Strongest fm Transmitter for Car Updated 2019

Strongest fm Transmitter for Car Updated 2019

Hi, this is a demonstration on how to get
the sound from your ipad 2 on to your car radio; we’ll be using this AFM transmitter
from iphonefm transmitter. When you get this in the mail you’ll get this transmitter with
this usb part of it. First you’re going to unplug this part of it and that reveals the
usb and you simply plug this into any usb drive and a dim blue light will come on telling
you that this unit is being charged. Once the blue light goes off it means this unit
is fully charged and then you can remove this usb part of it and put this into your device,
in this case we’re using the ipad 2, so first we’re going to plug this into our ipad and
then we’re going to turn on our car radio right now, make sure that the radio is set
is set correctly, this one says 87.9 and we have this at 87.9. Right now you hear that
there is a lot of noise going on, a lot of hissing and static noise going on in the background,
that’s because the transmitter is not ***, so we’ll simply switch the transmitter, notice
that the hissing and noise goes away and then we’ll just simply hit play, we’ll switch it
off, switch back on. As you can hear there is not, the quality of the sound is actually
very good, there is no wires or any sort of other accessories that you need to connect
your device in the case will be ipad 2 on to your car radio, you simply turn this on
and plug it into your device and set your car radio and then you’re ready to work, and
that’s how you get your music from your device or sound by using the AFM FM transmitter from
iphonefm transmitter. Thank you very much, bye.

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