Stupid Things People Do When Selling a Car

Stupid Things People Do When Selling a Car

rev up your engines,
joey says Scotty I’m gonna buy my co-workers 94 f250 5.8 2
wheel drive truck with 137 thousand miles on it, he wants 1700 bucks is it a
good deal, as they generally say and it’s kind of a truism, never sell a car to a
friend and never buy a car from a friend a lot of times you get kind of stuck in
the middle that way and then somebody gets mad, I have had customers sell
perfectly good cars even Toyotas to other customers cars that were friends
of theirs, and invariably the person who bought it says to me later, Oh Scotty I
wish you wouldn’t have sold me the car what a pile of junk he sold me, and it
wasn’t it was a good car but the other guy didn’t maintain it the course a
used car things are gonna break, it’s often a mistake to buy it from people
but that said, hundred thirty seven thousand miles isn’t much on a 5.8 f250
those are big trucks, they can run a long time, but like anything, don’t make it
personal, pay a guy like me a professional mechanic could check it out
before you buy it, because that is an f250 it’s a big truck, lots of things can
go wrong over time, it’s a 94 so what it’s 25 years old, have a mechanic check
it out before money changes hands, mario 242 and mario says, hey scotty are the
mini cars worth buying like the passo and cube here in the bahamas, costs $4,000 used, I’m
looking for a car in that price range, don’t buy a mini, BMW makes a lot of the parts,
they have a lot to do with building them, they are made in England but there are really
basically German cars, they are not worth the money especially use, they fall apart,
the parts cost a small fortune, do not buy a used Mini, you want to get a used car in
that price range, $4,000 see if you can find a good Toyota or Honda, those things
run forever, say you’re in the Bahamas so I don’t know exactly what kind of cars
people have there, I was in the British Virgin Island and they had a lot of
these little Suzuki jeeps you could get parts for them and guys knew how to
fix them, so that’s what a lot of people drove, those are a stupid choice in the
United States because you can’t get parts for them, but in the British Virgin
Islands you could and a lot of guys drove them around so see what people have in your area
that are easier to get parts for and go that route, cuz if they can’t get parts
for the Toyotas on Honda’s there’s no point buying one, you got always check
the parts availability in the neck of the woods you live in, airforce says Scotty my
son’s 99 Mercedes C 230 compressor is leaking coolant at the head gasket, we tried
blue sealer a year ago, it didn’t totally fix it, now it’s getting worse
can I use steel seal that you talked about years ago, in that vehicle no I
wouldn’t go any further because that’s the kompressor,
it’s got supercharged engine as a supercharger, superchargers blow a lot of
pressure in the engine, on that thing either put another head gasket or just
get rid of the car, there’s no sealer that’s ever gonna work on a car like
that that’s got a supercharger that’s cranking all that extra pressure in, it’s
just gonna continue to leak I’ve had customers try the sealers and they never
really worked, sell the car and get out of it, because a head gasket job on
that thing cost a fortune, could even be that the heads cracked inside they do
that too so, that would be my advice 40504 says I’d love
to get a Toyota Solara convertible but I live in Chicago
can I Drive a convertible in the winter well of course you can drive a
convertible in the winter, I got a convertible, Porsche convertible sitting
in a driveway I’m working on, yeah you can use them in storms, they’re better
made than they used to be the tops are a little bit better sealed, I mean if
you’re gonna get a convertible you’re gonna expect too, especially if
you’re getting a Solera they don’t make them anymore,
you’re probably gonna expect to have to put a top on it anyways, cuz they do wear
out over time, like the old convertibles that leak like a sieve, I’ve got
customers with Toyotas and those convertibles never had any problems with
leaking and water getting inside they’re pretty well built convertibles, you just
have to decide who you really want a convertible because you realize they are
noisier inside, sound coming from outside, and of course they’re very easy
to rob because it’s a convertible top somebody get a knife they can slash
right to the top and reach in and grab stuff so, you’re living in Chicago and I
hear that’s kind of a dangerous place maybe you would think twice,
gte Scotty I got a Nissan Xterra automatic transmission I want to replace
it with a manual transmission, what is the best manual transmission, is there
anything else to put when I blew the manual transmission swap, well first if I
were you I would rethink the entire thing because swapping an automatic
transmission and put in a standard transmission is one gigantic rat’s nest
of a job, I’ve had quite a few customers try it a lot of them quit and gave up,
you got to put in the pedal for the clunk, you got to drill a hole in the
body and a place for the gearshift, you’re gonna have to change
the mounts for the transmission, probably have to do some welding, you’re also
gonna have to change the computer of the vehicle, because they run differently
with automatic and standard transmissions, my advice that I always give
people on stuff like that is, sell it and buy one that has a manual
transmission already, it’s a better thing to do than it is to try to swap it out,
so if you find a used with a manual transmission you could road test
and drive it, you know the transmission is looking goodm or I mean if it’s an old
Nissan Xterra it’s not worth much hey you could make two into one,
fix the one that already has a manual transmission with any of the good parts
from yours that’ll make much more sense, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

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  1. For everyone asking, this video launch was actually a mistake, I had this set up for tomorrow to have the video data done ahead of time and closed captions. It was set to launch on the wrong day. Just realized this when I woke up

  2. Hey Scotty, my sister’s 2007 Fusion has started breaking down. The steering has gone, she took it to Pepboys, (I know, big no no) and they charged her 200$ to replace a belt, but the next day the steering didn’t work. What would you recommend she do? She’s got 146K miles on it.

  3. I WOULD TOTALLY BUY SCOTTY'S OL' TOYOTA CELICA FOR SURE… NO QUESTIONS ASKED. we all know that Scotty's Celica will run and run forever. Plus he only change te oil once a year.

  4. My question is not about this video. And I know you have mentioned before too. I try to search for the video were you talk about it. But no luck. Question; what kind of Lexus your wife drive ?

  5. So true. Never good idea to sell to friends .

    In the end they will hate you or come after you.

    Hey bro, you brought it AS IS . This no car lot with warranty. Get that in your head.

    "AS IS"

  6. 25 years old, think about that

    Hopefully you buying for work use only while your hot car is park in the garage

  7. Scotty what do you think of 2011 Ford Expedition EL with 85K miles. Well maintained and only a single owner? Appreciate your advice. Love your videos. Thanks!!

  8. Please tie your hands. By the way, the best cars I have purchased over the years is an Isuzu Trooper (300k miles), Montero (185k miles), Mini (120k miles). Worst cars 1990 twin turbo charged Nissan 300 zx and Lexus RX 350. Ford and Chevy by the dozen. Good for 3-5 years then go bad.

  9. hey scotty what is the difference between the 2014 japanes toyota corolla and the 2104 singapore toyota corolla altis

  10. Scotty, I am addicted to your channel, anyway, I own a 2010 Lexus IS 250 convertible, hard top, and it makes a lot of noise when it’s closed, is there any way to reduce the rattling? I sprayed the hinges with silicone WD40 but it still makes annoying noises. Greeting from Lebanon.

  11. Scotty, I have a 1990 miata (garaged and even has the original top). Would you recommend selling it on Ebay? Or, would you recommend selling through a different venue? Thanks, I love your videos.

  12. Scotty, I agree about the manual transmission. HOWEVER if you are in the market for an e36 bmw m3 the only cars that aren't beat to within an inch of their life are automatic cars, and who wants to drive an automatic m3?

  13. My neighbor wanted to buy a used car from me but I refused to sell it to her (she was in her 60's at the time)

  14. All you people asking Scotty for personalized, individual advice; what, you think he has 75 hours in his day?

  15. Scotty! (Or anyone who knows) is there a way to tell if a check engine light has been cleared before selling the vehicle? Scanners are cheap now and you can clear codes yourself. Will a dealer/mechanic level scan tool pick that up? Does the data change from say a 2004 to 2014? Thank you

  16. Scotty I have a 2016 Acura mdx 45,000 with a 9 speed transmission, when it shifts to 5th gear it makes a whining noise what could be the problem? Please help.

  17. Why does every one feel the need to swap and auto to a manual trans? I follow a lot of car media and this question is asked all the time… just buy the stick version..

  18. I switched an auto car to a manual car in one weekend. But I did have the engine that I rebuilt & gearbox ready to put in.

  19. Hey Scotty I have a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe with the three row seats. It's a all wheel drive vehicle and after 15 thousand miles on it on highway speeds my steering wheel somethings has resistance and I feel like I zig zag down the highway. the problem is it doesn't happen all the time so when I take it to the dealer they say it's fine what should I do?

  20. I have a few car related questions, but honestly, I would like to know what kind of screws are keeping those shelves in the back from falling

  21. I sold my fourteen year old 1986 BMW 325 to my brother. It had 300,000 miles.
    He put 100,000 on it and gave it to my nephew.
    He put another 100,000 on it.

    Then it needed about $1500 in work so…..

    At 500,000 miles they sold it to somebody who wanted to restore it.

    Fantastic car. I wish I’d kept it.

  22. I have bought 3 cars from a friend. One for my daughter one for my son and one for me. Reason, I know how this guys drives and takes care of his cars. Not a lemon in the bunch. He usually sells around 85000 miles.

  23. I do own a convertible and I can attest absolutely no cabin noise nor water intrusion with to soft top up, of course, mine it's a German we know these cars are in a league of their own.

  24. Scotty my friend wants to sell me his AMG 63 with 160,000 miles on it. It's a good deal. What do you think?

  25. My Mercedes has worn brake discs. SELL THE THING, GET RID OF IT😂😂. Scotty needs soon to mentioned that new Toyotas/Lexus are starting to use BMW engines 😂😂😂.

  26. Don't buy a Honda or Toyota they are throw away cars Just do not buy any foreign vehicle and you will be okay if you are a car person you would know what stuff will work and not when you buy a used one from a friend or not some people might need help to make choices and what they have to fix

  27. i bought a 232k mile 2004 bmw e46. a few rhings wrong with it. im the 3rd owner and ut runs decent. if bmws were maintained well do you think bmws could become reliable?

  28. scotty many kudos on the story about using lucas oil additive almost ruined an engine as i always maintained oldschool motors your right it will ruin a modern engine after watching your show took that thick stuff out of a sick motor put back the thin stuff and boom . thanx for great imfo

  29. Your talk about a trans switch reminds me of how dumb I was years ago. I had a Ford convertible… 1961. I got the idea that I needed to replace the auto trans with a manual shift on the floor. My auto would not go into reverse…torque converter? Well, drove my Ford from S.C. to Baltimore, Md. It was a complete pile of crap with the changeover. Would not shift.Made me laugh hearing you talk about this.

  30. I know it's hard to believe, but some people buy cars for fun and don't particularly care about how "reliable" or "practical" they are.
    I'm a MINI owner and I would rather deal with the expensive parts than drive a boring Toyota any day of the week.
    Not that I've even had to. I've owned my 2006 MINI Cooper S for 2 years and put 30,000 miles on it.
    It currently has 186,000 miles and the only thing that I've had to replace was the alternator and the control arm bushings.

  31. scotty there are more donkeys around us than you can count for e.g how can some one who never when to school learn to spell or hold a pen or express the meaning of the word that is not spell right WRITE THE BIBLE OR QURAN

  32. Scotty if you are ordering a steak which steak is the best in your opinion….🤔? If you know steak as well as you know cars I'm gonna say bone in ribeye…..🤔

  33. Watched one of your videos the other day and you had a battery/alternator tester and now I can’t find the video.
    Can you tell me the video or the model number of the device you used

    Thanx from the left coast near the Krapitol of California

  34. Never sell a car and Never sell a house to a friend or relative unless that friend is a professional mechanic/ car dealer or if its a house unless he is a real estate professional

  35. I agree with Scotty about the Mini.Avoid them! I worked in the car trade for many years and we rarely trade them in as we know it's junk ourselves.We send them straight to the auction lol

  36. Scotty: Is it OK to drive a convertible in the winter at the North Pole. Thanks in advance for your answer. Santa Claus.

  37. I watch my freinds rebuild cars to as new standard then buy it off them at there low points in life, had some great bargains much better than celica

  38. A headgasket job for a mercedes w202 kompressor is just 200$ here in lebanon but again like u said, you got to drive what everybody drives and the place is full of mercs😂

  39. @scotty Kilmer, I gotta 2011 Hyundai Accent 137k miles. The last 2 years I had to replace the coils. Why do the coils keep going bad and misfiring?

  40. Some of these questions are mind boggling….. putting a manual in a nissan xterra? Wtf are you thinking. Some people shouldn't be allowed to own a vehicle

  41. You people who try to be funny with your comments should never consider quitting your day jobs. The vast majority of these comments (99.9%) are not funny or clever. Please stop. You guys are lame.

  42. You talked about convertibles, can you talk about convertibles with the new roll system. Please put in about older systems.

  43. One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to sell a car with over 100,000 miles on it. The value drops significantly when the mileage is over 100,000 because 80% of people have to BORROW MONEY to buy a car and the lenders will not loan you money to buy a car with over 100,000 miles, So if it has 110,000 miles you may as well drive it until it dies. When you trade in a car with 110,000 miles and accept the ridiculously low amount the dealer offers that car gets sold at the wholesale auction to a used car dealer who markets it to the "Your job is your credit" crowd who make weekly payments at 18% interest rates.

  44. Long time ago went to check out volvo for sale. Check oil, there is no oil. Ask owner, he says: it drives fine my wife drives it every day 🙂 xaxaxa I can not believe how many ignorant car owners are out there, watch out

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