Stories from the Battle Bus – Roundtable

Stories from the Battle Bus – Roundtable

Epic Games Presents San Diego, CA Bugha EpikWhale Psalm Yo, how’s it going? ‘Sup man? Is this place good? Yeah. Yo, what’s up? I’m hungry. So, now that you guys are millionaires, this is just something you have to get used to. What? Putting napkins on your laps. (laughing) Stories from the Battle Bus
(The Roundtable) Two months after the Fortnite: World Cup I’ve known EpikWhale for about a year… ‘Cause of the West scrim community. He used to be cheeks at the game a year ago, bro. He was terrible. And then, like, randomly, around like January or February, Yeah. He started getting good, people didn’t know he was good yet. But I was, like, watching I was, like… Yeah. “This kid’s kinda cracked.” Scout ’em out. Fanboy. Yeah. How’d you– How do you– What is an EpikWhale? Yeah! What is an Epik Whale? My brother and I shared an xbox, and, like, the xbox live account was “EpikWhale”. Wait, how, how? It was, like, autogenerated? It was just my brother’s, I don’t know. Whatever his story is. You just made it that? Oh, so it’s your brother’s name? Yeah, it’s literally my brother’s name. That’s kinda cool. Yeah, how’d you come up with yours? Mine’s just a book from the Bible. Yeah? You’ve never heard of Psalm before? No, I mean, yeah, I’ve heard of it, but it’s like, I thought it was, like, your last name or something, ya know? (laughing) No, no. What is a Bugha? What’s a Bugha? So, when I was, like, a baby, my grandpa called me that. Your grandpa called you Bugha? Yeah, like I was a little baby and he said “bugha”, and I started laughing. Oh, okay. So, I just kept calling it that, and it stuck with me. That’s cute, that’s cute. So, Epik, like, what do all your friends think about this? Before World Cup, I didn’t really tell ’em, like, much about, like, competitive Fortnite or, like, all these tournaments that I was playing in. So, like, it kinda came as a big surprise to them. Did you tell them– Just like, casually. –you qualified for World Cup? Yeah, and then, like, after World Cup was when I told them, and then, so, like, they were super surprised. Yeah. What about you? What’d your guys’ friends think about it? Like, before, way at the start of when I started playing Fortnite, I kinda played with them, ’cause I just, like, I just gamed with them. Later on, qualified for World Cup, I told them about it, they knew. They kinda hyped it up, ya know, how your friends do? (chuckling) They’ve always known I’m good at games, so, like, I don’t think they were that surprised when I was doing well. Second place was a little bit of a surprise, though. I was even surprised, I was, like, “Okay.” (laughing) I think we were all surprised, like… (laughing) That we placed this well. Alright, you’re– You can only expect so much out of, like, a solo tournament with 100 of, like, the best players in the world, like… I mean, you can expect to be, like, consistent, like top 20, but… I don’t know, I was surprised I even…I don’t know. Like, I would’ve been happy with top 20… Oh, yeah. of the hundred best players in the world. But actually, ya know, before we even went, I called it. He was gonna get top 10. Were you up by the Pleasant, like, ballers? Were you up there? Yeah, Pleasant ballers. Okay, that’s what it was. Alpha baller drop spot. Yeah, I remember, ’cause I was going over drop spots, and you went through a location that I was going to do with ballers, so I just didn’t do it. Oh really? Yeah, so I just went Lucky– Oh, you were thinking about doing ballers? Yeah. I feel like if you know how to play ’em, like, if you just, like, keep your baller alive every game, and you get placement every time, that’s big. A lot of it is, like… You need a good plan, ’cause like, sometimes, if you run ballers, you’re gonna have, like, no loot. Honestly, my path is, like, little. of, like, a bunch of lone chests. I saw, yeah. And if, like, someone runs through it, then I’m screwed. (laughing) Up by the mountains and the van, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Actually, my first game, the first chest on the mountain, there was already someone there, bro. But, I just–I rolled up, I, like, flung up on my ball, I just came out, and I just… 50-50d him, I was like, whatever. Did you win? Yeah, I had a shotty and shield. I was like, “What’s the chances this guy has shotty and shield, if he’s already”– (laughing) Dude, I think, like, if you were confident, in World Cup, it was free, I feel like. Yeah. Like, I don’t know, I jumped into, like, 2 people’s box and took 50-50s, you just win ’em. Yeah, you– I swear they were shaking or something. You looked like you were playing real confident. No, yeah. After first game, for sure. (laughing) Bro, I don’t even get how this guy does it, he just like– I was watching some of your games, somehow you just, like, recover from everything. Yeah, I don’t know how. I’d heavy snipe, just got everything back. Oh, thank you. Thank you. And Psalm. Oh, okay. I got third place, right? So I have to pour water for everyone else? Third place has to. Yeah, thank you. You shoulda just got 2 more points. Dude, I shoulda just, ya know, reloaded my– reloaded my guns against Riversan, ya know? Wait, didn’t you die to Aspect? That was in game six. Oh, yeah. Like, end game. So, I was watching, I was like… “Aspect better kill this boy.” (laughing) “He’s ’bout to pass me up.” It was close, though, I think you got Aspect pretty low. I saw you die in the feed. (laughing) I was so happy. Which game, like, the later games? Yeah. There’s no way he coulda caught up though. (laughing) I think, like, after game 4, I was within reach, maybe like 5, 6 points. Yeah, no, for sure. Yeah, no, they bro– Brother was popping off, bro. I don’t know how you got 60 points… What is that? This guy’s getting points like it’s online quals or something. (laughing) I couldn’t even pull that off in quals! Do you remember when you eliminated me game one? Wait, I eliminated you? Yeah! (laughing) I think it was top 3, and I dropped down– Oh my God. –you impulsed up. Dude, I was so nervous in that fight, I’m not even kidding. Dude, I just remember, like, I had low ground, I got one guy. And then you just–you were up on my wall. And I just edited, like, I don’t know why. I think that was my most, like, nervous part of the entire tournament. That fight right there. Really? Yeah. That was big. If I didn’t win that fight, like… You’re missing out on win points… It was huge, it was huge! For sure. I dropped down, I was, like… Yeah! I missed, like, 10 shots. I was so sad! You were fragging out, though. Oh, yeah, I was feeling it there. –fragging out. I don’t know how, I didn’t miss my shots. After the first game– You had, like, 7 or 8– He had 19, he was like double second place. You had like 19 points. I was like “Oh, I’m chilling.” Second place was, like, 10 or something. I was like, “Dude, this guy’s gonna win.” I was probably third after that game. Yeah, ’cause Kreo, he was second. How many points…I think I only got, like, a few my first game. Yeah. I got, like, 5. What was your–What was your favorite endgame moment? I think it was game six, I had, like, two shadows for rotates, and I was chilling on the drone near Polar. And some guy just lands on me… And we basically, like, box fought. But I–I hit, like, a nice trap play on him, like, phase through the ramp, ya know? Have you seen this kid with traps? No. He’s insane with traps. Is he? Yeah, no, he–Whoever that was made a mistake. You don’t box fight this kid when he has traps. Then I was just, like, “Yes, dude, I can actually get a bunch of points.” And then I got, like…10 more points that game or something. Yeah, yeah. That’s cool, yeah. Favorite moment definitely has to be, like, a win, right? I don’t know, I feel like winning on LAN… is just different because of, like, the adrenaline, the hype. Let’s go! Let’s go! Whoo! And then you get the cool clips and everything, so yeah. I dig winning on LAN, it’s sick. Especially, that was your first game, so, like, the momentum. Yeah. It’s really good. What about you? Mine is probably a win too. It was game four. It was when Mongraal was fragging out. He cleaned out the server. Were you…? I was just chilling on height. I, like, impulsed into the zone, and ended up in the storm, which might’ve been better, ’cause he couldn’t see me. Yeah, that was– I was watching his perspective, yeah. After that win, I knew I pretty much secured, like, top 10. Maybe even top 5, like, a very good shot at top 5. And that, like, started running in my mind, I was like… (laughing) “I’ma make a bag today, bro, I’m going home with a lot of 0s in my bank account.” (laughing) Yeah, that win was really important. So, what did you guys do with the money? Did you buy anything nice? Not really, honestly. I’m kinda just, like, chilling with it, I don’t know. I haven’t really spent anything, what about you? I have, like, a couple of finance people I’m talking to. But I might buy, like, an apartment complex or something. Oh, yeah, that’s cool. Like, as an investment. I just got a car. I got a Camaro, it’s pretty clean. You got a Camaro? Yeah! I cannot see you driving a Camaro, bro. I’ll pull up–pull up to your house. Do you have your license? You like Camaros? Yeah, I have my license. That’s crazy actually. Yo, he got a Camaro. (laughing) (laughing) Wow. What you driving? Me, I drive a Tesla. Do you? Good for the environment! Do you actually? I do, I do. I got into a car accident recently, though, someone– Oh, I heard about that! Someone ran a red, and then, (crash noise) So, my Tesla’s ruined. Right before he hit me, I actually thought, like, “I’m gonna get seriously injured, or I’ma die here.” (laughing) Oh, yeah? It was actually kinda scary. Were you, like, worried that you wouldn’t be able to play Fortnite after your–you saw the car coming towards you? No, actually! Like, sitting down all day is really tough on your neck and your, like, your upper back and shoulders. And I seriously thought, like… “I’m not gonna be able to sit in a chair for long anymore.” That’s rough, yeah. But, ehh… Still grinding. Yeah. So, what do you guys thinks, like, next for you? Probably just season 11, ya know? You gonna get, like, your stream going, you think? Yeah, definitely, one of my goals is to start streaming more. Do you think, like, season 11, they’ll change everything? You think there’ll be, like, a new map? Well, they already did Tilted back to Gotham, right? Gotham’s fine. I like Gotham. Gotham’s fine. I think the zombies will probably get removed. I kinda want a new map. Dude, a new map would be hype, bro. It’d be refreshing. Like, completely new? I’d be down. I don’t think they’ll do that. Maybe. After– I think they’re gonna change the map a lot. I think– Season 11, you think so? I think so. ‘Cause, like, the meteor, everything’s coming– Oh yeah, they’re doing all the, like, Fortnite Rewind. All the OG places are kinda coming back– Yeah, exactly. So we can say our goodbyes, ya know? Oh, okay. (laughing) I think. Yeah, this was fun boys. Oh yeah. We should do this again. It was great to catch up after World Cup, for sure. Yeah, it was. Thank you. So, uhh… First Place, this is all you, right? Yeah! Alright, let’s go! Let’s go! Really guys? (laughing) Alright. Stories from the Battle Bus
(The Roundtable) Special thanks to Bugha, Psalm, EpikWhale, and their families.

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