Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil – Which Type For Your Car Engine

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to talk about what oil you should use in your
car, now I’ve been working on cars for the last 50 years, things have changed both
in terms of oil and the engines they go in, so I’ll give you the skinny on what
you need to know, now check your oil cap, even though this car is 24 years old, it
says on the cap, use 10w30 oil, but of course, there’s millions of different
kinds of oils out there, so which one are you going to use, now in my case I just used
conventional 1030 Castro oil, I like Castro, and since I don’t drive much, I
change it once a year, because it does wear out as you can see I’m charging up
the battery, last year I only put 600 miles on the car, but if I was going to
use a synthetic oil in this, one it would be a waste of money, because you still got
to change it once a year, and two, I’ve talked to engineers and they
tell me it’s impossible, but I’ve seen it too many times,
guys will get an old car like this, and it’s 240,000 miles, they put in synthetic
oil, then it will either leak more oil or burn more oil, so I’m not switching an old
car from using conventional oil high mileage, to using synthetic oil, I just
wouldn’t do it, because I’ve seen problems occur then, now let’s go to a
more modern car, this Toyota Matrix has a cap that says use energy concerning
5w30 oil, now here you have a choice, you can use either regular oil and change it
say every 5,000 miles, or you can use full synthetic oil, and you can push it
up to eight or ten thousand miles then, now this used to be my wife’s car, and
she drove it to school, so she put about five thousand miles a year on it, so I
just used normal oil and it changed every 5,000 miles, but if you have a car
like this and you drive a lot more mileage, you could use synthetic oil and
change it a lot less often, then you’d get to decide what synthetic oil to use,
well my theory with that is, go for the one that’s the lowest price, when I went to
Autozone, the Mobil one was like 10 bucks a quart,
but this STP full synthetic one was only five dollars a quart, so I use the STP
what the heck, now in many really modern cars, they use a 0w 20 oil, now that, you
have to use a synthetic oil, because it’s only available in synthetic oil, so my
advice to that is, hey go price around find the one that has the best price and
use that one because you have to realize at least
here in the United States, the government has all kinds of regulations on motor
oils these days, so any that are sold are perfectly fine there aren’t any crappy
ones that are being able to be sold to the public in the United States, now lately a
lot of people then asked me about this Mobil one annual protection oil that can
go 20,000 miles or one year, well here’s the truth about that, first you have to
go down and read the caveats, and one of the caveats is, 20,000 miles or one year
but please follow the recommendations in your owners manual, because it may void
your warranty if you go more than the mileage they suggest, and truth be told
you can only do 20,000 mile oil changes if you do mainly highway driving, you
really can’t do that and stop and go city driving, those big truckers they
don’t change their oils that often, but the trucks are going 65 miles an hour
for hours and hours on edge and there’s not much wear in an engine when you’re
going at a steady speed on a highway, so me if I’m going to use synthetic oil,
I’m going to find the one with the best price, change you to every seven to ten
thousand miles, so now you know what you need to know about motor oils, buy
the right one at the right price, don’t waste your money, but don’t ruin your
engine, and remember if your car has any problems just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel, before
it’s too late!

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