oh yeah another awesome day the Carl and
Jinger house. Liz what’s going on what are you working on oh yeah get ready
this is about to post a vlog and of course Carter’s not here right now he’s
actually out going to get food so he can snack later today
but me Jinger and Luke are gonna go outside we’re gonna go do something to
cool the awesome we’re gonna get a really fun toy for today I’m super
excited for this it’s gonna be so much fun oh it’s such a nice day out too well
the sun is shining the wind is blowing it feels so good okay over the car
thought okay let’s go let’s go let’s go I’m ready to get this thing let’s go
what’s going on let’s do it all right we are here thanks for the ride ginger
Luke’s gonna help me pick out a cool color
yeah Sharers they don’t to this I don’t want to show you just yet what we’re
getting but it’s really really really cool a few moments later okay we filled
out all the paperwork we got the keys this is gonna be awesome
Luke’s excited and guess what we’re gonna even surprise Carter with this you
think cars gonna be something surprise yeah I’ve never been in one of these
have you okay sure these things are really really fun I love doing this and
every time we come to visit Luke and Carl and ginger and the whole family we
always get one of these things they’re so much fun and today I’m we’re gonna
drive it home we’re gonna surprise Carter with it it’s gonna be totally
epic all right let’s hop in this thing you ready yes let’s do it oh yeah hop on
in isn’t it awesome yeah all right buckle
up we’re about to go fast oh yeah buckled ready to go yeah I’m
totally ready let’s do this here we go whoo and we made it back oh yeah wow
that was one fun crazy right okay let’s go inside let’s get carded let’s get Liz
let’s see what everyone thinks of this thing okay time to go in surprise Carter
okay I don’t know her quarters that’s good check oh yeah sure is get
ready for tomorrow’s vlog check this thing out Carter Oh Carter there you are
what do you up to oh yeah I got something cool would you get
check out this key whoa how cool is that you see that I’ve probably never seen a
key like that have you know never seen a key like that that is a weird-looking
key isn’t that weird looks like a flux capacitor flux capacitor well quarter
that key actually goes to something that is gonna cause a lot of fun and a lot of
epicness for one day really one day for a key this is a key to fun a success
it’s a key to fun and success okay what is it good in what come outside I’ll
show you okay where is it this way okay this way oh actually what a key like
this would even go to I’ll give you a hint we’ve used it before last time we
came to Utah really like a dirt bike kind of it’s like an ATV it’s like
cooler than all that it’s like really cool check it out there it is whoa oh my
gosh is this the Polaris slingshot looks so awesome look at this the back wheel is insane looks
like the key matches the we look at that oh you’re right it look how big the back
wheel is it’s in totally insane so it’s got one epic wheel in the back it’s
driven by this awesome belt here it’s look how awesome doesn’t that just look
so cool just from the back yeah I think that surprised yeah we got this awesome
YouTube red I love it check it out oh yeah look how monstrous this thing is
it’s so big it just looks insane doesn’t it yeah this thing is super awesome it’s
so cool and in the seats are red as well everything’s just red and black it looks
so good let’s go for a drive chairs it’s been a
while since Carter drove this thing let’s see the story members so well
yeah you sit way down in here right to the bus sink in
so shares this thing is actually stick shift you have to shift gears so what
you do card is you turn the key and those things the gages move up and down
there the start it you press that yeah you three two one oh and look at IVA has
a reverse camera Oh what I know the emergency brakes on take the brake off
okay we’re about to be backing up one second we got to open the gate all right
opening gate number one opening gate number two all right Carter go ahead
rack it up yeah careful don’t don’t hit the gate hang on reposition there we go
oh my gosh this thing just looks insane look at that thing all right bring it
back bring it back bring it back out the gate let’s go let’s go
sheriff’s cars gonna get crazy on this thing he knows how to make this thing do
burnouts and crazy stuff he is a pro at driving this thing it’s gonna be a wild
ride so get ready for this all right keep going Carter you got it keep it
going keep it going you’re clear there you go all right
let’s get this thing on the road let’s start doing some tricks
oh no a quarter left without me he’s going crazy already
Carter uh-oh Sharers he’s warming up he is warming up
I don’t know what he’s about to do but he’s warming up oh my goodness look at
that thing go whoa whoa I couldn’t wait for you see
this thing is so fun, this thing is crazy it’s so fast
okay I’m popping in let’s do this buckle up for safety this could be a wild ride
buckled up let’s do this wow this thing is crazy my hair is just
flying straight back I don’t think but there is a dirt road over there we
should try it yeah turn in there there’s a dirt road
oh it’s blocked off they don’t want anyone going you’re gonna try to go by I
don’t think you’re gonna fit well this thing off-road don’t even know you ready if it gets stuck we’re gonna be in
trouble don’t get stuck oh my goodness Corner
don’t don’t get stuck do not get stuck it’s totally working for now oh my
goodness I don’t think I don’t think this thing’s made to offroad this is
made for street use only you’re in the middle of the desert Carter don’t get
stuck oh my gosh Carter is definitely not made offroad it barely has any
clearance oh my goodness let’s keep going
keep it going what was that Oh careful don’t get stuck let’s make it
out of here oh dear be careful Carter yeah we should probably just try to get
out of here before we get stuck I don’t think these things are made to off-road
Carter be careful be careful I don’t know what’s up there rattlesnakes there
could be a big I don’t know Carter I probably wouldn’t go that far
Carter uh yeah we don’t want to break this thing oh my gosh there’s like
something hanging on underneath like he ran over some type of plan whoa whoa it
worked yeah I don’t think it’s made for
off-roading but it works oh and I just realized it’s time we got to get back
home sure is we have another epic thing to go to today Carter let’s go we got to
get home I just realize we have an insane I don’t even want to tell you
this give you so much fun let’s go we got to get out of here card we gotta get
back home yeah okay ah Carter whoa whoa what was that I
think you made a skid mark right there it smells like burnt rubber what
happened I told you lost control and then I almost hit the car that was bad
yeah this thing is super fasty I’m getting in Carter remember we still have
that thing to go to that special event what special event car did that oh yeah
I can’t wait oh we gotta get home for that all right all right let’s make it
home see this thing is awesome with an
awesome surprise this is one of the best present ever
yeah I love these things Oh oh my gosh Kota our hair sure is ready screenshot
this our hair Oh let’s get inside we gotta grab a few
things that we got to get to that awesome event that we’re going yeah this
events gonna be super awesome you gotta check out on my channel hint hint hint
backflips dirt bikes it’s gonna be epic he asked could be like the best day ever
oh hey Kyle what’s going on what are you playing for tonight oh yeah what’s going
on gage just snacking no riding off to Nitro Circus it’s gonna be so much fun
I’m gonna take gage for a ride whoa do this Nitro Circus here we come yeah we are we’re really do Nitro Circus
this is gonna be crazy I’ve never been to a dangerous circus before I’ve heard
about it Paula Travis was trying for years this is gonna be crazy
we got the whole Carl and ginger family with us Carter Liz everybody’s here
everybody’s here we’re ready to do Nitro Circus this is gonna be crazy
those are the chumps oh they look so good they look huge what I think Travis
is if I want I can try my backflip on the jump there what oh look at this oh
yeah definitely Liz definitely Liz Liz got a new dirt bike and she’s learning
to drive it says she’s definitely ready to take take it on this joke maybe like
a few backflips sure is it’s just so cool around Nitro Circus check out the
line it looks totally awesome we’re all ready to go we got the Nitro Circus tent
over there I’m so excited card we’re gonna go
backstage I know we got the VIP access let’s get back it’s so cool what’s up
sharers we got some chairs here as well what are you guys’s names
Trevin what’s your name you want to give a shout-out you want to give a shout-out
to TJ boy we are a backstage officially right now check this out we got a bunch
of ramps all over totally huge even more jumps over here while this place is
gonna be crazy I can’t wait for the show to start and sharers we’re all here
because it is Luke’s birthday oh yeah some major shout out to Luke everyone
smash that like button for Luke oh yeah happy birthday loo look at this jump
it’s got a little kicker at the end oh I’m gonna go off that I’m gonna back
about that it’s it’s not higher anything sharers this is amazing we’re now
backstage we’re seeing all the dirt bikes there’s so many turqu bikes that
are gonna be flipping today we even have a snowmobile that’s gonna be flippin a
special dirt bike there this is going to be crazy we even have these awesomely
tricked-out dirt bike here check this thing out it’s got like a bar roll cage
around it we got an awesome souped-up power wheels a moped and some other cool
bikes down there this might be the awesomest show we’ve ever been to
Sharon that shows about to start Carter’s gonna film the rest make sure
to check out Carter and Carl’s videos it’s gonna be totally epic here we go!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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