Subaru ECU swap car don’t start and wrong vin

Subaru ECU swap car don’t start and wrong vin

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  1. u can clone ecu also vin swapping is not posible to rewrite threw subaru there tool will only reprogram a vin to a new ecu so u whould need to remove vin section in rom entirely in order for subaru to program a vin with there tools 😛

  2. Thanks for this video.
    I bought a 2013 manual crosstrek from copart with the blade part of the key (no fob) and the delership is reluctant to cut me a key. I bought an ECU from a 2014 automatic crosstrek, and it did not work. Is the problem the difference in transmission or is it the difference in vin as you have described?
    Thank you in advance

  3. Ok. So I just installed a new ECU in my 03 wrx. The original one was a 7E and the new one is a V2. I've been having a lot of trouble trying to get it to start. It will after a couple tries. But it's really choppy at first idle.
    ???any advice???

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