Stupid Car Salesman Scams

Stupid Car Salesman Scams

rev up your engines
today I’m gonna show you have three tricks of car salesmen do when they’re
selling the car so they can make more money the first one is they want to
shift you to a car that they’re making more profit on especially if it’s a used
car lot and not a new one because they know which cars they got at the cheapest
price that they’re going to try to sell at a much higher price and you know
which cars have a lower margin so even regardless of the actual price of the
car let’s say it’s $10,000 or a used car they might have one $10,000 car that
they bought for eight but they might have another one that they only paid
three for so be leery about that the next trick they have is they try to
distract you from the whole price you’re gonna pay they don’t tell you a
destination charge they don’t tell you tax title and license for registering it
some of you even have a detailing charge if you’re buying a car you tell them
only thing I’m interested in is the drive out price don’t even care what
they say it’s selling for and don’t fall for though we’ll give you a 5 grand for
your old junker if they’re charging your 10 grand more for the car they’re
showing you and the third one is if you’re buying a new car and they trying to
sell you in on stuff you might not even need it or want it but they’ll try to
sell you the add-on stuff cuz those are big markup items for the sales guys
let’s say you want a really fancy stereo dude they might hit you for 1500 bills
right you can go on buy a decent one for 300 put it in yourself or like I showed
by the radio that cool little speaker that was $49 that has a killer sound and
it runs off your phone you’re already got a stereo system there so why give
them 1500 when you can buy $49 speaker and put it in yourself
Sylvia Frank says Scotty what’s your opinion of those one set price car dealerships
that don’t allow you to negotiate with the price of a new vehicle well I think
there are a lot of junk, the best price yeah the best price for them they’re
asking price they won’t come down if you don’t like that vehicle tell prices well
we got some more over here they’re cheaper but you’re saying I want that
car they will not bargain plus most of my real ripoffs
on top of the price then when you go in the Carmaxs has worked that way then
add all these charges for setting it up they have to do the title and they
charge you a bunch of money for that there are total ripoff I don’t know why
people go on other than they can find a car easier that way because they’re
always gonna overpay go somewhere else it’s a bunch of nonsense because the
prices are made up anyways I’ve already done videos to show you how any of those
places that give the price of cars it’s nonsense because the companies that
do that years ago they got bought out by companies and sell used cars so of
course they give inflated values because they’re selling them just like if you go
to a jeweler and say how much is this diamond ring worth and then say ok what
will you pay for me and they’ll hem and haw and I feel less than half of what
they say it’s worth here’s one really I would have loved to have seen it there’s
a woman in Arizona she stole a Tesla Model S the police chased after they
couldn’t stop her with the strips to make the tires go flat but guess what it
ran out of electricity the police had to break the window and grab her and pull
her out I’ll bet you wish you stole the car that had a tank of gasoline and not
an electric car that was almost out of electricity no I gotta say that’s one of
the funniest things that I’ve seen in quite some time
in reality the Tesla cars are very rarely stolen there’s really no market
for it there’s not enough of them and most cars that are stolen these days use
them in a chop shop and they cut them into pieces and they sell them to the
body shops that fix cars that have been racked or they here they ship them out
of the country like the South America the people that steal a whole bunch of
them if they’re pros but people don’t really steal the tehsils it’s kind of a
rare thing but she didn’t she thought we do have enough power got caught because
it ran out of juice, RS 35 24 says Scotty my car runs a few seconds I’ve got
turned off what should I check first thing you want to check is the ignition
switch if it’s not working right when you turn it off it’s not shutting power
off then it’ll run on the second thing is check the ignition timing if the time
is too far off it can also fire like that and third is make sure that your fuel system
isn’t leaking because you got a fuel-injected car you turn it off that
turns the injector power off but there’s still residual pressure and if the
injectors are old and leakin they’ll still leak fuel in Iran alone that’s the
more common well now you go back to the dinosaur age when I was young in cars
all had carburetors it was a sign that the carburetor was worn out when you
turned it off it kept dripping gas into the engine and run, Hader says
Scotty should I buy a new Mustang GT or a used car that with low mileage I go
for a new Mustang because buying a used sports car you don’t know if people beat
the heck on it or not and if you’re talking about used Corvette you know
versus the new Mustang you’re probably talking about a late-model one and
they’re still relatively expensive and the late-model ones aren’t as good as
the really old ones that your solid built there are GM products and they cut
corners when they make them I got a customer they bought a used one with
15,000 miles couple years ago and he keeps having to take it back to the
dealer cuz they gave him some kind of a warranty extended warranty cuz he paid
so much for it and it but it’s breaking all the time and they never seem to fix
it right either I’d work on it but he’s got a free thing so he’s trying out I
think he hasn’t paid them any money to fix anything yet so I bet you he’ll
probably get tired give up and pay me to work on the thing
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Yeah back in the 80s there was some cars that eyewitness kept running after the person got out of it it was so hilarious

  3. Who in their right mind would buy a new car to put in a $50 blue tooth speaker in their cup holder….???‍♂️…. uh okay dude

  4. The Corvette guy hasn’t paid to get it fixed, but it sounds like it hasn’t been fixed. Sounds like a great deal to me ??

  5. Alot of fords and a few newer trucks are being stolen here in san antonio
    One guys custom tailgate was stolen also

  6. Fixed Used Price dealers aren't all bad provided you have a clean car and know how to negotiate, have them take care of plate transfers/registration, new tires or take care of the used cars next 1-2 maintenance services. Can easily save a couple hundred to a thousand bucks depending what work is required.

    Need to remember labor is cheap for them, more often than not they are willing to eat that cost even if they don't negotiate on the sale price itself.

  7. Scotty, I just bought a new 1994 Toyota Celica with an 8 year warranty. Will it last until the Second Coming of Jesus?

  8. GM has ALWAYS built nothing but fix-it-again cars Scotty,the companies strongest selling point is brainwashing it's customers into believing their the best cars and trucks ever made,no matter how many times you have to fix them.

  9. Hey Scotty, as a music fanatic who blasts my music way louder than anyone should, I have to say that I've been super pleased with the JBL audio that came with my 07 Camry. Now I'm not talking about the radio itself but the speakers, because the 6 disc player took a dive on me. I'm sure they are better now and I wouldn't hesitate to get the same sound system as the upgrade. And if anyone cares, don't get Sonos for your home unless you like to listen to your music at a whisper. I blew out those as well.

  10. Know what you want, take half the day to research that car online, know your top dollar price you'll give and start at $3000 under that, dont budge from YOUR price, if they wont deal walk away….

  11. Here is what do when buying a car.
    I don't tell them what I can afford per month. This give the finance manager the number he needs to get the most out of your wallet.
    Do not do in house financing at the dealership, that is making more money off you with the interest rates. Use your own bank/credit union and get pre-approved for that vehicle.
    Tell them, I'm buying outright and I will set a fair price, not the sticker price, the Kelly blue book value of that vehicle. Usually is what most banks/credit unions use kbb to value the vehicle to create an auto loan.
    Get the dealership into negotiations on the price and watch the number games the finance manager will throw at you. Remember, dealership has to sell a vehicle to make money. You, the consumer, always have the option to walk away and keep your money for another day. Don't get dazzled by the car sitting right there within your grasps when negotiating especially them letting you hold the keys to that car. That's a mental game to drop your guard.

    Example, my parents wanted to upgrade from their 08 frontier 170k miles. They liked my 2018 frontier SV. We went to the dealership, sticker was $33k for the same truck. Grabbed the vin number, looked up kbb on fair market values. Kbb listed the same truck est. $26k to $28k. Bank preapproved the loan at $27,900 for financing. Make a long day short. I got the dealership to sell the truck and my parents drove off the showroom floor at $26,700 out the door. The $700 was for a new plate and registration sticker since their plate was so old and state recycles stock plates after 7 years of registration.

  12. Lady in Ukiah california stole a Camero from the dealership. Local police shot her to death. They claimed she tried to hit a police car with the pig in it.
    Shot a mentally ill woman to death because she dented a cop car is what it boils down to.

  13. Scotty, I've got a 2013 Subaru BRZ where the transmission makes a grinding/whirring noise when pressing the clutch. Since I've noticed it, the car will sometimes stall at red lights or low speeds well. I've read it could be the release or throw out bearing. What could it be?

  14. How is stealing a Tesla with 25% battery life remaining any different than stealing a gasoline car with a 1/4 tank of gas?

  15. Scotty could you tell me how good Hyundai is? Cause I’m thinking of getting one in the future, thanks in advance!

  16. In 2006 I negotiated a one year old Volvo XC 70 from $26,000 down to $19,000 at the dealership I think he would have gone lower to $18,000ish.
    My only sentence I kept repeating was "I don't want to buy a car today". Which was true. That poor salesman was sweating a lot that day :)))

  17. Here in Dallas friendly Chevrolet they want to charge you $499.99 for nitrogen filled tires. The dude had the balls to said the tires are made especially for nitrogen and give you better gas. I looked at him and laughed and we left.

  18. All the lots around here always push the Chevy HHR on me. It must be an inside joke or a statewide bet the salesmen made with each other to ditch these cars ASAP? I mean they have an entire lot of other cars but they immediately point me to an HHR? No way I'd buy one of those.

  19. on that paper the "manager" writes his final price I always grab the pen and write next to the price I've agreed to "out the door final price" so when I go into finance and he's tacked on fees and crap I have an out. Or I walk. And what's up with "inventory tax"? Not my fault the car (supposedly) sat on the lot for 2 months. What a game.

  20. The speaker suggestion was just stupid. A 1500 premium sound system will give far superior sound than a stupid Bluetooth speaker. Cmon man….

  21. Scotty, I watch the TV shows where they swap out engines or transmissions. in your videos you say if a transmission needs to come out and get fixed or replaced, it is very expensive. Same with engines. If it has to come out to be fixed it is very expensive. Why do you say that? The car shows make it look routine.

  22. Undercoating is a scam.
    Nitrogen in tires is a scam.
    Clear coating is a scam.
    Floor mats are a scam ($300, but they came with the car. Stealership put them in the trunk.)
    Buying a new car… is a scam.

  23. Scotty, the Tesla bit was funny! But car dealers are not. They are licensed thieves, have been since the first car was ever sold. Heard about one of them coming to emergency that got both legs crushed when a vehicle rolled out of gear! He must have done a lot of robbing to get such Swift Karma. I've been robbed on every one I've ever bought, no way around it!

  24. I bought the speaker he recommends. It sounds absolutely terrible. Don’t believe him unless you have no audio standards

  25. The first thing I say to a salesman is I want the OTD price and they have 1 chance because I have priced other similar vehicles. Best price wins.

  26. Bought a new 2017 Santa Fe XL with extended warranty. Too much electronics and gadgets to fail right after the original warranty expires. One major repair, and the E/W will have paid for itself. Purchased an E/W for the Ducati also. Peace of Mind… ✔

  27. Hey let s be honest you think you got a good deal, only you know, there is no such thing as a good deal, it's your preference

  28. Heh Scotty my FJ Toyota has 511000 km on it . my fix engine light came on and the Toyota dealer says the timing chain is beginning to stretch. They say 5000.00 to fix. Does that sound right?

  29. Hey Scotty I’ve always appreciated the service advice you’ve given the community about their vehicles, yet I still have not seen a 2006 Camry Solara. Would you make a video showing how to restore the dash board with the steps to restore it using a tech mat or something other then leather? Cheers John…

  30. 1) Used Car Lot – often the salespeople don't know really, but the dealer "puts money" onto it to make the salespeople move that vehicle. They also move the money "around the lot" so they can take profit (essentially) off one to move it to another as far as paying the salespeople. 2) Blue/Black book – it has changed, used to be so useful; but now it asks questions that are "inappropriate" .. what brand do you want to buy etc (information miners for dealers to use against you), 3) one price places; they are like the phone scammers (in my opinion) as it comes down to manipulating your own greed, fear, and the idea of "don't worry trust us – we are an honest island in a pond of smoke and mirrors" – so very similar to the tactics used on phone sales .. oh yes, it is designed to feed your brain in a manner to stop your independent thinking and have them tell you what to think (sadly this is everywhere now – junk food for the brain – feels like thinking, looks like thinking, but it is not thinking).

  31. Forget all those brands and get yourself a TESLA Model 3. Never deal with scams of dealerships. Buy directly from Tesla. No middle man. Zero maintenance. Safest car ever made. Designed to go 1 million miles. 35k starting price. No brainer. Stupid to buy any other car.

  32. Hey Scotty for a good condition no accident reported Honda civic touring cvt 2016 with 40k mileage… what is a reasonable price?

  33. Hi, I’m planning to buy a new SUV, and I have 2 options both new (Porsche Cayenne S or Range Rover (6 cylinder 380 HP)), what do you recommend?

    Note: used cars price in our region (SAUDIA Arabia) are almost close to new ones.
    Also: road conditions is very bad and the weather is very hot (temp go up to 55 degrees C in shadow)

  34. They just took advantage of my 21 yr old daughter and her new husband. They didn't even talk em down. They just wanted $1500 for their junker and for the dealer to pay TT&L. So the dealer added a $500 prep fee, $800 gap ins, $2200 warranty and DID NOT include TT&L. Totally took advantage of a new buyers ignorance. It's a shame. Young couple with a new baby got totally hosed. I'll be contacting the State Attorney General.

  35. Im normally against these bigger used cars places such as CarMax. However, we bought a Mazda at Carsense. We did our homework on the prices an looked around. The car they had only had 30K miles on it an price wise it was the best. They allowed us to take it to our mechanic an gave us 72 hours. Every thing checked out on the mechanic. Now they didnt bargain too much an only took out $300 but even at the price they had it was still cheaper than most. They did try an push the extended warranty thing but not overly so. No other extras were tried.

  36. Fortunately for me, a few years ago, in Australia, the government introduced a law that the advertised price of cars must be the total, drive-away, price.

  37. I thought all Tesla cars were theft proof? I'll have to look up this story on the S from Arizona. Look at the stolen s-car go! Sorry, my favorite lame joke from a 1983 movie.

  38. I have't seen your comment on the wheel sensors. I don't want to go to the dealer to replace the sensors and tires. I have a 2012 4 cyl camry, 100k miles. And I miss knowing the tire pressure on the screen.

  39. Yep I was falling on Adding on sh*t to my car when I bought it at the dealership I end it up paying $3,000 more.
    For a Head unit system, Boost Stereo, camera and window tinting

  40. I bought a 2016 Ford F-150 XLT V8 with 60k miles on it. What should I focus on regarding possible repair/upkeep? It runs great (right now)

  41. when the guy making the video recommends that you put your own radio or chinese junk speaker in the brand new car you just bought instead of getting a brand new quality sound system….you know you’re in the wrong chanel.

  42. I've only watched like 5 of Scotty's videos and have learned more than I learned through the entirety of my senior year of highschool.

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