Subaru Recalls 400,000 Cars, Here’s What Happened

Subaru Recalls 400,000 Cars, Here’s What Happened

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about hundreds of thousands of cars that Subaru has recalled, yes over the years
Subarus have had problems with head gaskets because of that boxer design,
automatic transmission failures lots of things, but these are actual recalls
that they have to recall the cars to get them fixed, Subaru has to recall 400,000
of their vehicles because they put bad valve springs in the engine heads, so on
these four hundred thousand vehicles Subaru has to replace all the valve
Springs, well you got to tear the whole engine apart there, and that is like a
12-hour labor job, according to Subarus own statistics, this is going to cost
Subaru 434 million dollars in profit that they’re gonna have to throw back to
fix these things, but there’s even a catch on that, I have seen people have
these subaru engines taken in put all new valve springs in, 12 hour job taking
the engine apart and putting it together and then within a few months the engines
blow up while they’re going down the road and of course the subaru dealers
try to say, oh there’s something else wrong with it come on now they took the
engine apart put it back together for 12 hours, they obviously didn’t do a very
good job and here’s a reason that this will often
happen these days, because here’s how warranty work works at a dealership, I’m
showing you all parts are replacing the car, in this case it says one point six
hours is standard for doing this particular job, but look at this
manufacturers warranty 1.2 hours, they pay less to the mechanics who
are doing warranty work, this information comes from all data its information
system that everyone uses to decide how much to charge for a job, so let’s face it,
this is the last thing you want done when someone is rebuilding your engine,
it’s a very intricate process things have to be done perfectly to within a
thousandth of an inch or even less, you don’t want a guy who’s like, I’m getting
paid less than I normally get paid so I’m going to rush through this job as
fast as I can of course they’re gonna screw up when
they do some of these jobs, and then engines are gonna blow up, you know it’s
just stupid to pay people less to do engine work,
okay if their doing something simple like changing the fan belts, or you know
putting brake pads on, but not rebuilding an engine and unfortunately this recall
also includes those Toyota 86s, because as I’ve talked about before the Toyota
86 s have subaru engines in them Toyota doesn’t make them, I think it’s a
mistake when one company uses another company’s engines, then it makes them
look bad because their cars have to be recalled because the people they’re
buying the engine from didn’t make them right in the first place, and it’s not
like Subaru hasn’t had engine problems in the past, everybody knows they have a
tendency to blow head gasket, why toyota decided to use subaru engines,
that’s one behind me but I guess it’s some deal they got going back in Japan, and
this recall also includes some of the Scion fr-s, of course Scion they
don’t exist anymore it was just Toyota trying a different name, but then again
they were putting these Subaru engines in there, if you ask me big mistake
Toyota now we’re talking Subaru and recalls,
well a bunch of the Subarus are under that Takata airbag recall now you can’t
really blame Subaru on that but they’re not getting very good luck because as of
January 2018 only twenty-nine point five percent of these airbag recalls had
actually been performed by Subaru, the Legacy and Outback 49 thousand of them were
recalled because of an improperly machined steering column that could
result in loss of steering control, that is really serious stuff and that same
year 592 thousand outbacks and legacies are recalled because the plastic cap
that covers the windshield wiper might melt and you lose your wipers, be great
you’re going down the road it’s raining like made and you got your wipers on, then
it melts and they stop, I mean these guys
have quality control problems there’s no arguing that, back in 2014 they recalled
over 600,000 vehicles because their brake lines were improperly built, and if
they get contact with saltwater or salt water vapor that can go bad, you know
we’re talking about a company that has a history of problems, now historically
this wasn’t always the case with Subaru, I’ve got a customer who’s moving away
from Houston now, but 30-something years ago he was nuts about his Subaru, he had
moved to Texas from up north and he loved the
four-wheel drive aspect, and he had an early one that was a four-cylinder it
was a standard transmission all-wheel drive, and he loved the vehicle, then he
moved away again out of Houston and I didn’t see the guy for like 20 years and he
came back here cuz he said, hey I’ve got a house inMaine and I’m gonna be living up
there for a while, check out my toyota for the trip, and I said hey I thought you
were a Subaru man, he said yeah the last Subaru I had was really great but he said
after that they started to make junk and I went to Toyota haha it’s just a
private individual happened to be more or less a scientist and he really
analyzed stuff all the time, and he gave up with Subaru long time ago, he really
loved that early Subaru that he had but hey, he realized Toyota’s were a ton
better, cuz really Subarus started as kind of a fringe company, they made a
certain amount of cars not all that many, people like them that lived in the
mountains and went skiing cuz they were all wheel drive, but then when they
started to ramp up production and sell more cars, hey they made a lot of
mistakes, and as I said hey I feel Toyota made a mistake using these Subaru
engines and some of their cars, the company with a history of problems why
would you want to deal with that when your Toyota and you make great cars that
don’t have engine problems, why would you put
engines from another manufacturer with a history of engine problems in your cars,
it’s gonna water down your brand, cuz at least for me if I bought a car and the
engine had problems had to bring it under warranty then take it all apart
put it back together again, I would never buy another one of those period, Subaru
is recalling 1.3 million yes million cars in the United States, because your
perfume may affect your car adversely I’m not making this up, it turns out that
perfume certain fabric softeners and other aromas contain a silicone that can
wreck the brake light switch on these cars,
somehow the silicone that’s in these aromas can attract to the contact switch
on your brake switch on your pedal, cause it to corrode and then the brake lights
don’t work and of course that’s dangerous as can be at
highway speeds, if your brake lights don’t come on when you’re stepping the brakes,
some guy behind you going 75 might slam right into you
so they had to recall 1.3 million car for this
and the weirdest thing is, the silicone gases only affect some models and not
others, Subaru doesn’t comment on it but that
makes it even weirder, I mean let’s face it if the perfume someone’s wearing
affects the electronics on the car, that kind of make you wonder about who’s
making these things, and valve-spring problems in an engine, when I was a young
mechanic yeah engines would wear out and have valve spring problems because the
metallurgy wasn’t as good, but today the metallurgy is excellent they have much
better metals, they know how to make valve springs better, having a
failure on something like that, that’s inexcusable as far as I’m concerned, so
now you know the truth about a bunch of Subaru recalls, and why I’d say stay away
from Subaru, because it’s a competitive world out there, there’s plenty of good
products out there, why buy a bad one when you have a choice of much better
ones, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos
remember to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Thnxxx scotty for such a crucial information…pple wonna hate but thu truth will always set you free

  3. We all know Subaru’s aren’t the most reliable or even the best looking cars so why is the subie tax a thing???

  4. I had two recalls with my 2013 Honda Accord–neither for airbag issues.  Just after the warranty ran out, the starter went–Honda refused to replace on their dime.  I learned on the forums that Honda knew that their starters were bad, but also knew the starters would survive to the end of the warranty period.  Hence no recall.

  5. Does Subaru pay off Consumer Reports to get the highest rating on CR's Brand Ratings?  See Page 18-19 of CR's 2019 Auto Issue.

  6. I own a 2005 Outback with 195,000 miles and never have had a problem with it… except I had to replace the engine back in March. I once was a Honda fan until I had transmission problems on both Accord and the Civic; they were both 2003s. I want to buy the 2020 Outback but I am highly satisfied with my 05 Outback by hoping to keep her longer.

  7. Subaru head gasket failure rates were much higher 15 years ago when they made those cork ones. They redesigned it all a little bit and now it isn't much of an issue.

  8. Hey Scotty! Just picked up my 2013 Subaru Crosstrek (after more than two weeks!) from dealer where they performed the coil spring recall.
    I’m worried the dealer didn’t actually complete the job or only did a partial job on it. I was told the car had oil change & coolant fluid (free as part of recall)…once at home, pulled hood open to notice the same oil filter I had installed (with my own writing) from last oil change, then I noticed the coolant fluid looked old (I know, this one could or could not be new). I also found there’s an open pipe on the intake manifold, looks like they forgot to plug a vacuum hose into it. There’s also a large screw laying on the top of the motor….yikes!!
    I have contacted Subaru to express my concerns, now waiting to be contacted back.
    I’ve owned this car since new and has been great (now has 79k miles on it), I’m hoping Subaru makes the dealership do job correctly next time around.

  9. The valve spring issue came from a mix of test springs in with the production springs. (Work for Subaru)

  10. I feel bad for everyone who bought these FRS/BRZ cars, riced them out from the start, voiding their warranty.

  11. If Toyota is so good then why do they have a class action lawsuit filed against them here in Aus for faulty DPF's and complete failure to fix the issue. Every brand had their faults.

  12. I bought a 2003 Baja new and the only recall I've ever gotten from Subaru was on the air bag. The only items I've had to go bad were the inner CV joint boot and O2 sensor. 83,000 miles and still no head gasket leaks. Best car I've ever owned!

  13. I like your videos, but I don't agree with you on avoiding Subaru vehicles, they are good vehicles, I have had 3 Celicas (92, 96, 01) and a Matrix, then I bought a Subaru Forester, then a Tribeca and now have another Forester, those are GREAT vehicles..

  14. Finally, a good honest opinion on Subaru. I had a outback and it had 2 head gaskets replaced within 20,000 miles. It was very $$. The 2.5 boxer engine is shoddy in my opinion.
    Subaru should have dealt with this major issue a long time ago but they ignored the problem. Now they have many other recalls for other shoddy issues. I will never EVER buy a Subaru again.

  15. Ah Subaru….

    I sold new and preowned Subaru’s from 2006 to 2009.

    Owned an ‘09 WRX & ‘14 Impreza hatchback.

    Love the AWD and power from the WRX.

    Very safe vehicles for their size.

    Our 14 Impreza had a timing chain instead of belt.

    New design caused engine to use lots and lots of oil. And it was synthetic oil!!! $$$$

    Subaru said this is “normal”.

    I agree with you Scotty.

    Stay away from Subaru.

    If you must drive one. Lease it!!!

    And return it after the factory warranty expires!!!

    Thanks Scotty!

  16. Okay Scotty I got a question of a 2002 Forester it it's not I'm not sure if it's burning oil or or something but it's not contaminated in the dipstick at all

  17. if a company wants to save money on recalls for poor quality, why dont they just build it right in the first place with quality.

  18. My mother bought an Outback. She bought it new. She hoped it would be last car. It was. Despite her being "out of range" warranty, Subaru did help out with the head gasket issue.

  19. To be fair, all automobile manufacturers have recalls. Cars are complicated machines made up from thousands of parts. It is not possible to keep perfect track of all that all of the time. Honorable manufacturers will work diligently to resolve recalls. I trust Subaru is most honorable. If their recall service fails, they will resolve. My Chevy HHR has all kinds of issues. All recalls are "closed" for that car. So must deal with the defects on my own now ….or get rid of it. Lately it is a defective steering wheel lock housing.

  20. I have a 2003 Subaru Outback with 154K – I bought it off a "Social Worker" Lady 8 eight years ago for $1500 (it had 115K). She drove it everyday to work & had it serviced at the Subaru Dealer. She wanted $2,000 but she came down on the price. I gave it a good tune up & and at 138K – I had the Subaru Dealer do the Head Gasket Job (around $1350). I've done some normal stuff to maintain it but it still runs good. Recently I changed the Coil Pack & Wires, the Air Filter, Battery, The Cabin Air Filter along with some Paint/ Body Work but I did the work myself thanks to watching Videos from guys like Scotty!…

  21. Got my recall done 2k km after bearing whent out snapped a rod and they are claiming that it's a lack of oil and that is because my oil pump died 1😭

  22. Subarus last if you do good maintenance and know what to check. You also don't want to baby them except when they're cold. The motors like being driven hard. Just make sure your coolant system is clean with good synthetic coolant and the proper synthetic motor oil. Throw some NGK plugs in it with their blue wires and it'll run better than ever. In New England a better used reliable car doesn't exist. In my experience they are the best car all around for any purpose. You can move your whole house with one of these cars with like 3 trips. Even if you have a cabin out in the middle of the boonies your Subaru will always get you there no matter how bad the terrain. A Toyota car and most awd's would never be able to do what a Subaru is capable of. Their awd system is truly amazing. Once you have a good Suby you'll never enjoy another car as much as your Suby.

  23. I could be wrong but these mergers might be caused by the globalization agenda of linking everything together. Why on earth Toyota would ruin the Supra's reputation by using BMW parts?

  24. Bull ford recalled and painted trucks in the 80 s . Look at every dodge van and truck ever . Peeled paint . Dodge is junk

  25. My son Subaru blew head gasket cost him 4000, was still making payments ,, a friend of mine 2013 blew transmission . Don’t buy them. It’s clear they have issues head gaskets and trans

  26. my only beef about Toyota is that the person that designs their looks needs to be fired, they have no personality other than their sporty cars like the celieca, supra, mr2, all the rest look like appliances and just very bland boring looking.

  27. I was checking out those issues with the brz/86 engine blowing after the spring repair. Apparently Toyota people use too much sealant in that spring repair and it’s only those 86s that have blown.

  28. Subaru is far better than toyotas. Most the parts last longer and cost less "except for the body parts" and everything is made in japan unlike most JP makers.

  29. I've had my 2016 for 4 months. (17K miles CPO) Last month it died on me at a stoplight. Took it in. They said they couldn't recreate it and couldn't find anything wrong. ?? I'm really concerned…don't want to drive it. Not sure what to do

  30. My nabore just baught a brand new Outback after only 2 week's of driving local in the area engine gave out had to get it towed to the dealer they just making crap these day's🐺

  31. So many vehicals in the world so much to choose from but i still would never buy a Subaru i think there boring and ugly but each to his or her own🐍

  32. Hey Scotty, the recall affected frs,brz and gt86 made in 2012 – 2013

    Can we trust 2014 – now engine won't have the same issue or is it just too costly for them to recall all at the same time and shall we expect this to come soon for recent ones?

  33. Is this man somewhat dim? What is with all the hand gestures? Why does Consumer Reports recommen more Subaru models than Toyota or Lexus? Why does Subaru have a higher resale value than Toy or Lexus? Or why does Subaru build more 5 star cars for safety that any
    Other maker? What is really junk here is this grease monkey talking about a car he probably fixes few off, or can not afford to buy? I just bought my 5th Subaru. A 2020 STI. As for recalls Toyota as the no 1 recalls of any maker. Greasy monkey, please conduct higher scholarly research before a video.

  34. Valve springs today last longer in part because the engine management system has a multi stage rpm limiter. Usually it’s around 4000 rpm in park or neutral and at redline in gear. This keeps the engine from floating the valves when there safe rpm is exceeded. This greatly extends the life in vehicles that are abused

  35. So…we gonna act like subaru is a trash company when GM is still making vehicles? Dealer told my wife "there's an electrical problem with all the Terrains, but we don't know how to fix it so we didn't recall them." REALLY??

  36. Lol, is it really that much of a problem?

    So the manufacturer a knowledges there is an issue and will fix it under warranty.

    Rather that than a manufacturer denying any issue exists.

    Infact Scooby doo recalling cars could be seen as a positive thing really.

  37. The breaks on my impreza suck horribly. Pluss I loose my breaking power under heavy pressure and poor road conditions. The system sucks. Abs, traction control or is it a part of the "brake light switch" recall. (If the switch is connected to the abs/traction control.
    Also my ac compressor turns on and off while my heat/ac is turned off.
    The rust…. all the rust.. its only 4 years old.
    Now I am hearing a clunky axle or bearings…

  38. Toyota (Scotty bias favourite brand) use Subaru engines , tells you something does it not. Sorry Scotty I love your channel but sometimes I think your biases undermine your credibility

  39. My 2013 frs got a lifter valve recall back in march and it makes a ticking noise when I rev it up, cold start makes a ugly noise until it warms up

  40. Our '14 Impreza had a periodic hard shift from park and traction/stability control fault. Took in for brake light switch recall and hasn't happened since in 10k miles. Only issue it's ever had 116k miles now.

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