Tacoma BAK Industries BAKFlip FiberMax Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover (2016-2019) Review & Install

Tacoma BAK Industries BAKFlip FiberMax Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover (2016-2019) Review & Install

Hey, guys, it’s Sarah from extremeterrain.com,
and today we have a review and install of the BAK Industries BAKflip FiberMax Tri-Fold
Tonneau Cover, fitting your ’16 through ’19 Toyota Tacomas. This Tonneau features a sturdy aircraft grade
aluminum construction with fiberglass panels and a black powder coat finish. Its three-panel hard-folding design will keep
cargo safe and easily accessible with its quick-release locking mechanisms. Coming in at around $980, this cover is on
the higher end price-wise. However, it is on par with some soft covers
and for your money, you are getting the security of a hardcover in a convenient tri-fold design. I’m giving this install a one out of three
wrenches on the difficulty meter. It can be done in approximately one hour and
features a direct bolt up installation. All right. With that said, let’s jump right into our
install. For this install, we used an impact gun, a
T30 Torx socket, an extension, and a Phillips head screwdriver. All right, so the first step in our install,
we do have to remove this accessory rail and reinstall it later. Grab a T30 Torx bit and remove the two screws
at the center. To expose the two screws on the end, press
down on these plastic caps and remove them. Repeat that at the back of your rail. Repeat that process on the passenger side. Next up, we wanna grab this rail, which will
eventually sit on the edge of the bed. Before we do that, we do need to install these
four brackets right down this rail here. Finding the open slot and the pointed section,
line it up with this slot here and slide it down your rail. You will need to repeat this with four to
five of these, depending on your Tacoma. Once you have all of your brackets on the
rails, slide them so they’re even with the bolt holes that you just removed. Once you have that, place your rail on the
side of the bed. Make sure the weatherstripping is on top and
slide it down. Make sure your bracket is lined up to the
holes in the bed and grab the longer hardware and thread it in. Once all of your bolts are in place, grab
your teeth, T30 Torx and tighten it down. We can now replace the rail that we took off
earlier using the small included hardware. Line it up with the threaded hole on your
bracket and install the hardware. Grab your T30 Torx and tighten this down. Make sure to replace the caps on the end of
these rails. You can do so by pushing in and sliding back
on. Grab your passenger side rail and repeat that
process on this side. Get your brackets to the area of the holes
that you just removed. Once they’re in the general area, put your
cover over the edge of the bed at a 45-degree angle with the weatherstripping on top and
pop it on. Make sure your brackets are aligned with the
holes in your bed. Grab the longer included hardware and thread
them in. Grab your T30 Torx and tighten these down. Line up your rail to the threaded hole on
the bottom of the bracket. Grab your hardware and install them. Grab your Torx bit and tighten these down. Reinstall your end caps on the rails. Now we can install our drain tubes on this
tip on the end of the rail. Slide the tube over the tip, and then this
is gonna route down into the bed, into the small hole that’s already drilled here. Now you would grab a step drill bit and drill
this out to the size of the end of this tube and just slide it right down there. Place your Tonneau cover onto the rails that
you just installed. You do wanna be a little bit back from the
front of your bed because we will unfold this to reveal a small section that attaches there. Next up, grab the plastic brackets that hold
the clips for storage. These are gonna be installed at the front
of your bed facing backwards. The clips will be installed in this configuration,
but first, flap the small section back. Grab these two threaded studs and slide them
into the holes. With the studs in the backside, line up your
clip, grab a Phillips head screwdriver and tighten these down. It may help to put a finger on the backside
of the stud so it does not. So in the open configuration, you clip this
in, repeat that process on the other side. With the studs in place, line up your plastic
bracket and install the screw. Next up, we’re gonna install these three pieces
of weatherstripping evenly spaced along our cover so that when it is folded up, it doesn’t
make contact with the back of the Tacoma. Place your first one a little bit off the
edge here so that it clears the rail. Place the second one right in the center and
the third one towards the opposite edge. Now, when this folds up, it should rest nicely
against the Tacoma. At this point, grab the hardware that attaches
your Tonneau cover to the rails. Make sure you’re sliding a rubber washer over
the end of this part. Remove this backing, and then you’re gonna
slide this stud through the Tonneau cover. This is gonna go through the silver bracket
on your rail, and then you’re gonna thread this knob on from the bottom. Repeat that on the other side. Slide the remainder of the hardware, including
the other rubber washer over the tip of this stud and then grab your knob and thread it
on. You can tighten this down, but if for some
reason your cover does not sit nicely, loosen these later and adjust it. Grab all your hardware, same as the other
side. Slide it over the stud, grab your knob, and
thread it on. Now that our cover is bolted up, we do wanna
demo these brackets because these are to hold your cover in the up position so that you
can operate with it like this. Grabbing these two posts that are hooked along
these rails, slide it up into this position, loosen this knob, push it down tight over
these posts, and tighten this up. This should keep your cover in the up position. With our cover bolted in place, we can now
fold it out. You should hear each section click as it locks
in. At this point, you do wanna shut your tailgate
before you close your last section. All right, so that is gonna do it for the
review and install of our Tonneau cover. Remember, for all things Tacoma, keep it at

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