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  1. I have watched two Big fights, Ronda was strong , won easily vs Alexa .
    Roman was great .
    Both Ronda and Roman deserve their titel in SummerSlam slam to be the Women Champion ship for Ronda and the Universal champion shop for Roman .
    Congratulations !!!!!.

  2. تغطية لكل شي ما عدا المباريات المهمة وساعتين فشل ذريع ونصب علي الناس

  3. Like alguém 2019? Br? Parece que quando coloca br ninguém escreve ou fala sla sksk q tá em 2019 ksks principalmene ks gringos

  4. Dil change ho lariat chains aho yarusiya
    Austraiia as Lakers America
    Made in India. Made in China
    Dil Chase jo kariya Australia se Lakers amrica

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