sell
it when I store for 20 bucks 1 dollar bonus questions are okay so I’m winning
the game so far so we’re not just a vacation home aha an Oklahoma beer
MXC this is Missouri now so we’re actually making money Starbucks paid I
was trying to beat your Nan’s finding something good everything is 75% off
course look at that purple moon yeah do you have any sealed wax unlike their 80s
or earlier yeah I love that’s the best not worth it
for me to ship but you have any like expensive expensive like wax so yeah I
know I like to like open it’s a bad addiction I never make any money on it
but it’s fun I like Lobos so in the resort of famous team they have Rangers
we can go into the boat fish these coolies look like the big marks in
which our videos you know a lot of these which one I have class
I like this reminds me of up how I always wears him but he’s a cool Alex
when all ship phone’s been so different yeah good how about yourself it’s a walk very little I mean mission conscious you guys looking for anything in
particular yeah we’re just looking around one from San Diego so we’re
checking I want your local flea markets that’s okay
that’s thanks for watching guys appreciate it I love all military stuff
so yeah all right you that’s kind of cool
how are you yeah yes I know that feeling that’s so pretty doesn’t pretty huh we
can’t dismiss the wrong which one do you like better MoMA I know
what’s boy like this is a yellow or maybe thank you luckily these PT use five boxes are sell
these in San Diego for 20 bucks of you don’t buy me nothing do you guys have old people wherever
you’re watching and dirty jokes never ask funny she’s been thinking for the
last seven of I’m the sticker says ugly sit in for two days she’s been thinking
about this joke it’s finally coming out its talked about it she said hey do I know let me show some of them oh I think
it’s fair I think it’s fair to say that stand-up is not fun old electronics you have an original NES
right now oh that’s cool what do you got some fun here that one’s actually
appreciate for $35 oh where are those controllers and the hookups
that’s the shooting and then I’ve got a Christian Xbox up in there that’s like
50 whoa that’s cool he has three spur 85 I let you get the battle and I’ve got DVD players
– lots of cool stuff yeah leave a wonderful day you too thank you yeah how much other $5 here just give me some money tonight
it’s like I have to pay see what happened it out of 20 I gave you then
this having gotten a money but years ago we got like 30 bucks
Wheaties in the store it’s crazy nobody has it super well we
can’t find some yes so yes the reason he was freaking out she’s
like already those two shirts you just picked that they’re both Robert cram
they are new like you know 115 they go up to for 500 bucks apiece and she’s
probably gonna bite us because there were only more put 5 bucks apiece he
throws on eBay 40 50 bucks apiece sell run away so I was trying to make a
profit that stuff I think most of the stuff is
the same price I run two countries so we’re just gonna show some of your store
and then so guys here’s a netted store in the Joplin indoor flea market and
everything in Tendo games video games so show somebody videogames banana and it’s nice which is cheese that one guys
like you to come in this pose you’re insane I found one that looks like you I can’t
decide which one looks the most alike to you but career it’s either that one that
was Thanks so we just got done with the Joplin swap
meet where’s tatianna she’s been doing all the filming hairy
one over there Casey bought three Robert Graham shirts yeah for five bucks apiece
so we’ll probably put those in the store for 40 or 50 some other brands that were
long-sleeve dress shirts which are equivalent to the Robert Graham yeah so
they look really nice you know I don’t like buying clothes on vacation but we
have extra room to suitcase so hey if you can pick up a couple of books and
profit why not this is how we do it so I King I won the game Rene zero
Casey at least like 200 bucks I think you all know the truth
what we got Teddy on a little crypto you wanna go get it real quick it’s in the
back in the back seats in the I’m walking off the back no tell ya about a
really cool trust so just open up the top it’s only the top isn’t one of the
bags so we got 10 D on another gift pink with flowers yes
oh you opened up the wrong one make sure to close the top you didn’t see it
you saw it she though I was painting and this is actually one if this especially
she could says flocked on it so yes we got it this but yeah the swap it was
really cool to people were friendly there were some good deals a lot of cool
dog toy stores in there there’s actually a lot of stuff I could buy and ship back
but we just haven’t roasted did not get a $50 one at this time actually a dollar
sweater for $50 so that was kind of weird just little awkward so Ashley so buddy what are you saying I
open price everything about what you say what is Ashley from Missouri say that’s
what she said that Derek says that’s what she’s saying I’m just teasing him
giving a hard times like no don’t want yeah can we put that on YouTube yeah we
can’t she’s like don’t put me out go ahead put me on and it’s Ashley just a
name and this is my agent awesome

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