TAKING A LUXURY BUS in MEXICO ! WORTH IT? (Gringo Moving to Guadalajara Vlog)

TAKING A LUXURY BUS in MEXICO ! WORTH IT? (Gringo Moving to Guadalajara Vlog)

I’ve been on airplanes with less bathrooms Than this bus. What is going on members of the Barrio It’s Jon and we are at the bus station in San Luis Potosi About to take a 5 hour ride to Guadalajara And you must be wondering what is so special about a bus in Mexico That I would make a vlog about it Well I took this long distance bus once I thought it was awesome And I’m going to show you guys exactly what it’s like to ride one. Hola Adriana Hola What do you prefer buses in the U.S or buses in Mexico I’m honest I didn’t try buses in the U.S I don’t know what it’s like I am almost always in the car Or a plane So i’m not sure But this bus is pretty cool Pretty comfortable And you get snacks I love snacks Look how much luggage we have This is insane Adriana has a new suitcase Humongous I think we picked a perfect day to be leaving San Luis Potosi Because it is getting really really cold out And I know that the temperature in Guadalajara is going to be much much warmer And we will be getting some of these refreshments As we board the bus I love this about the Mexican long distance bus system If you’re worried about your luggage on a bus in Mexico They actually tag them With your seat number And you also keep the receipt So it’s pretty safe You trust it right? I do and if you lose it by any chance… You have to wait until the end When everybody takes their suitcase And so at the end if nobody asks for yours They assume it’s yours So it’s a bad thing to lose it Let’s not lose it.. yeah good idea Adriana just got our goodie bags This is what I remember about my last bus ride Shall we look inside? Alright I asked for water Sandwich.. Snack This should hold us over for 5 hours I hope.. Yes.. This guy deserves a tip Adriana’s bag is heavy as hell Here we go.. boarding We have assigned seat number 28 Looks fairly comfortable Personal tv right here That’s where it’s at This bus has a womens room.. and a mens room I’ve been on airplanes with less bathrooms Than this bus Not much to show here folks.. About what you’d expect for a bus bathroom God that’s tough.. that’s really hard to push I found this seat open by itself in the back I’m not trying to talk to loud To piss the other people off Because I’m already kind of making a scene with this camera Anyways let me show you.. the features of this entertainment system Look at all the options that we have here Peliculas, Movies.. Music..Games..Books Although I don’t know how you could possibly read on here And all these different sorts of movies here.. Action.Comedy. Series Let’s go for comedy Look at all these movie choices..wow I think these are all in Spanish I just picked something by accident, oops I’ve got good news and bad news for you The good news is there’s tons of movie options The bad news is that if you don’t speak Spanish Or you’re not learning Spanish You might not appreciate them so much Because they’re either Spanish speaking movies Or dubbed.. so for me it’s going to be.. A 4 or 5 hour Spanish lesson today This drive is absolutely beautiful This is probably the only place on the bus where I can actually talk loudly But the experience has been pretty good so far I really can’t complain The wifi’s not working And some of the tv’s weren’t.. But we managed to find seats where everything was okay Scenery is nice And for a 5 hour ride.. in some ways I like this better than taking an airplane for an hour I think Jon fell asleep We have made it to Guadalajara In a hair under 5 hours And it feels good to be getting off the bus Alright members of the Barrio We have made it to Guadalajara And I will tell you compared to buses I’ve taken in other countries I actually think the bus we took today Was one of the best I love the luxury bus trips you can take in Mexico Tell me in the comments what the buses are like In your country Are they better than this? Are they worse? Adriana and I are going to be in Jalisco For about one month Exploring this area We’re going to be based out of Guadalajara We’ve got a lot coming up from here Make sure to subscribe to this channel if you are new Thank you so much for watching Until next time

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  1. What did you think of my bus experience?
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  2. La verdad los autobuses en México son los mejores y más cómodos que he tomado en todos los países que he visitado. Ni en Estados Unidos ni Europa ni en Asia son iguales, que privilegio poder viajar cómodo y barato. Podrían viajar próximamente por ETN y comparar !! Saludos y que bueno que salieron de mi tierra San Luis Potosí.

  3. Im sorry to say this guys but the really luxury is the one that is ETN double floor.
    Im not sure if it goes to Guadalajara too, but it does to Queretaro.

  4. I use to take a 3 hour bus ride from Mexico City to Celaya once a week for several Months. The buses are super clean and the service is great! And the prices are dirt cheap IMO.

  5. I traveled with greyhound that trip was horrible, no toilet, very tight seats, buses stopped at every lil town for no less than 25 mins, it was not a good experience at all, to top it off a 15 hr trip became a 26 hr trip nothing to compare to a mexican bus line

  6. Yeah, amazing buses are better now in Mexico than USA, I remember when Greyhound were first class, no more~there are fortunately some others that are pretty good, but other companies that are actually not American!!

  7. So, my mom came visit me, and took the greyhound from Mexico, brand new bus station with brand new buses, and then crossing the border, they had to switch to greyhound buses from the US, 😵 nasty old buses and shady people all around.. She had the worse experience, we are accustomed to higher standard in Mexico, when it comes to buses. She just couldn't believe it…

  8. so much better than any bus service here in Europe… the stupidity is that many Americans think that Mexico is a underdeveloped country….

  9. Mexico has an a Airline that is run by a monopoly ( is not the best) but it has one of the best terrestrial bus industry…. the Olympic bus made by DIna was the best in the 70 and 80….good luck amigo in my home town,,,, next time go to La huasteca in San Luis Potosí…..
    Greyhound in the USA, is only one bus line…..have you heard of them.????

  10. Dang I can make out exactly what route the bus took.I know because I drive in Mexico all over the states

  11. Hope one day you can travel by bus in central México , now That's real luxury style, try ADO platino oro ADO VIP or the ADO premier line

  12. WoW! Great+ Bus Terminal… just like an airport… 😛 Mexico and Latin America are the finest in hemisphere… Even best long-run buses in USA suck…

  13. Don't like passing Reynosa because last time I was on a checkpoint on the bus they stopped me because "I didn't have my permit" which I did and told me I need to give them 500 pesos or not they'll kidnapp me and take me to prison also They're not allowed to ask money from people who are travelling the only scary part of going on bus is the chances of getting robbed by corrupted police in Mexico

  14. YES! I love these buses! I statted riding them since I was 4 years old back in 2006 or 2007, I went to Durango Mexico from Jaurez Mexico. Alot of change with these busses throughout the decades.
    I always rode Chihuahuenses, Turistar, and Omnibus De Mexico, Omnibus De Mexico Plus
    My favorite would be Omnibus De Mexico
    Pretty comfortable for a 14 hour ride

  15. f my life I remember when we had a big business en Mexico and used to make bank and travel a over Mexico and go on the busses. but everything change when we got bankrupt our business burned down. and now I'm living in USA in apartment, :'( I miss my big house in mexico 😣😢

  16. Argentina has the best first class bus system. Leather seats with full recline. Movies. Brandy. Chocolates. Food.

  17. Debiste haber viajado en Turistar de lujo es mucho más cómodo y la diferencia en el precio no es mucha.

  18. As with most of these types of videos, the comments section are all filled with Mexican "quejones" trying to tell you that you could do better. That you should have taken this bus or that bus, or if you think this is good, wait until you see….blah blah. Como joden. Dejen a la gente que disfrute e informe a su manera. LOL LOL.

  19. ala proxima vete en el turistar lujo ese en el que te fuiste no es de los mas lujosos el turistar es el mas lujoso de mexico

  20. I been in several busses from nuevo Laredo to mexico df and back and they are the best its a great experience no planes for me (scare of them) usa greyhound the worse I mean they are from back to 1950 horrible

  21. I want to share the new english channel for speaking english people livin in Mexico Mexico News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6oLtOkbA_8&feature=push-u-sub&attr_tag=qk-F4Hb-W2p4IclN%3A6

  22. This video got a lot of views. And you didn't even have to title it "Crowded Bus in Mexico"! Were you really asleep on the bus? You had a smile so looks like you were awake.

  23. Here Be Barr, the Volvo 9800 DD is the newest bus in Mexico, maybe you should try it on your next trip. Primera Plus and Omnibus are the current companies offering this service.


  25. Ok, here we go then when you asked about where would the buses be better. Ok, hard to find better since the buses in Mexico is Scanias and Volvos. In Scandinavia offcourse they have Scanias and Volvos also because those buses are Swedish. Even there in Los putosi they have a scania plant where they build Scania trucks also and they are the best in the world. Ok, happy camping……………….Guadalajara, is beautiful been there many times. TCB from vasa Finland.

  26. Ok now that’s not a luxury Mexican bus don’t lie that’s only an ok bus which is by far better than us now luxury bus in mexico big spacious leather sofa seats personal ac personal tv 2 bathroom for men 2 bathroom for ladies and those are 2story buses with bar and a waitress

  27. I went on one over there and It was way nicer and had people walk and ask what we wanted. They gave a free sandwich and a soda. I sat in the front with a huge window and the most room and I was just watching movies!!! And we also went to quadalarta but before we went their we were at Pruto viatha I didn't spell that right, but we stayed at Grand Mayan

  28. If you really go exploring, you'll find that there is a great diversity of bus services in Mexico. Even within the same class (e.g. second class), the services not only vary greatly, but the quality of service also varies.

  29. "Members of the Barrio,"? hahahaha….good. I prefer Primera Plus WAY better than Grayhound……i enjoyed my travel in Primera Plus …..thanks for sharing…

  30. but the most fascinating are our beautiful rural fields MEXICNAS hopefully and travel to your border (usa) so that you know the immensities of the NORTHERN states of guadalajara will be at least 14hrs guad- the paso texas

  31. Hi guys, please give me tips on finding the bus for your desired cities. I.E. traveling from Chapala, Jalisco to San Andres Cholula, Pueblo. or any where else.

  32. The buses to Arizona are bad 2/10 The bathrooms smell bad af the seats have dried gum on them and the guy next to my mom kept on farting (my mom told me)

  33. Well uk bus services suck they are the worst best bus services in europe are french buses usa buses are good

  34. Yeah try taking grayhound bus from port authority NYC to Norfolk VA and get to your destination if by luck if the bus driver doesn't get lost the next day lol and that's with GPS 🤣🤣

  35. Definitely, It looks much better than any other countries. Here in South Korea, Mexico bus system looks better than South Korea or Japan. But In South Korea, Bus fare is cheap. The government subsidizes the bus companies.

  36. not just long d buses in mx, but around the world, they do tag luggage and provide food and snacks incluvie with tix! lol TrAVEl more!

  37. Aviation, Car & Oil industry killed rail & bus service in USA… USA was suppose to be a nation connected from point A-Z w/ high speed trains if those crooks hadn't interfered… they bought off all politicians… and the policies… 😛

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