Taipei day 3 ปั่น ปั่นจักรยานไป๋!! How to use U-bike.

Taipei day 3 ปั่น ปั่นจักรยานไป๋!! How to use U-bike.

Hi today is the third day in Taiwan. I will show how to rent a bike in Taiwan. ahhhhhhh It calls “U-Bike” Normally, there are many stations to keep the bikes So, we can rent the bike only $10 (TWD) or about 10 bath for renting 30 – 45 minutes for renting 30 – 45 minutes So, I will teach you how to rent it First, You need Easy Card easy card can buy at 7 eleven store and there are many cartoons or characters you can choose you can buy the card only about 100 TWD and top up money to the card This card cost 100 TWD or about 100 Baht bcoz Dollar Taiwan and Thai Bath not very different and you can top up how much ever you want I will teach you how to use the Machine First, we have the card Then, we will register the card to the machine we will touch the screen OK,This is Mandarin so, we change to English ahhhhhhhh Next, push join youbike push Read, then next and confirm it push agree Importantly, of the registration you need to have a number(mobile) in Taiwan can be sim card for tourist for 5 days or whatever but need to be sim card of Taiwan so,put yr number I will use my number first but actually, I already registered but I will try to do Lol look, it already registered haha but If we put the new number to Machine Then, it will let you set a password the password can be whatever about 8-12 characters after setting the password it will let you choose the card which you want to register with the number 1 number(mobile) can register more than 1 card after we put the number(mobile) after that waiting about 1 minute it will send you a pin about 4 digits in yr mobile phone so, we put the pin 4 digits to the machine after that it will be your account and you can change the password whatever u want and it will collect your data that when you use the bike or where you rent it and also how much you pay for that when we finish registering then we will choose the card remember “Easy card” the symbol of easy card is like this 4 colors like this then after choosing the card then, there are 2 ways to register the card to the machine Firstly, touch the card to this sensor zone or secondly, there are a number in every cards we only put the number of the card to the machine to confirm that we will use this card after finish we can choose the bike ^^ first, see at the monitor put the card to that sensor zone Left sensor zone for the bike at the left Right sensor for the bike at the right we can choose it but for using the card there are some error when we put the card to the sensor zone it sound like “@##i&$(8239” then it shows red light it means can not use the bike that is the error some bike can use some can not so we need to find for usable bike and shows green light I will show you for the red light or unusable bike see! it can not use for using the bike one card can use only for 1 bike if u want to use many bikes need to use many cards now I rent 1 bike I want to tell u some benefits of using this card it’s the real easy cause we can use the card to buy anything in the 7 eleven store not only that but also using at the MRT station after top up the money we can use the card for traveling at MRT then can use for renting Ubike for traveler i recommend you to buy this card look! this is symbol of Ubike see! there are many style of card Mine is Cartoon character after that ! Raining all day T^T this is night already we can’t record video cause raining all day only stay in department store continuing after showing for how to use the card Then I will show u more The way we get the bike ahh, follow me every bike is different we can choose for the suitable bike look! Its still wet LOL ahh, green light gotcha then, I will teach u how to keep it first, push the wheel to the given space then, put this magnetic tap to this position look at my example ok, push the card to the sensor zone it will tell u how much u pay and how much u have left in the card ok, finish how to use the Ubike at Taiwan it’s very easy and convenient thanks for watching and see u next video bye Don’t forget to subscribe and u can see for my new video earlier, thanks

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