Tamiya Sand Scorcher old car Scorchers Day

Tamiya Sand Scorcher old car Scorchers Day

my old tomboy… let’s start… more dust!!! uuuhhhh….!!!! nice jamp …))) if you liked ?… put then like ))) and subscribe to channel .

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  1. Hey you kept your promise, thanks!! ;-D Still ways too short, this nice movie – it is so cute! May we look forward to the next one? :-DDD

  2. I'm not sure if I commented on this video before but what size are those tires and where did ya get them from. Forgive me if I already asked you this before. Everytime I see a video with a bug with these tires I ask them where did they get the tires and what size are they. I cannot find these tires in a 1.5, that's what size the factory size is and I went out and bought some aluminum wheels in a 1.5 size and when I set out to buy the tires that's on your bug nobody has them in a 1.5. I've looked everywhere. I'm starting to think that maybe they don't make these tires in a 1.5. Anyway thank you for your time and I loved your video. Very nice work on your big, looks awesome.

  3. Great video, amazing area to drive around, lovely undulating surface but not too rough. What can I say about the car…. Looks so cool.
    Slow mo would be ooooo so nice.
    Keep them comming

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