Sun Seeker Fat Tad Electric Trike Video Review – Fat Tire, Full Suspension, Recumbent Ebike

Sun Seeker Fat Tad Electric Trike Video Review – Fat Tire, Full Suspension, Recumbent Ebike

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  1. Good thorough understandable review, and pleasant presentation. Wondered about the chain; it seemed to be bouncing very low to the ground in the rear when trike's underway. It seems hazardous for the bike and that it could use protection.

  2. The little post that is cut off right above the rear shock… if that were extended in a swooped out, flowing line towards the rear… that would be the place to mount the battery and rack mounts. Not on the suspension arm.

  3. The bike as tested is a very niche product at a relatively high price. But, if you get rid of all the pedal related hardware (pedals, crank, chainwheel, chains, idler pulley, derailleur, shifting cables etc – which are all maintenance headaches), move the battery pack and ESC under the seat, and replace the rack with a simple cargo basket behind the seat, you would end up with a very nice urban etrike at a reasonable price. Etrikes with a speed limiter can be used on bicycle lanes. A simple and lightweight weather protective enclosure (something like this: ) option would be wonderful for wet weather and extend the utility of the etrike. Keep it simple, low maintenance, and affordable, and you could sell thousands!

  4. That phone holder is so far from the rider. Does the design include the phone phoning in the the display? Really, to drive this bike at 20 mph, and have to look four feet out, on a moving target with the screen in motion – wiggle and bounce – for your vision to grab onto a moving target is goofy.

  5. I can buy a damned nice used motorcycle for $2500, or even a decent older used truck or car… why would I pay that for a crappy bicycle? I don't see the carbon fiber, or anything that would drive the price that high. My last bicycle was $25 used from Goodwill, and I only bought it because the price was too good to pass up, and I needed a cheap bike to put a motor kit on… It works just fine, and will be even better once I put the motor kit on it. Hell, even my Cannondale was well under $1000.

    I can see paying top dollar for a top of the line brand, with carbon fiber frame, etc if that is your thing… this trike ain't that level of quality, design, or materials. I agree with the other comments that the chain design sucks, and it would be much better with a frame mounted motor using the chain to drive the wheel allowing at least the rear gear set to be taken advantage of. The factory tire rubs the factory seat when you turn the wheel… how is this a $2500 bike? Also, I would put the screen where it could be put into the frame between your legs once you got on the bike, or at least extend toward the rider on a stalk… It looks to be too far away to be seen well, or used if it has any touch screen features.

    I don't understand why people are hammering this dude on his review. It could have been a bit shorter, but it was pretty thorough – it takes time to go over all the features, and he does a good job of telling about his experience actually using the bike.

  6. Cort to add to your review I did inquire about the Fat Tad & it is able to be fitted with standard width hybrid tires as well those fats at 4 inches wide really do make a lot of noise on a hard surface like the bitumen roads I have them on my trike just something to think about. All round a great review covers all the facts the ride at the end is a bonus

  7. I'm in love with this bike👏👏❤❤😍😍, I live in Brazil and I want to know if the store makes international sales

  8. FFS.. I like how informational this is. But get out of the road. You can stand on the other wise of the bike, and not force people to navigate around you. Seems like a typical bike nerd thing to do… to just stand there in people's way on the road.

  9. I had a peddle-only tad. The one problem was that quick stops would cause the rear end to flip up. With added weight from the battery and a pannier mounted in the rear, I doubt that would occur with quick stops.

  10. Awesome review. I'm building an electric trike with this electric wheel. Thanks for the ideas.

  11. I just bought an electric bike … I'm 7 miles from Neshaminy State park … will have to go visit. Thanks for the video

  12. This video’s a couple years old and the trike in question has gone up to about $3200, but I need this machine.

  13. Nhìn ngầu đấy, rất ok khi chạy ở nước ngoài, nhưng chạy ở việt nam thì sẽ bị nghĩ là tàn tật 😂

  14. This is a neat trike, but i would want to peddle it and not be on a moped. I need the exercise more than driving it.

  15. Hey really like this recumbant. I'm wondering about getting one shipped to Australia? Cost and everything.

    Oh yeah should add excellenct reveiw by the way you have a really good style of reviewing and going through details.

  16. that was awesome the only reason i didnt get a recumbent was the gay ass shitty steering or scuisidal stearing sideways i didnt like but that looks almost normal mtb steering how is it to steer? also hope do a duel hydraulid braking system opperated by 1 leever so why didnt they use that? v-twin i think its called 2 -4 pots. and is there upgrades? i would like a bit more suspension on the front.

  17. Lol my fatbike cost £200 n never had to change or pump up the tyres in 3 years but I sold it as there stupidly heavy to peddle even with seven gears

  18. Dude, 19:20 talking will not help you get good reviews… I lost my patience after 3 min and that's more than most people.. just talk while riding this thing moving around. Keep at it I'm sure you have much more value to give with 122K subscribers 🙂

  19. Cattrike are the only tadpoles I recommend. Besides having the most models they also have the best support..which EVERYBODY is going to need.

  20. How can you not balance on this type of bike. There is no way to tip it over, you sir your butt down and hold the handles.
    I want speed, you have the option to go as slow as you want but there needs to be sped and power, just like a motorcycle I can go 130+ mph if I want or go 30mph.

  21. I have balance issues and would still be yelling FASTER! Takes more than a brain tumor and stroke to kill the need for speed.

  22. Are you trans? Not trying to be offensive or anything but you sound like a transgender person, and that's cool if you are.

  23. Too bad bike companies like these don’t offer shell covers similar to the ELF

    That would be a great add on to these bikes.

  24. This is cool.
    I got a 212cc engine on a kent alameda trike, goes 42Mph, and is a lot of fun.

    I think strapping my engine to one of these would be just as fun

  25. жесть! Он проехал 10 км.а колеса чистые как будто он из магазина еще его не выкатил…как это так?

  26. I'm really glad I found this channel. Great reviews and fantastic personalities. I have mild cerebral palsy and have been through my fair share of Trikes. I'm hoping to get a Fat Tire eTrike in the near future. Been focusing on the Electric Mid-Drive Fat Trike. Might take awhile but I really want to make it happen.

  27. where are the mudgaurds? those hand grips will be complete covered in muck?? also looks a bit flimsly needs some more brace work

  28. it looks fast and fun but a bit dangerous on the road, the chains should have cover so it won't caught any of your stuffs, clothes of skin.

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