T-REX TERROR! | Hot Wheels City: Season 3 | Episode 4

T-REX TERROR! | Hot Wheels City: Season 3 | Episode 4

– New news! Raptors have ravaged
our new pizza shop. – [Helicopter Pilot]
Let’s back it up, nothing more to see. (dramatic music) – T-Rex! He’s so tall! (roaring) (screaming) (fast paced music and roaring) – My apartment, what
are the chances? (stomping and roaring) (squawking) (dramatic music) (crashing sounds) – Mmm, yes, get them! – Ugh, traffic.
(horns honking) (crashing) I’ve never gone this fast, ever. (blubbering, fast paced music) – Wow, I can see my
planet from here. (dramatic fast paced music) – Ew, no, no. Yes! It’s perfect! (bell ringing, traffic sounds) (dramatic music) – Nothing but blue skies and cars! Aaahh! (crashing) (dramatic heavy rock music) (choir singing) (engines revving) (roar and screaming) (fast paced electronic music) (roar) (crashing) (roar) (ice cream truck music) (roar and dramatic music) – Ha ha (light paced comedic music) (fast paced music) – Whoa whoa whoa whoa, where’s everybody going? (dramatic music) Uh oh, Look out! – Bah! (engine noises) – That didn’t work… – Oh no! (dramatic music) (screaming) (roar) – It’s time you got sent
back to the Jurassic period. (dramatic music) (car engines) (crashing) (car screeching) (roar) (dramatic music) (squawking) (wings flapping) – Yes, Chase and
Elliot did it again! (cheering) Hey, like where’s all the food? – Uh, Elliot? – Uh… Let’s get outta here! (dramatic music) (rock music)

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