Tacoma TRD PRO 2018 Grill Install – WITH Sensor!

Tacoma TRD PRO 2018 Grill Install – WITH Sensor!

Welcome back to my second channel where we
hang out and do fun random projects that don’t quite fit on the main channel We just have
more fun here. If you’ve seen my video on the main channel
of where I lifted my truck, there are a few more modifications I want to make. And the one today is slightly illegal but
it still works out pretty well. Let’s get started. [Intro] So when I’m talking about illegal, I’m not
talking about like street legal or road legal. In fact, it’s more of a trademark issue. So Toyota has these grilles for the front
of the trucks, and there’s a trademark obviously on the name Toyota. There are different styles of grilles you
can swap out, and the style of grille that I want, Toyota sells for a bout $400. But I found one online that’s a copycat, or
like an imitation Toyota grille that sells for about $100. So it’s kind of hard to justify spending $300
extra dollars on the genuine Toyota part when the copycat one does the exact same thing. And there’s no like performance increase or
anything with the truck, it’s literally just a piece of plastic. So today we’re going to find out if the imitation
grille is any good, and if it even fits on the truck. It’s interesting to see how it ships because
putting the actual name Toyota on there would be illegal. So on the grille itself they have the O, Y,
O, T, and then you have to put the letters on yourself so it doesn’t get stopped when
you import it. Kind of creative. Now that we have all the letterings on, let’s
see how hard it is to remove the old grille. So inside the truck there are two 10 millimeter
bolts here and here. We’ll pop these off. And then one thing that the 2018 Tacoma’s
have that some of the other Tacoma’s don’t is a radar sensor underneath this logo right
here. So you have to unclip that, and then the last
thing is one little plastic clip right here…which with the right amount of leverage can pop
right out. And the bottom part of the grille right here
is just held in with a little series of clasps. So it comes out directly towards the front
of the vehicle. So if we’re looking at both grilles side by
side, on the other side here we have the radar sensor. So I’m going to unscrew some of these screws
right here along the sides, and toss that into this panel here. And then on this, to remove, you know, this
section of the grille that’s going to be replaced by the black section, there are 10 screws
and then a bunch of these little clasp things that you just take and you pinch shut and
then the whole spike can just pop out of the front of the housing. Radar sensor is easy enough to remove. There are plastic clasps here, here in the
corner, and down here. And then 2 screws…one here, one here, and
one here. And then the whole radar contraption can come
loose. I was worried about this being like damageable
because in this grille there is nothing protecting it through the front slot. And in this one there’s like this plastic
backing right here. But honestly, the whole thing is made of plastic,
so I really doubt, you know, that it could get damaged. And the probability of something flying through
that hole is pretty minimal. Now these metal screw holes are pretty important,
so I’m going to pop these out and transfer them over to the plastic housing over here. So we want this portion. So we’re going to put this other plastic frame
into this one. Let’s see what else we need. So it looks like we have the black plastic
here, and then this chrome portion. Nice. So it looks like we got rid of the chrome
portion and now it’s just solid black plastic all the way around. I like that better. So for the radar sensor I’m going to put in
this screw hole. It clips in. So we have one plastic clasp up at the top
of the radar housing, and then one over here on the top of the grille as well. And I’ll probably just end up cutting this
one off so it’s not dangling around back here. And all of those black screws that we took
off aren’t needed with the new grille. The back is just held in by those clasps,
which isn’t as secure I don’t think, but so far it’s staying on. And now it is installed on the truck. I have the sensor reconnected right here,
and then the two bolts on the top, and then those two clips on either side. Okay, so quick update. I’ve been running this grille for about a
couple months now, and everything is 100! okay unless it is snowing or raining outside. If you look closely, there are a couple little
holes inside of this honeycomb mesh where water can get inside on the sensor. And when the water is on the sensor, a warning
pops up inside of the cab saying that it’s like out of order or not functional for a
time. But once it dries off, then the sensor goes
back to functioning like normal. So in the vast majority of the time that I
drive my truck, it’s okay. But with other brand-new 2018’s from the dealership,
they come with this little panel right here, which I’ll also link down in the video description
right below this. And so when I tried to remove this section
of the grille, I actually had to break the plastics that go on top of it. You can see the 2 little broken parts on the
part that’s closest to you. And these two little pins right here right
below the Toyota logo snapped off of the old honeycomb piece. But what I’m hoping is that this new honeycomb
piece, which doesn’t have any holes in the grille, is able to block out all of the water
that might touch this sensor on the inside. It’s just got these 2 little slots and then
the 2 pins up top. So one last little pin up top, and the whole
thing clips into place. And it’s pretty solid. Don’t imagine it’s ever going to come out
on it’s own. If I pull hard enough, I can get it to unlatch
a little bit, but there’s no way, even with braking hard, that it’s going to come out. To be honest, I’m not really sure I like that
little shiny patch right there in the center. I think it kind of distracts from the plastic
and the matte of the whole truck…the aesthetics of it. So if you don’t mind your sensor going off
when it’s raining or snowing, which actually is probably when you need to sensor the most,
maybe you don’t need the clear shiny protector for it. Last, and hopefully final update, I’ll keep
the video description active with any updates after this. But when I put that cover in front of the
sensor, it did take a while for the computer inside of the truck to realize that there
was a new obstacle in front of the sensor. So it would work for like the first 5 minutes
of a drive and then turn off and have that warning sign pop up again. But after about 5 or 6 days of that, I assume
that the sensor recalibrated itself and now that warning never pops up anymore and the
sensor is functioning. I did test it out, you know, coming close
to another vehicle and then having that warning light pop up. Anyway, so that is the update. Everything is currently working with the new
block in place. And that’s it. So what do you think? Is it worth the $100 to get rid of the chrome
and add the Toyota logo instead of just, you know, that little emblem? Or would you have paid $400 for the actual
factory version instead of paying $100 for the imitation? Let me know down in the comments. I’ll put a link down in the video description
so you can compare the prices of the aftermarket, you know, the copycat one and the real genuine
Toyota part. And if you haven’t seen the truck lift kit
yet, I’ll put a link for that right here. As well as…come hang out with me on Instagram
and Twitter. We have fun over there. Thanks a ton for watching, and I’ll see you

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  1. Hello, the link for the grill is not working. Is there another that you might be able to share with us? Thanks

  2. I wonder if that shiny sensor could be plastic dip black? Hence look better or fill in better with the grill. Just saying…….

  3. I'm planning to do same grill swap. Do you think there is room to place a piece of plexiglass in front of the sensor so to avoid using that trim piece?

  4. New link for the grill here. Front Grill for Tacoma 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, Including SR, SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, Limited, TRD PRO Grille (Not Compatible with 2018 & 2019 with Garnish Sensor) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VK3RXVY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_NxspDbJFC646P

  5. Man that original grill cannot be much uglier.

    Good choice.

    I would remove the shininess from the plastic piece with some acid or very fine sandpaper. It's quite distracting.

    Or even better just add a plastic foil in front of the sensor, behind the "original" honeycomb.

  6. Looks like my toyota tacoma front shield window is made out of temporary gorrila glass, we start seeing grooves at level 6 with deep grooves at level 7.

  7. Hi i intalled trd pro grill aftermarke and oem garnish cover but i have problem with the sensor. The sensor say clean sensor anybody have any solution for that thank you

  8. If I could give you more than one thumbs up I would.

    I just followed your video to the T"
    I have a 2019 Tacoma w/ the Toyota symbol and following your video I was able to install the new Toyota lettered grill, the same 1 that you have.
    I purchased the sensor in advance so once I received it I already took out the pieces and yes, just like yourself, it's like they welded them in there so I had to break off the plate to replace w/ the sensor cover.

    everything is in place & on point.

    Again I would give you more than 1 thumbs up if possible.

    You're awesome

    Now I'm going to see you posted a "HOW TO VID" on installing the 30" LED light along the bottom of the new grille

    thank you

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