Subaru EyeSight Driver Assist Technology | New Car Technology | Autotrader

Subaru EyeSight Driver Assist Technology | New Car Technology | Autotrader

Subaru was one of the safest vehicles on the road right now But the automaker has really raised the bar with his latest tech Here’s what you need to know about Subarus eyesight driver assist technology It’s essentially a system that provides another set of eyes on the road and should you need it? Hands on the wheel and a foot on the brake The system relies on dual cameras mounted on either side of the rear-view mirror they scan the road for potential danger Then the system alerts and assists you in a variety of ways If you spend a lot of time and stop-and-go traffic or on the highway you’ll really appreciate Adaptive cruise control you set the distance You’d like to keep between you and the car ahead of you the system, then monitors the movements of other cars Then automatically adjust to keep a safe distance and If you veer from your path Lane keep assist and sway warning will alert you with a flashing light on the dash and a beep Also, the system will gently correct your steering and bring you back into your Lane Eyesight’s pre-collision braking and throttle management is equally impressive for braking It scans and analyzes the distance ahead to determine if your closing speed is too dangerous If it is it’ll flash and sound an alert then eyesight will apply the brakes automatically if you don’t The system will also ease up on the gas automatically if you don’t see the car ahead in that case eyesight Helps limit the force of impact as well as damage to the car if an accident is unavoidable Another great feature is say. You’re sitting at a stoplight and the car ahead of you pulls away But you didn’t notice the car will beep to let you know One thing we don’t like eyesight can’t turn us off off during heavy rain or snow and it occasionally gives false warnings overall we found Subarus eyesight to be smooth and easy to use And feel like most shoppers would gladly pay a little extra for this kind of peace of mind

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  1. So…exactly the same tech that every other manufacturer is offering and in many cases have been offering for 5 years. Way to go Subaru!

  2. I just got a 2018 Forester Premium with Eyesight…this technology is amazing. Last night I had the first real opportunity to test out the adaptive cruise control – I drove home from the Tampa airport via I-4 – I used the adaptive cruise all the way home on the interstate – it worked flawlessly and kept me at a safe distance the entire time including slowing down to almost a stop a couple of times when traffic backed up then resuming to my set speed when the lane was clear – it even immediately adjusted when someone cut in front of me in my lane and then when they moved out again, it resumed back to the set speed….just amazing. The blind spot monitoring and the lane keep assist also worked very well….I only wish the blind spot monitoring system had an audible signal instead of only the light in the mirror but you get used to it quickly….all in all, I would not want to drive a car without this now that I have it….

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