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  1. and all video where you say translate into Russian or Ukrainian
    but it is better to Russian very grateful for the translation!

  2. you translate new videos and old notmust! just tyashko explore anhiliysku simply translate into interpreters will be clear!

  3. ive noticed in most of your vids that you have alot of money, honer,pitch,stone,iron,wood. i was just wondering how you have all that amount of resources and money ect.

  4. On game worlds other than world 1 I simply raise taxes and farm. The 100,000 i have in world 4 is from months of farming with full taxes on my villages.

    In world 1, the copious amounts of resources come from having villages filled to the brim with villages and having correct research to stockpile goods. I can produce a full stockpile of wood and stone in any village within 2-3 days. Pitch and iron in about 5. I will make a video soon about village layouts to show you.

  5. I've started playing Stronghold Kingdoms a few weeks ago. Am I right when I think this wheel-thing is now removed from the game, or it's still there, only I was too stupid to find it?

  6. Hi Jonathan, The wheel only shows up when you unlock wheel spins through various quests. Once you do, it will be shown in the same spot as in the video.

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