Tabaahi Zulm KI | Ism | 2019 New Hindi Dubbed Movie | Nandamuri Kalyanram, Aditi Arya, Jagapati Babu

Tabaahi Zulm KI | Ism | 2019 New Hindi Dubbed Movie | Nandamuri Kalyanram, Aditi Arya, Jagapati Babu

I have fallen in love with ‘I Love’. “I love you.” My heart says ‘Wow’. Run. Everybody, run. Hello.
– Sir, it’s raining here. All the buildings
are getting collapsed. People are losing their families. Is your family safe? Sir, they are fine.
– Then, why do you fret? Go sleep in peace. I write it with utter grief that the houses built
by contractor Ramraj were constructed using such poor
quality sand and cement that it could not even tolerate
the first seasonal rain and turned into dust. Many Innocent people lost their lives. Ramraj is responsible for this mishap. Listen, it was a waste
buying that computer. That useless kid does not sleep and spends all his time on the computer. Son, what are you doing? Dad, you now don’t have to
write on paper. You can write on computer. But, I write in Hindi. Dad, it knows Hindi too. You can send mails through it.
– What does mail mean? It’s a letter sent without a postman. Oh! What do you want to be
after you grow up? – You tell me. Learn journalism.
– Why is that? That would give you the freedom
to fight for the rights of people. Okay, I shall study that. Where is he?
– Hey… Who are you? What are you doing?
Where are you taking me? Leave me.
– What did we do? What are you doing? Journalist. I have taken bribe. I have been unjust to the poor. Did you think that you could publish
all these without my knowledge? What do you get paid to say the truth?
Idiot! Why are you staring at me? How dare you!
You are just a journalist. I hate to see anger in your eyes. I want you to fear me and that is a must.
– Dad… Dad… Let go of my dad. Dad…
– My child… Dashrath, tell us their names.
They would not be spared. Write his name.
There’s no need to fear. If you tell anyone about me, I will kill your son. I do not know them. I have not seen them this before. Shall I go?
– Go. Why are you closing the door? Leave it open. Who closed the door? Open it. Come on. Who is here? Who are you? Hey… Hey… The kid thought that all crimes would
subside if the contractor gets killed. But, the problem does not end
by setting the body ablaze. Crime and corruption
is rooted in the mind. No one can erase it. Even as the population
of our country is rising and heading towards progress the crime is changing
its face consistently and getting upgraded in novel ways. Our country has changed with time. Telephone got replaced with mobile and computer with super computer. Internet has revolutionized our life. Message, chat, Skype, hacking, are all now possible with a cell phone to get connected with the world. With the advent of new technologies crimes have got upgraded. Goondaism is now called Mafia. Mafia has now got into the corporate level and
it’s helmed by Javed Ibrahim. Father… Happy birthday. Thank you. Cricket scam has surfaced in India
for the first time. Grand leakage company has exposed it. Of course…
– Sir, please come aside. What? Sir…
– What? Sir, there’s a bad news. What is it?
– It’s about cricket. Bookies and players
are being named on TV. A bookie had been arrested
during investigation. As per police reports, cricketer
Deep Singh is involved in it. If the police interrogates the player it’s possible that your name
would come up. That’s not an issue.
People know me very well. But, ministers who are connected to
the scam would be unmasked and that might create a stir. What is his name?
– Deep Singh. Kill him. Do you want to place a bet? I do not do that. Come on, place the bet.
Match would get more interesting. Then, why don’t you try? Ladies and gentlemen, now put your
hands together for Peter Paul. Let that aside.
Sultan will be here, anytime. What’s the name of Sultan? This guy wants to know the name.
Hey, fighter has a gear, not name. His first gear punch would be
such that you would faint. Then, welcome Sultan. What do you think?
Who do we place our bet on? I think Peter looks strong. This guy looks much stronger. I feel that he is overconfident. I think he is not a safe bet. I did not like his style
and personality. Okay. Then, I shall bet 500 Euros
on the same guy. You will lose. I want to bet on him.
– He is our guy. Wow! Hey… Did you see that? I think he is justified in being
proud of his personality. Hey… What is your name? What are you doing?
Punch him. Listen… What is your name? What’s in her name? You continue the fight.
– Wait. I asked her name
because she is beautiful. Hey… Tell me your name. What is your name?
– Tell him. Tell me. Oh, God! I lost 500 Euros because of you. So, what?
– Poor guy. I liked the fact that he lost the game
because of me. How could you lose the game
in the quest to know a name? Hi. You got punched because of me. Eat it. Come on, eat it. Was it you? Your soft corner for women
is a going a bit overboard. A guy who is knowledgeable
gets weak in the knees for women. Women are a weakness to every
guy who loves spice. Men are not men,
if women aren’t their weakness. That girl is fluttering around
in my mind. You too look like her to me. Who is he, by the way? He too looks like her to me. Do you know who he is?
– That is not relevant. Sorry, sir. Look at that. The girl in that car
too seems like that girl to me. She is the same girl. Follow her. Hello, stop there. Stop. Goodness!
– Damn. I am fine.
– Are you sure? Damn! This is termed as inviting trouble. You must reduce spice intake
for your own good. Then, will she be mine?
– No. In that case,
why should I reduce spice? Damn!
– Relax. Is he done with his prayers?
– Yes. He is now speaking
to his daughter. It’s a bit urgent.
Give the phone to boss. I told you that
he is speaking to his daughter. It’s a 2000 crore matter.
He can talk to his daughter later. Idiot. His daughter is his top priority and not your 2000 crores.
Did you get that? Daughter, you are grown up now. Let me know if you like someone. No, Dad. Why?
– I have not liked anyone, as yet. So, can I do that for you? As you wish. What kind of husband do you need? Stop laughing and tell me.
– Whole of India is terrorized by Javed,
the don’s name. I need such a husband whose name would terrorize Javed. Javed should fear him. Hey, Chotu. Come here. Yes, boss. Do you know what my daughter asked for? She asked exactly as I expected.
– What? I asked her about
her choice of husband. She told me that he should be
someone who would boss over Javed. Javed is the poison of India. All the disasters that happen in India
are due to Javed. Javed was responsible
for Deep Singh’s murder. There are certain
cricket scam related details and phone numbers
that we have collected. The IP address indicate that some calls were
made from Dubai and some others from Karachi. If anybody is to be blamed
for the cricket scam then, that’s Javed Ibrahim for sure. But, both of you were from
the same college. Same college? Which college?
– Nizam college. But, we were in different batches. Sir, both of you were
in the same batch. Both of you are seen together
in farewell party photos. If we click photos together,
does it mean we would be friends? Tom and Jerry too can be found in one
frame. Does that make them friends? If donkeys and horses rear
in the same farm does that make them friends? Filmstars take photos with many people.
Are they friends to them? What are you trying to say? I want you to clarify if he
is your friend or not. How can he be my friend? Excuse me. Look here. Javed. But, he is not Javed from Pakistan,
but my ex classmate. My friend Javed is my neighbour.
So, they both are not the same. This press meet is related to cricket. So, you cannot ask any wrong
or personal questions. You must have told me that. You wasted my time. Yes, Javed. Tell me. Hey, what’s up? Boss, I just came out from the press
meet. I made everyone shut their mouth. It’s an advantage that you
are staying there. It’s amusing to see that you are blamed
for all crimes happening in India. Hey, are you making me the culprit
for every wrongdoing? What difference would
it make it to you, after all? Will anyone be able to harm you? Why did you give me a missed call?
– You would know Saibabu, my friend. He had called you,
but you did not receive the call. Your men did not let him
speak to you either. He has black money.
You please find some solution to it. That will be done.
But, I need a help from you. Boss, order me. Do you remember we smoked Karim beedi
in our college days? Yes, our career began
with Kareem beedi. Listen, I feel like smoking it
since many days. Send me a few packs of it. Hey, why do you have to
stoop down so low? You must only smoke Cuban cigar. It’s very hard like a stone. But, the other one is
as tender as a bud. Send me 10 packs. Will you send them or not? Boss, rickshaw drivers too do not
smoke Kareem beedi nowadays. Do not kid around with me.
Thank you. See you, bye. You want to duck me? You know, I am good at ducking. I duck you, I duck him. I duck everyone. What is this duck? It’s a swear word. Damn you, come on. Look here. Do you need it? I shall remove everything and
make you nude. How dare you pickpocket me? Hey… We met again. Wait. I shall come in sometime. You wanted to pickpocket me.
I pick pocketed you. Hey, where’s your wallet? Are you trying to give a pose? Damn you! Wait. I am coming. Come on. Start the car. Hey, wait. Hey. “Where to, you go?
My heart beats for you.” “My heart is all yours.” “Beautiful one, what’s your name?” “My heart is all yours.” “I shall follow you everywhere.” “I shall not leave your side,
come what may.” “Let me into your heart.” “My heart is all yours.” “My heart is all yours.” “My heart is all yours.” “My heart is all yours.” “Where to, you go?
My heart beats for you.” “My heart is all yours.” “Your words are bitter
and mood swings, impossible. ” “You look shaken, always.” “Go away.” “I am alone.” “Your eyes are killer.” ‘My heart is tender.” “How do I live without you?” “I bow to you.” “You are my life.” “Why do you go away
from me, beloved?.” “My heart is all yours.” “My heart is all yours.” “My heart is all yours.” “My heart is all yours.” “Yours.” “Yours.” “Yours.” “Do not rage over me.” “Tell me, where do I go?” “Do not make me cry.” “My life is at your behest.” “Look at how much I love you.” “I shall leave the world for you.” “My heart is all yours.” “My heart is all yours.” “My heart is all yours.” “My heart is all yours.” “Your words are bitter
and mood swings, impossible. ” “You look shaken, always.” What is your name? Tell me.
– Aliya Khan. If I see you once again I would not ask you if you are married
or have a boyfriend. I will just tie the
nuptial knot to you. You better don’t meet me. Go. I think he is mad. No. He is not mad. “I am the fire.” “Try coming close.” “Is that possible?” I want to meet Javed.
– Who are you? I am the marriage broker
Bosco, Don Bosco. You are not the Don.
Javed is the Don. You are just Bosco.
– Okay. Let it be so. Now, can I go?
– Yes. What is it? If you are a marriage broker
then why do you keep gun and knife? I have solemnized a few bad marriages.
My life is in danger. So, I keep them with me. “I am the fire. Try coming close.” I have a rod in me. Do not worry. It’s in my hand.
It can’t be pulled out. Do you want to check? Touch it. Go.
– Thank you. Don Bosco. Don Bosco. Hi Javed. Bosco, Don Bosco. Hey… I had told you earlier.
– I forgot. Boss, they took away Don
from my name. If you wish I shall let go of Bosco too.
I shall keep my name as ‘only’. I am a marriage broker. I charge 1 crore for a deal. Sir, shall I start? Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Salman Khan.
– But, he wants to remain single. He does not like to marry.
I know him very well. He had come to my daughter’s birthday. Okay, sir. That won’t work.
– Okay, let’s cancel it. Here. Virat Kohli. He scores minimum 1 century. He is already in a relationship
with someone, I think. What do you want? It’s not for me.
– I mean, for your daughter. I can remove his lover from his life
and present him to you. Hey, second hand? Okay, cool. Okay sir. Next?
– Okay. Rahul Gandhi. Single son. I don’t need politicians.
– Okay. What kind of guy do you need? A guy whom I would fear.
– Whom do you fear? None.
– Then, how will I know? Then, find him. You are charging 1 crore.
What for is that? Is that for your blabber?
– Okay, sir. Can you give me your daughter’s photo?
– No. Sir, I must show it to the guy
if he asks for it. How dare you ask my daughter’s photo? I will neither show her photo
nor her face. Don’t give me, sir. Tell them she is Javed’s daughter.
– Okay, sir. I will just give you 10 days. Did you get that? Did you understand?
– Yes. Get going. What is he doing? He is checking laptop. Laptop?
– I think something is there. Boss, get me acquainted
to your girl’s friend. You try it yourself. Where do I have that talent? Let my line get cleared first.
Then, we shall see. -Thanks, boss. Beedi can never be replaced. Hey, is that beedi?
– Yes, Kareem beedi. Kareem beedi?
– Do you need? Absolutely! I wanted it since many days.
Please give me. Here, take it.
– Okay. Awesome. It’s heaven. Were you longing for it?
– Yes. I too am crazy about it.
So, I always keep a stock of it. Listen, I shall pay you any amount.
Give me a pack. Boss, I can pledge my life
for friendship. Beedi is a trivial matter. Wait.
– Okay. Here. It’s not there. I think it got over.
– What happened? Sorry, boss. I have none. I will bring them tomorrow. Okay. Boss, what do you do? I have a ‘Dosa’ outlet
near the beach. Okay. Then, how many such outlets
do you have? I have 20-25 of them.
– You are very rich. What are you doing here
instead of selling ‘Dosa’ over there? I have a poet in me. Whenever I get a chance I love to spend time alone. I used to sit
at Marine drive in Mumbai. Now, I sit here. Normally, I do not like to sit idle. But, I am liking it here.
– Yeah. Not bad, actually.
– What do you do? Illegal fights. Why do you do that?
– We do it easy money, boss. I do not like to work hard to earn.
It’s damn hard work. Money should flow smoothly. Boss, give me a good idea. Earning money is not easy. We must put in a lot of effort. Boss, I do not have so much of time.
Tell me some shortcut. Find someone
who has earned a lot of money. That guy would be having
a daughter for sure. Just fall in love with her.
Your job is done. Very good. It’s a great idea. Shake hands with me.
You are great. I will do that. Boss, I think I have seen
you somewhere. Your face seems familiar. But, I can’t recollect your name.
What’s your name? What’s in a name? Bring the Beedi packet tomorrow.
We shall meet here. Okay, boss.
– Okay. Bye.
– He has 20 Dosa outlets. Even if he earns Rs 1000
after all expenses, he would make Rs 20,000 in a day
which means Rs 6,00,000 per month. Friend, I think we too must
get into this business. We will get free breakfast too. That profession might suit you.
Not me. Amazing. Hey, what is this? I had told you that I would tie the
nuptial knot if I meet you again. Come, let me tie it. Please. come.
– Hey. Leave me.
– Leave her. Leave me.
– Just wear it once. Everything would get sorted.
– Let’s go. Aliya, please wait.
– Just leave me. Hey, Aliya… Aliya, wait. Aliya… Nothing happened.
– Really! Are you out of your mind? You will be killed if you follow me. Who will kill me?
– Do you know who I am? Do you know my dad’s name? Javed. I am Don Javed’s daughter. Javed? Who is he? Haven’t you heard of Javed? Javed Ibrahim.
He is a big time mafia don. We would be killed mercilessly
at a single command of his. That’s why I asked you to respect him. Isn’t he the one?
– Yes. God, you brought
Don Javed’s daughter to me. Why do you love me so much? God, I swear on you that I shall never leave her. I told you that he is totally mad.
– Shut up. Hey, do not talk nonsense,
I’ll call my dad. – Ma’am, please. What will your dad do? Wait.
– Sorry, ma’am. What will your dad do?
– Do you want to see? Let’s go from here. I am calling my Dad.
– Okay. Tell him that I shall wait here. Okay. You call him up. You keep quiet.
Why do you fear? Ask him to come here.
– Ma’am, please… Hello, Dad. Dear, What happened?
Is someone troubling you? How dare he messes
with Javed’s daughter? Is he there? Yes, Dad. Then, tell that scoundrel that Javed is on his way. Friend, why do you invite trouble?
– Hey, don’t worry. She is acting.
– Goodness. Is he coming? My Dad is coming.
– Okay. Friend, listen. Dear, he is a big time Don. What will you discuss with him?
– He is my father-in-law. Let’s wait. – I am asking you again.
Are you coming with me? No.
– Let’s not involve in their matter. Let’s go. I shall send your friend
by tomorrow morning. – Let’s go. Hey… Turn reverse. Hey… Aliya, go home. Hello Dad, he is right in front of me. I will deal with him later. I have been attacked.
You go home right now. Dad, hope you are safe. I am fine. Don’t worry about me. Go home soon. Okay, Dad. Hey, where are you going? Will your Dad come or not? Are you really Javed’s daughter or not? She ran away. I shall deal later. Aliya.
– Dad, what happened? Why did you sound so panicked?
Are you fine? I am fine. But, who was he? Where did you meet him? Dad… I met him recently in a fight club. He is following me since that day. Today, he was about to tie the nuptial
knot as well. Nuptial knot?
– Yes. Where’s he? I shall kill him. Greetings. What are you doing here?
– Sir, Persia is a country. So, what?
– A prince stays there. So?
– He agreed to marry your daughter. How does that make a difference?
– They are coming day after tomorrow. I am busy day after tomorrow.
– I promised them, sir. To hell with your blabber. You must have asked me first.
– Yes, sir. But, they would kill me
if you disagree. I will kill you if they come here. I will let you know when I decide. Ask them to come, then. Sir, it’s not right to control
your daughter’s life decisions. Sir, I hope you understand. Damn! Let go. Let’s drink. Two whiskeys on the rock. I shall pay the bill today.
– No, I shall pay. Didn’t I tell you that I would pay?
– I told you already that I will pay. Friend, I won’t listen to you. I will pay the bill.
– I won’t let you to pay. I shall pay it and that’s final. Listen to me.
– Hey, shut up. Keep quiet. You drink as much
as you please. I shall pay the bill. Nasty fellows. Your behaviour remains
same on foreign shores too. Guru, you seem worried.
– International tension. Is that so, sir? Tell us about it. We will try to help. You are paying our bill. So, you deserve it. Really. Yes. Hey. Won’t you show me your
daughter’s face? No, I won’t.
– I must know how she looks. You did not even show the photo.
Yet, you expect me to find a groom. What do you think of yourself? They are Persians. To top that, you want to take the
final decision as well. What do you think of me? Am I a random someone? You do not know me. Let me give an example.
There’s a beautiful girl there. She looks exactly like her. She is our item.
– Item? Yes. Here I come. What’s this?
He went as soon as she summoned him. She is his girlfriend.
– Girlfriend? Yes.
– Is he Salman Khan? He is Shahrukh too.
– Goodness! I am trying to find a groom for her. Are they very close to each other?
– Yes. I didn’t like you from day one.
– Okay. You are very pompous. You are following me from that day. Just wait and watch
what would happen to you. – Okay. You are sitting here with me and if my Dad gets to know of it,
he won’t spare you. – Really? I do not want you to die miserably.
– Damn! Stay away from me if you
are bothered about your safety. Hey, when I showed you Virat Kohli, you called him second hand. Then, what about your daughter? So, what do you say now? Leave the city.
– You come along. Let’s run away. You are very proud of yourself. That’s true.
– In order to break it you must get beaten up.
– Then, go ahead. But, you must love me after that. Let’s keep the program tomorrow. Okay. Tomorrow.
– Done. Huen Chen was a Chinese traveller. I am very weak in history. His grandson was Takashi Motto.
– Oh! You are not aware of the fact that
we are close friends. We don’t need to be aware either.
He is Sultan. He has come to bash you up. What if he beats him up?
– Impossible. Then, shall we place a bet?
– As you wish. If I lose, I shall leave this place. But, if I win you must love me. Do you agree? Done.
– Done. Call him.
– Takashi. My dear Takashi. Takashi. Takashi, please come to the dais
from wherever you are. Our next item is ‘Humpty
dumpty had a great fall’. Sit and enjoy the show. Buffalo in human form? Friend…
– Ask him to come here. Takashi. Where are you? Call him here. I want Takashi right now. Who the hell is that? My God! Nothing will happen. He will kill me.
– Kill him. Hey, stop. Takashi, greetings. Hey, open the door. Go slow. Goodness! Slow please.
– Come on. Either surrender or run away. Come on. Goodness! Leave me. Takashi. Oh! Pray to your God on my behalf.
– You are my God, my friend. Idiot. How dare you crack
jokes at such times? Leave me. I did a mistake. Leave me, Takashi. Friend… Hey, let him go. Takashi, I apologize on his behalf. No.
– Oh! My God! He will kill me. Let’s go. My God!
– Hey, this will help you. Use this one. What! He has fallen flat on his face. Yeah! That was awesome, my friend. Come on. get up. I am tired. Will you marry me? Come on, Takashi.
– He got up. Takashi, come on get up. I request you not to get up. Lie down.
– Come on. Now, love me.
– No. Hey, you had promised me. You cheated me. Hey, Aliya. A new scam has surfaced now.
It’s the laptop scam. A company claims to provide laptop
just at Rs. 2000. The poor students from all over the
country have paid for it. I gave my hard earned money to them
for my daughter’s education. Later, I found that
it was a fraudulent company. If people cheat in this manner poor people like us will perish. Aliya.
– You come here. Wait there.
– Don’t allow them. I am calling you. Why are you stopping me?
I have bank account here. I have ATM card here. Do you have an account here?
– Yes. Do you know the name of this bank? Yes. Bank Of Paradise. You have to deposit at least
1000 crore to open an account here. Goodness! 1000 crores? Do you have an account here? What are you saying? This is my bank. Bank Of Paradise is my own. Throw them out. No worries. I shall go away. My girl is very rich. That’s enough for me. Okay. Let me go.
Friend, my life is set. Do you have an account too? Friend, that girl cheated me again.
– Hey, wait. Which girl?
– Who are you to stop me? He is my body guard.
Hey, let him come. You have Dosa outlet.
Then, why do you need a bodyguard? You had given me an idea to
allure a rich man’s daughter. I did so. But, she slipped away.
– What did you do then? I followed her. She made him cry. He sang songs. I too sang along.
What else do we do? Rich girls have a great deal of attitude.
– What does her father do? Why do we have to bother about that? She has a lot of money.
Just tell me how to lure her. Listen, rich girls do not
fall prey to money. They have it already. Friend, I knew that. That is why I tried to
trick her in love. You might have done something nasty. Friend, I had pretended to be
truly in love with her. Is that a nasty act? Listen… Girls have no idea about
who they would fall in love with. A small compliment might work for
some while poetry might allure others. Poetry? Please suggest a few lines. ‘Life is necessary to live.’
– Awesome. ‘Dreams are the reason to live.’ Goodness! ‘My life and dreams are alive
due to your smile.’ What do I say!
– ‘I can give or or take life for your smile.’ Superb!
– Shut up. Friend! She would not fall for poetry. I know how to lure her in my own style. Hello. Cheater, I want to speak to you.
Come here. I will not come. If you don’t come,
I will come to your place. Come, If you have the guts.
– Is it so? I have only that.
Hey, don’t I have only that? What are you talking about?
– ‘Gutsy soul.’ ‘Gutsy soul.’ ‘Gutsy soul.’
– What are you doing? Please come. Javed. Persian prince.
– Nice meeting you. Hello, nice to meet you.
– That’s his daughter. My daughter.
– Hi. How could he come to the house? Please. excuse me.
I will be right back. Hey… Excuse me. Where are you going? Upstairs.
– Why are you going there now? Sit and talk with them. Hey.
– Yes, sir. What are you saying?
– Prince is here. It would be nice
if your daughter speaks to him. She will speak at her will. You mind your business. Go on, dear.
– Okay, sir. Dear… My God! She is romancing someone else
upstairs, when the groom is right here. Smart girl. How could you cheat me
and meet other guys? That’s my wish. I love you. Can’t you understand that? Can you see tears in my eyes? No.
– You will see them in sometime. If my father gets to know,
he won’t spare you. Let him do whatever. I am ready to die for you. Aliya, bring your Dad.
I shall wait here. I am going.
– Okay, go. Aliya. He is leaving.
– Sorry, I kept you waiting. Pleasure to meet you. Let’s catch up sometime.
– Okay. See you.
– See you. Bye, sir.
– Nice meeting you. Dad, he has come to our house. Who? Mouse? No, the guy with the nuptial chain.
– Where is he? Give the gun. Dad. I want to see him once.
– Aliya, get in. Sofiya, take her in. Dad, let me look at him once.
– Take her in. Madam, please come. Who is he? He is the Interpol officer. Our first attacker got killed.
He is the second one. We shot him too. Rascal. Boss, tell me.
– Hey. RAW officer is sending some
of them to attack me. You must stop them. Otherwise, I will bury you for sure. Boss, I shall root out the RAW agency. Is that okay? Aliya, why are you crying? He was killed. I advised him a lot. But, he did not listen to me.
– Whom are you talking about? The mad guy.
– How can he die? I just saw him. Where?
– In the gym. Are you still alive?
– Alive, for you. You are mad.
– Mad! Will you leave me disturbed? What did I do?
– Okay. What did you do! You have awakened
the 100 billion cells in me. All are thinking of you. Now, everything is out of control. There’s a rush in heart. My heart beat would stop
if I do not kiss you now. So, it’s essential that I kiss you. Love me. You would not be able
to handle my love. If you have the guts to handle it go ahead. I am ready. ‘We need life to live and to live
we need dreams.’ ‘I need your smile to live
and dream.’ ‘I can give or take a life
for that smile of yours.’ “Let me love you.” “Entrust yourself to me.” “Let me feel your presence.” “Come into my arms.” “I need your company.” I’d run away from home in my childhood. I have never gone back till date. I don’t even know how my parents are. Dad would have forgotten me for sure. But, mom would be surely crying for me. What is your Mom’s name?
– Sathyawati. She puts her signature as ‘Mom’. How is your Mom’s signature? I do not know about that. Mom’s name is Razia. Mom died when I was 7 years old. Then on, my dad was my world. I love my dad. How much?
– I told you earlier, sir. 1 crore.
– Which name do I write? Don Bosco. Hey.
– Keep quiet. My account has that name. Sir, please write. How much commission
are you taking from them? If I show this over there
I will get 1 crore from there too. You are minting a lot of money.
– Thank you. Dad.
– Thank you, sir. Dad, I do not favour
the Persian proposal. Why?
– I don’t like him. Okay. Tell me why?
– Sir… I just don’t like him. Dear, you agreed to the proposal
and so I had asked him to go ahead. What happened now?
– Sir. What’s his name?
– Kalyan Ram. What does he do?
– Street fighter. Sir…
– Damn! Where did he come from? I do not know about his background. But, I liked his heart. What do you mean?
– Very intense guy. Intense? How? ‘We need life to live…’ ‘And to live we need dreams.’ ‘I need your smile…
– To live and dream.’ ‘I can give or take a life
for that smile of yours.’ Isn’t that right?
– Awesome, sir. Why do you interfere?
– How do you know this poetry, Dad? He is a big time cheat. I taught him the poetry. He wanted to lure a rich girl and
asked for an advice and I obliged. I did not realize that
he would target my daughter. Okay. What is your problem if he loves me? It’s not love. Its betrayal. Listen. Take me to him.
I will prove it to you there. Okay? Okay. Sir, I got to know who you are.
You are Javed Ibrahim. Shut up. Where is he? Kalyan Ram. Dad. He is Kalyan Ram. Bye. Nothing happened. Very strong. Best of luck. Get hold of him. Hey. Dad, do not shoot him.
– Shut up. Drive faster.
– Do not shoot him. Go. He must not escape from us. He won’t be spared. Go. Drive fast. Dad, do not shoot him. Please. No, Dad.
– Leave it. Leave it. Hello.
– Boss, put on the TV right now. He was a fugitive till date. India’s most wanted criminal, Javed Ibrahim. Some people guessed
that he would be in Dubai while others said
that he was in Karachi. But, Javed is in Tenerife island. This island is close to Morocco. He lives an anonymous life there. He is Rocky, the right hand of Javed. Chotu, is his left hand. Javed stays in this house. Javed likes to sit alone at the beach. I shall show his birthday
party celebrations and the video of Persian prince who came with
a wedding proposal for his daughter. Government had declared
Javed is a fugitive. Now, I have revealed everything. I request our prime minister
and RAW chief… Sir… Now, it’s your job to bring him
back to justice. Kareem beedi is Javed’s favourite. Javed, Interpol can raid
your place at any time. Leave your current location as soon
as possible and go underground. I shall call you later. Did you now realize that
he is a big time cheat? No Dad, he has truly loved me. You did not even speak to him
before starting the gun fight. The mistake is yours. Oh! So, are you still stuck there? Didn’t you watch the TV?
They showed our whole family history. Within no time, we have come on street. Didn’t you still understand
that it is his doing? What is the connection
between these 2 issues? You are not getting it. He tricked you in love and
sneaked into our house. He took me into confidence
by offering Kareem beedi. he had not come for you, but me. He is the owner of
a grand leakage company. Do you know who he is? He owns a website
whose office is unknown. Do you know what he does? All the crimes, scams
or corruptions happening in India are brought to light
through that medium. He brought out the cricket scam too. Bengal chit fund, Kerala gold fraud and many such
cases have been uncovered by him. I am the hidden don and
he is the hidden journalist. They will arrest me if I am caught. But, if he gets caught
they will kill him. Except the two of us,
no one knows how he looks. He has taken journalism
to the next level. I don’t know his name, but it’s definitely not Kalyan Ram. He is the founder of grand leakage. Hey, where is your laptop? Hey, if he takes away my laptop
everything would be ruined. Hope he has not taken away my laptop. Last night Interpol raid on a mansion in
Tenerife island owned by Javed Ibrahim. The blow given by grand leakage
company to Javed Ibrahim has shaken him up such that he
disappeared overnight. Many foes came into my life. Police, thieves, dons and gangsters. They came with bombs too. He smoked Kareem beedi with me
and tricked me. He was trapping me and
I was helping him in it. I was crazy. I know that he has broken your heart. He has hurt you a lot. Leave it. Isn’t he our enemy? We shall both together thrash him.
Is that okay? Okay. We will kill him.
We will not spare him. Boss, Aliya is running away. Aliya. Go and rescue her. Ma’am, what is the cost of one dozen plantain? Why are you staring at me?
Will you sell or not? I shall not spare you.
Do you need plantains? Mom, do not beat me. Mom, sorry. Please.
– You need them? I am sorry. If you leave us for so long what would
be our condition? – Mom, do not cry. I apologized for that.
– Then, why have you come now? Hey, you can complain later. He will be hungry.
Give him food. Give me lentils. Some ghee as well. That’s enough.
Give me flour snack too. If you are that very hungry,
you can come daily and have food. Mom, give me the snack. You will not change. Now, comes the greatest revelation. Within 4 days, the grand leakage
company has disclosed another news. The politicians of our country
have not spared the military ammunitions used for
the country’s defense as well. – Son, please take care. You can never guess
the source of perils. Hey, my daughter has run away
from home to India. Find her wherever she is. But, why is she coming here? She is coming in search of a brute. Tell me who he is. I shall kill him. How dare he messes
with Javed’s daughter. You never messed with
anyone’s daughter. Then, how could he eye
on your daughter? Hello uncle, how are you? Son, never ask the farmers of this
country about their plight. How can they be well? The seeds that is provided
by the government does not suffice even half
the produce. Water is not sufficient even
for that portion of produce. We are confused as to whether use
it for ourselves or give to the cattle. Without providing enough
fodder to the cattle we feel ashamed to milk them. Our country needs 3 meals a day. But, no one bothers
about the farmers who produce it. Courageous people are consuming poison
and giving up their life. I do not have the courage.
So, I am living a wretched life. That is why I asked him to study something
that could earn us money. But, he studied something that…
What did he study? Journalism.
– Yes, the same. I do not know
what is the advantage of that. I do not know.
Do you know its advantage? It was excellent of you
to expose Javed. He isn’t yet exposed completely. There’s much more to be revealed. I followed him to know
about cricket scam. I then realized that cricket
scam was nothing. Bigger crimes are happening there. Every traitor is in contact
with him there. All these people keep their
money in a bank there. Bank of Paradise. The owner of that bank is Javed Ibrahim. This is his personal laptop. If this is to be accessed we need the bank details of
an account holder there. So, I have noted the details
of his daughter Aliya’s account. If we hack her account we could enter the bank server
through it. We will then get to know the details
of Indian money that is stolen. Are you guys ready? Let’s try once. Let’s rock.
– Yes. Come on. One. Two. Three. Boom. Yes!
– Yeah! Check the balance
in the girl’s account. Sathya, the balance is very low. It has only 5360 crores. Okay. Now, enter the bank server.
– Yeah. Hello.
– Sir, where is your daughter? Why? What happened? Someone entered
into your daughter’s account. Now, they are trying to
enter our server. Where exactly is the hacking
happening from? It’s somewhere in Hyderabad. It’s a place called Chilkalguda.
I am sending you the GPS. Japak, where are you? Left. Hey… Hey… Come on, move fast. Move fast. Move fast. Go. Fast. Move fast. Come on. How much more time would it take?
– Approximately 10 minutes more. Okay. You concentrate on that. Run away. Wow! Yes.
– That’s awesome. Are you coming for lunch?
– Whose question is it? Your Mom is asking that. What is the menu? Lentil. rice and pickle. There’s a special vegetable too
that is a suspense. Is someone knocking the door? Hey, there’s someone at the door. Who would that be, at this time? A girl.
– Girl? Ask her who she is.
– Whom do you want to meet? I want to meet your son.
– She is asking for you. Ask her name.
– Name? Aliya Khan. Aliya Khan.
– Aliya Khan. How did she come home? Dad, I am in no way
connected to her. Send her back.
I do not stay there. Okay? What a nuisance! Where is your son? He has gone to his
friend’s house to study. His 10th standard exams are going on.
– He did not return my notes. Call him right now.
– What did you say? Are you in 10th standard? Yes, I study in 10th standard. Your son cheated me
and left during exams. Call your son right now.
– We do not know where he is. Give the phone. Give her the phone. Dad, did she go away?
Did you send her back? Okay, is that you?
– Why did you leave me? Why did you abandon me there? I was done with my job.
So, I left you there. How can you leave someone you loved? I never loved you. Tell the same to me face to face. I will stay here till then. I am feeling very hungry.
Will I get anything to eat? What did you say? Bring something to eat.
– Bring something for her. What will you eat?
– What’s the menu? What’s the menu? lentil. rice and pickle. There’s a special vegetable too,
but that’s a suspense. The grand leakage guy must
be arrested immediately. At this rate, government will perish. Not only private systems, government systems too
are being hacked. It’s a big crime. Venomous and corrupt people
are draining out our country. Here we come with the bank of paradise list. We are mortals.
Yet, people are so very greedy. Not just one,
but all the parties have account there. All thieves have together entrusted
another thief to safeguard the wealth. What did you think?
Will you be spared? Do you think that it’s easy to
take away people’s money? You opened account
in Bank of Paradise in order to amass wealth
for seven generations. Thieves! Some have 1000 crores, while some have 1 lakh crores. Is that your Dad’s money? I have started the mission
to teach you all a lesson. Bank of Paradise based in Tenerife island owned by the most
wanted criminal of India, Javed Ibrahim. And is run by all the politicians
and businessmen of my loveable country. Now, I am revealing the list. Here are the thieves and
the details of their accounts. All of your God, Manish Shindey 1,76,000 crores. The prophet of the poor,
Siddarth Malhotra 90.300 crores. Business tycoon Narayan Shasthri
1,25,000 crores. Our minister Mr. Kotilingam has 3,20,000 crores. This is the account of just one bank.
There are many other such banks. Next update will be out soon. Are the lakhs of crores your money?
– No. Is it true?
– Not at all. Can you prove that it’s not yours?
– Hey… Hey, I can prove only
if it’s in my name. If it’s not, how will I prove it?
– You are the representative of people and so you must prove it.
– Are you a mental patient? Will you prove it if I claim
that those crores belong to you? How will you prove it? Avinash Jumani, 71356 crores. K. R. Pillai, 21000 crores. The poorest guy in the country
is Mr. Sai Baba only 2000 crores. Grand leakage has
created a sensation in India. Politicians names revealed in this
have shocked the nation. All the politicians
of the country are petrified. They are confused about how to react. So, all of them have turned silent. Hey, listen.
There’s a news broadcast on TV. The owner of grand leakage
is not sparing anyone. Hail hacking. I saw it on TV. What is hacking? It means, to hoodwink others
within the comfort of one’s home. Is that so? Boss, we might get arrested. Who has the guts to arrest me? In the past 25 years,
I have visited India 7 times, by road. I went to India via Pakistan. India is my center of activity.
No worries. Greetings, boss. You could not even
do a small job of mine. What are you looking at?
– I am sorry. Boss, what’s happening? All of them entrusted you
with the money. You very well know that
I am the mediator to all. All are chasing me now. Hey, why are you worrying? Only your name has come out. Keep quiet if someone questions you. The bank officials would say
that you have no account there. Hey, find my daughter first. Today, a sensational news would
be released by Grand leakage. Your son is a big time cheat. He recited poetry by comparing
my tresses to stars. I am telling you. Your son had told me that he needs only my smile to live. I too fell for his words. To top that, I have no mother. He is stone-hearted. He did not feel any mercy towards me. Why did you raise him this way? Are you deaf? Stop chopping vegetables. You cooked the same yesterday, too. Where are you going? You do not know anything about me. I am Aliya Khan. Go to sleep. You are smart enough not to hang
his photos at home. But, you have hidden it
in the locket. Boss, no one knows how he looks. You appointed the CBI without
even giving his photo. You appointed the task forces as well. Cyber teams are chasing him too. We have appointed a special
officer to nab him. Who have you appointed
to find my daughter? How many days back did I tell you? Have you appointed anyone? Boss, if we nab him your daughter
would automatically be found. What if we don’t find her? Javed’s daughter is roaming
on the streets. I have committed more than
100 murders just to make her happy. If something happens to her,
I will burn the whole city. He has hurt Javed’s daughter. I will surely not spare him. Boss, but how did you meet him? I met him because of you. Because of me?
– Yes. I asked you to send Karim Beedi. You did not send it.
He brought it for me and I got trapped. Your Dad starved to educate you, but you could not even provide him
a single meal. Do you know why he gave up his life? So that, after his death the government would give money that could be used for your studies. Education that cannot provide a meal to someone, is of no use. She says the truth. Education that cannot
provide a meal to someone, is of no use. What is the use of such an education? Everyone will be fed. What’s the purpose of journalism? Is it to shout out the truth? Or, is it to bow heads and cry
when the country is ruined? What are we doing? Whatever secrets we reveal becomes the entertainment news
for the next 2 days. After that, the government
and public forgets it. Now on, we won’t shout. People will shout. We won’t run with the mikes.
We would chase them with mikes. They have looted the country and
deposited the money in that bank. Everyone says it’s not his money. If it does not belong to anyone,
then whose money is it? It belongs to my country and we will bring back people’s money. We hacked and
extracted files and documents. Let’s release our money with the same. Our suitcase is over there,
but it’s locked. We must open the lock. We must do it with
a great deal of planning. We would need minimum
500 hackers to hack it and release all the money
from Bank of paradise. Who among you has worked
for bank security systems? You guide others. Remember that it’s a war. A war to bring back our money. Are you with me? The inauguration of it would be on 12th at 12 o’clock. We are 6 hours ahead of Tenerife. Early morning 6 o’clock when everyone is asleep and when systems are not busy servers would be at rest. That is the time. Let’s do it. Son, this girl is threatening
to shoot herself. I am very scared. I will count till 100. Come in front of me, by then. Otherwise, I will shoot myself. I am Don Javed’s daughter.
I swear on my dad. One… Two… Three… Four… Ninety seven… Ninety eight… Sathya. Why are you hitting her?
– You please wait, Mom. Do whatever you want.
I will not budge. As you said, I shall look into your eyes
and say that I don’t love you. But, what did you do? I cheated you. Is it right to put me
through so much of pain? Really! You are feeling so bad
that I hurt you. Do you know how many people
were killed by your father? Do you know how many lives
he has ruined? Then, take revenge on my dad. Why do you play
with my feelings? Okay. Let bygones be bygones. Your time is over. Son…
– Listen. I will not go.
– How will you not go? Get out. If my father gets to know he would burn down this house.
– Then, call him. We will stay here.
Let him do whatever he wants to. Will you call your Dad?
Mom, give the suitcase. Will you threaten me? Get out. Why are you sitting there?
– It’s a market, not your house. I will stay here. Adamant girl. Why do you give me such looks?
– I will look at you. Do not make me feel guilty
with that look. You know why… You have done a mistake. That is why you are feeling guilty. Mom, get in. She will go away.
– Do not leave her there. Hey, butcher. If I write your name as butcher at hang at your gate everyone will get to know
that you are a big time cheat. Mom, she went away. She will never go if you feed
her this way. She will throw tantrums. By the way, how did you get my address? You had told me. What is your Mom’s name?
– Sathyavathi. She writes ‘Mom’ in her
signature too. A criminal, however big he is will not lie about
his mother’s name. I went to the Aadhaar card office
and typed your Mom’s name. I got the address. Okay. Now that you have come here have your dinner and go away. I will stay here.
– What will you do staying here? I do not love you. I repeat. I cheated you. Can’t you understand?
– Hey, you do not know that. You cannot cheat.
You are not raised like that. Ask yourself if you love her or not. She will stay here from today onwards.
You, get out. Dad…
– Dear, who is he? I don’t know him. Send him out. Come on. “Get out.” “Get out.” “Get out.” “Get out.” “Get out.” “Go away.” “Go away.” “Go away.” “Get out.” “Get out.” “Go away.” “Go away.” Sathya, Harish got kidnapped. Trace his phone immediately. Tell me, where is he? Thrash me, sir. You’ve been insisting me to thrash you.
Where do I thrash? Anywhere. But, do not ask me. Dad… Javed, I have brought your
daughter in return to my friend. Dad…
– Hey… Do not harm my daughter. I have brought her up with great care. With great care?
You have brought her up like a witch. She ate up my brain. I told her I don’t love her.
She doesn’t listen. She has gone mad.
– How dare you call my daughter mad? Your family would be mad. I am sending your daughter.
In turn, send my friend back. What will I do with this buffoon? Get lost. Send my daughter here. Hey, send her here. Aliya, come here dear. Sathya…
– Hey… Sathya, please don’t leave me.
– Hey, leave her. Please.
– Shoot. Take me along. Hey… Dad, please. Do not kill Sathya. What did you say? Hey… What’s his name? Tell me.
– Sathya. Tell me his complete name.
– Sathya Marthand. No. Hey… Give me your phone. How much more time would you need? Sathya, it’s a huge database. We will need 2-3 days
to collect everything. Where is that girl? I sent her to her dad.
She will not come again. Son, why did you do that?
She is a very good girl. She loves you a lot. Mom, it’s not right for her
to stay here. I will not get bail if I am jailed. It’s necessary for all of you
to stay out. This mission is very important to us. Remember, 12 o’clock. Sir… Let him eat his dinner.
He comes just once in a month. I do not know when he would come back. Eat your dinner.
– Give me lentils. Give me some snack too. Son, instead of nabbing the thieves why are you chasing the one
who pointed at them? The ‘Grand leakage’ that was
hidden from all, till date has been revealed. His name is Sathya Marthand. He studied journalism
from Osmania university and was secretly running a website to curb the
injustice happening in the country. He is the son of
senior journalist Dashrath Ram. Dashrath Ram’s son? If I speak of Sathya Marthand everyone present here would
get scared to the hilt. A journalist can run a magazine newspaper or at the most
a news channel. But, Sathya Marthand is a journalist who is 100 times bigger than media. More than a thousand people
are working for him. All are journalism students. They are working professionals who are assisting him. They too are not aware of how he looks. Sathya Marthand hasn’t seen them too. But, everyone is working for the
ideology of Sathya Marthand. All are ethical hackers. Very intelligent and highly skilled. Be it government or
private related system, they can hack everything. Every conversation happening in India whether through phone,
landline or internet, they record on an average
10 million targeted calls. Then, my calls too would have
got recorded. Am I right? If the prime minister’s calls
can be accessed, then why can’t yours? Sir, his intentions are right. But, his approach is wrong. So, people are losing
trust on their government. What he is doing is nothing
but terrorist act. if you are saying so,
why not arrest him? Sir, the whole country supports him. All the journalists have united. If we hang him, public will hang the people
who punished him. Sathya Marthand should be freed! I was underground for 25 years. But, that scoundrel brought me
and my bank onto the streets. I did the same to him. Tit for tat. he will to come out of the jail. He will rot and die there. Why are you crying? He made you cry. I did the same to him. He has given me sleepless nights. Javed has not feared anyone in his life. But, that scoundrel… Dad, that was my wish too.
– What? I had told you that the one
who scares Don Javed should marry me. If you disagree,
I will give up my life. Do you know who I am? I am Don Javed’s daughter. I will jump off this plane. I have come to meet you. You had masked yourself from
us all these days. What did you get from all these? Did you record all my calls? You might have recorded
my calls with Javed. But, why did you record
my calls with my girlfriend? I had personal talk with
my girlfriend. Give back that to me. Won’t you give? Tell me something. Listen… I am getting scared of you. You seem to be more of a terrorist
than a journalist. Hey, listen. I have appointed a special
committee for your enquiry. Do not speak any nonsense there. Accept your fault. You had said that you would say
everything live on TV. What would say in front of all? Listen, when the committee enquires, if you say anything about my men I won’t spare you.
Was your Dad a journalist too? I shall get his head chopped off too. I’ll throw him on the streets in pieces. The journalist who kept his
identity under wraps all these days, Mr. Sathya Marthand will talk live
in court today for the first time. Sathya Marthand is charged with
several criminal cases. Theft of government property. Violating the act through
unauthorized communication. revealing national defense classified
information, etc. Why did you do all these? There are several allegations
against you. Tell anything that you want
to the committee. Sir, my dad is a journalist. His name is Dashrath Ram. I went through a mishap
in my childhood. I don’t like journalists living in fear.
I felt sad about it. It later turned into anger that ultimately resulted
in the ‘Grand leakage’. But, our country has not just looters, but patriots too. Such people have funded my company and I am able to run it. It took 10 years for me to make it. Sir, we became independent in 1947. Britishers looted us and hence we
fought and chased them out of India. But, they made roads, railways buildings and dams for us. If you see, this courtroom too belongs to them. But, after independence,
our own people have looted our country 1000 times more. This program is to expose such traitors and it’s called ‘Grand Leakage’. When our country got freedom
the value of 1 rupee was 1 dollar. With our consistent efforts, the rupee has now reduced
to Rs. 70 against dollar. Do you know the reason? Corruption. The good policies of the government
does not reach the public. Agriculture, medical,
ration scams are rampant. The earnings of the public
is not spared either. Country is being looted left and right. Cricket, gold and chit fund scam are a consistent phenomenon. Sir, how will our life improve
if we are pushed to the wall? There are no reforms in cleanliness or the life of poor people. The farmer suicides are everywhere. Traitors. These people have fallen short of
space in their homes to hide the loot and hence Tenerife island has
become their safe haven. Bank of Paradise has no black money but our hard earned money. Hey, that money is ours. Damn you! We journalists present
our national issues to you. But, you do not take any action on it.
– Yes. So, I thought of acting
on your behalf. Go ahead. My teacher had told me that these traitors must be
brought to task at the right time. Friends… Brothers… @ NK 00 7G 2F A L4 2 0SIC Enter. Within 2 minutes I’ll hack all the accounts of traitors. How can you hack?
It’s not your money. Then, how can you hack it? At 12 midnight, it would rain money in my country. Every poor man, farmer, family that has a ration card and every person who has
the Aadhaar card will get the money. BPL families will benefit from it. Old age homes, orphanages, red cross blue cross and pensioners should check their phones. Farmers who have taken loans should check their bank accounts. Buy tractor or pumps as per your will. I cannot help widows and poor women who have no bank accounts. But, if you have an account you will receive money. Hence, get your bank accounts and
Aadhaar card done and be prepared. If everything goes by my plan we can loot the traitors
of lakhs of crores. There are 30 crore poor people
in my country. Conditions are such that 7000 people
in a day die of hunger in their sleep. I might not be able to
reach many such people today. But, distribute 10-20% of the money
that you get, among the poor so that they are saved. Are you with me? We are with you. Okay. Never ever think of looting
the poor again. You will be doomed. This country is getting ruined
because of you traitors. Your game is over now. The time is up. Check your mobiles and accounts. Hail. Hail. Sir, what I did was wrong. It’s illegal. I am ready to accept
any punishment that you give. I am ready to get hanged as well. Minister had threatened to kill
my dad if I spoke up, today. Dad… you feared that day for my life. Today, what is the use if I
fear the same way, for you? Journalism is a truth. Journalism is patriotism. Dad, give your life for the country. What could be greater than
pledging your life for the country? Journalism is patriotism. Wherever we search we cannot find an honest person. The guards of the nation
are themselves looting it. Boss, do not spare anyone. “Journalism is patriotism.” “Journalism is patriotism.” “Journalism.” “Journalism. This is patriotism.” “Journalism. This is patriotism.” “Paper, magazine, radio, TV websites and network are our assets.” “Identify your own self.” “Let the national anthem reverberate.” “Expose the naked truth.” “Expose the naked truth.” “Journalism. This is patriotism.” “Journalism. This is patriotism.” Boss, do not spare anyone. Sathya Marthand has brought
in happiness in everyone’s lives. The whole country is celebrating. Hey, wait. Where are you taking us? Who are you? Who are you?
– Stop the van. I said, stop the van right now. Hey, stop there. The whole country is celebrating. It’s looking vibrant with colours. Sir… How many more people would you kill?
– For my daughter’s safety I can kill many more. Shetty, let him free. Hello.
– Jabbar. Are you crazy to kidnap him? Don’t you know that he ruined us?
He is our enemy. Is Javed out of his mind? At least, you use your senses. Listen, all of us want to take revenge. All of us together will give you 100 crores. Just kill him. Kill him. Kill him. Whom are you talking to?
– Minister gave a bumper offer. He would give 100 crore to kill.
– Whom are you talking about? Hey, don’t look at each other.
He is my son-in-law. If I am offered 100 crores,
I would kill my father too. My hands! How could I guess that my men
would behave this way? “Colours of happiness.” “Colours.”
– This is right for you. If your men kill me,
I will get rid of you. “Colours.” “Let the celebrations
usher in colours into the sky.” “Destroy the evil from the face
of the world.” “Be revengeful.” “Be revengeful.” “Be revengeful.” “Move ahead towards
your goal without fear.” “Bring in justice without hesitance.” “It’s known to all that you are right.” “Jan, Gan, Mann.” “That’s my country.” “Jan, Gan, Mann.” “That’s my country.” “Jan, Gan, Mann.” Listen… My daughter is much
more than crores to me. She wants to come to you
leaving behind all my wealth. I do not know what’s on your mind. But, just tell me if you love her. I shall give her to you. Do you have a beedi? Okay. Give her. Stay away from police. People like me will survive anywhere. But, the country needs people like you. You have to stay here. Okay, then drop us at Goa. Where?
– Goa. Come along. Sathya Marthand reached Goa and went into exile,
once again. When injustice happens
anywhere in the world God never appears to save us. Someone among us who is a true patriot
comes to our rescue. A journalist is one among them. “Journalism. This is patriotism.”

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  3. Ok💋💋💋💋💋🌹🌹🌹🌷🌷🌷🥀🥀🥀💚💖💖💓💓🌻🌻❤️❤️👍👍🇮🇷🇧🇫💄💄💄🌹🌹🌹

  4. I think it would be interesting to share details about the steps taken to be respectful of our country and the people of our country

  5. Kya sali heroin hai.. Waste.. Muh dekhe Ulti aata hai.. I know that most people watch this movie because it related to system of government. Movie was good

  6. Kitna overacting karti hai ladki, iski jagah rakul preet Singh ya nayantara hota to maja hi aata by the way movie acchi hai kyu ki government corruption ko dikhati hai

  7. Dd the I don't know what time I'll have to look into 😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😬 it was the same as the one I sent you have a great time in the morning Dev and the night

  8. Dawood Ibraheem ka 1 bal bhi ajj tak koi indian banka nh kar saka , Or Har tesri movie me yehi dekhaty ho k Indian Raw ne ye kr diya wo kar diya , dear khawabon se bahir akar haqeqat ko accept kro

  9. لوڑا میرا فلم ہے
    داود ابراہیم کو پکڑنا تو دور آج تک یہی نہیں پتہ لگا سکے کہ اصل میں رہتا کدھر ہے بس اندازے پر اندازے لگاتے ہیں کراچی میں ہے یہ گھر ہے یہ نمبر ہے. وہاں آمب ہے جا کر وہ چوسو.

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