Super Cars in Dubai

Super Cars in Dubai

Sometimes you get so much bored that you can not figure out what to do and what not to do… Anyways Aunty was looking at me Greetings So the story is that today my baby my big love Going to her parents place For a week But.. sister in law has arrived at my place to stay and sister in law is the half… You know As she is the guest so cinematic scene is a must we are going to sharjah to see a new car and the name of the car i will tell you when we will reach there Ahh.. He is the most expensive photographer of UAE and for a single picture atleast he take 600 AED and.. if someday he took your picture on the road So its your fault.. i don’t have anything to loose This is Faisal I know him since 2008 and he works in Government of Ras Al Khaimah mentioning about the Government was important because he likes to hear this way And this is Fahad I met him when i came to UAE They are my very close friends But still they wont be appearing in my vlogs frequently because to go to the place they live doesn’t only requires a lot of petrol.. but a lot of strength also… So right now we are at Sharjah Auto Village and we are looking for a Dodge Challenger Someone suggested us that here is a showroom named “Kandy Cars” and they have a variety of good Mustang, Challenger & Charger So we are already here at “Kandy Cars” and lets see what they have as we were roaming around in the Zoo of Mustang.. and suddenly we found a Weird Animal Bro.. they have a lot of stock you can’t imagine.. there are never ending rows of cars So we decided to go for a cup of tea and we planned to go to “Filli” at Jumeirah and here we found out.. A good artist So guys the scene is that we got a new setup our new mic has arrived as you can see in the mirror I have bought a new mic Expense bro Expense

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