Tata Harrier – Pros, Cons and Should You Buy One? Cardekho.com

Tata Harrier – Pros, Cons and Should You Buy One? Cardekho.com

welcome to cardekho where we help
you pick the right car right now combining the old school with the new
age the Tata haria is no doubt going down as a landmark moment in the brand’s
history based on a land rover derived platform filled with new technologies
and sporting a brand new styling language for Tata
the Harrier in many ways represents the new way forward for Tata Motors however
is that reason enough for you to choose one where does the Tata Harrier deliver
where does it fall behind and should you put your money down on one we make the
decision easy the Tata Harrier has many rivals in its
price range including the hyundai creta Renault Captur
Jeep Compass and Nissan kicks while all of them do deliver the SUV charm in one
way or another when it comes to road presence the Harrier is simply in a
league of its own not only is the design unique and aggressive the sheer size
makes it bigger than any of its price rivals in fact it’s longer taller and
has a bigger wheelbase than both the Honda CRV and the hyundai Tuscon – so be
assured that if you drive somewhere in the Tata Harrier heads will turn the Harrier doesn’t just look tough it
feels it – operating the doors touching or tapping the interior trim like the
soft touch – top or getting a feel of the leather at interior everything feels
very well-made and solid making the experience in the Harrier that was nicer fortunately the Harrier isn’t just a big
car for sure the cabin is practically laid out with
excellent overall space even for users over six feet tall and a good deal of
storage spots for daily usability as well
top that off with the 425 litre boot that expands to over 800 liters with the
rear seats down and you’ve got a car that’s got enough sensibility to ferry
the family and their luggage for road trips or even come in handy if you are a
business owner and need the room for clients or vendors and their luggage yes
the tata harrier gets the same 2-liter diesel engine as the jeep compass albeit
in a lower state of tune many wondered if this would make it a weak performer
but it just isn’t the Harrier has heaps of low rate torque for easy city driving
enough punch for low or high speed overtakes and it will happily cruise
along at highway speeds at over 100 kilometers an hour while showing no
signs of stress the Harrier isn’t just about sensibilities but this SUV also
pampers you with a long list of features like standard tilt and telescopic
steering adjustment and projector headlights with DRLs
multiple drive modes seven to eight point eight inch touch screens a 7 inch
TFT driver information display and absolutely epic 9 speaker sound system
by JBL Auto AC keyless entry and go auto headlamps and wipers and cruise control
it even gets terrain response modes for different road conditions leather it
upholstery and an eight-way manually adjustable driver seat tata was clearly aiming for a strong
safety rating when it built the Harrier as such dual front airbags ABS with EBD
and rear parking sensors come a standard higher variants add features like satin
curtain airbags ESP Hill hold and hill descent control cornering stability
control rollover mitigation brake disk wiping follow me home headlights front
fog lamps and ISOFIX so clearly tata did its homework before launching the
Harrier but there are some cons to this SUV as well in our test drive we did find that the
Harrier could have done better when it came to noise insulation cars passing by
or tire noise at certain instances were a little too audible which did take away
from what’s supposed to be a premium experience that said data says customer
cars will have better cabin insulation than what was given to us at the media
drive so if you’ve taken a test drive let us know what you think of the cabin
insulation down in the comments if not log on to cardekho.com right now and
find the closest dealer to get yourself a test drive tata has confirmed that
there will be a Harrier automatic that will combine this Fiat engine with a
six-speed torque converter from you and I however not offering the option of an
automatic at launch means an excruciatingly wait for people who want
a Harrier automatic now we understand tatas reasons for not offering an
all-wheel drive Harrier the simple fact is there are far too few buyers who need
all-wheel drive for it to make business sense for Tata afterall
an all-wheel-drive system would easily increase a variance price by around
rupees 1 lakh however when Tata has boosted so much about the land rover DNA
the lack of optional all-wheel drive does feel like a mismatch the harrier
certainly has the chassis setup for bad roads and the frame that’s proven itself
in its off-road capabilities so the option of all we drive or 4×4 would be a
welcome one no better way to actually deliver the Land Rover DNA ms there loaded as the tata harrier is there are
some feature missus that would have added a plus one to the harrier
experience these include power driver seat a sunroof and an auto dimming
irvm we wouldn’t consider these to be deal breakers but if tata decides to
create an XZ plus variant these would be some goodies we’d like to see added
to that okay we have to say this outright this is hardly going to be a
deal breaker but it’s something to bear in mind getting into a comfortable
driving position in the harrier is a bit tricky the central portion of the dash
rubs against the left knee to counter this you’ll have to push the seat
further back and move the steering towards yourself but this tends to
amplify another issue blind spots the wide a pillar and the massive orvm block
quite a bit of the view then there’s a d pillar that gets in the way when you’re
taking u-turns or parking all of these are things you’ll have to learn to get
used to yes if you’re thinking of buying the
Tata Harrier we’d say go for it it’s a big practical well loaded family car
that’s a fantastic package available at a bank for buck price also if you like
the Harrier but wanted as a seven-seater Tatas cooking something up for you to
possibly with a more powerful engine as well hit to cardekho.com or
download the app to get the on road price of the Harrier or any car in India now
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About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Harriet will be the benchmark suv for tata motors and for the segment but why I didn't understand that why should the include a sunroof and power driver seat and an automatic transmission

  2. Tata Harrier is really nice suv. Also, all wheel drive is no so necessary. But rear wheel disc must b a very imp point. Also auto gear shift is also important. But, superb company's superb SUV.

  3. Amazing product by Tata, but they could have included dual tone alloys ,all 4 wheels with disk breaks ,a sunroof ,leather dash instead of plastic, ambient lights, electronic seat adjustments and mabey even ventilated seats in the top spec of the car to give it a all-round wow factor

  4. 4WD & panoramic sunroof are missing point. Tata motor should address all the observed feedback given in this video to make this one as best car in India.

  5. I have cancelled my pre-booking as was not comfortable with the amount of cabin noise. I also felt vibration in the gear stick when car is ideal. Anyone else felt so ?? Please advise.

  6. Bro I feel that it doesn't have that fit and finesh that other cars of segment because roof lights are led and in dashboard box and vanity has of normal yellow lights and when our driver seat is pushed fully ahead and we increase height of the seat after increase 2-3 times the front left part the seat touches to the central portion of the dashboard and no covers on iso fix child seat mounts it doesn't look nice and looks odd

  7. Did test drive last night. As mentioned in video, noise level inside cabin is quite audible. Certainly a deal breaker for me. Engine noise is too high at low rpm. Driver seat is position given me feeling of sitting in my old alto. Grand i10 has better knee room and under thigh support than harrier (driver seat). Rear seat is very comfortable. Engine doesn’t have punchy feel and steering wheel is not properly connected to speed. I’m really disappointed 😔😔😔😔

  8. Nissan kicks has sold more units than harrier in january. I think harrier will sell good for 6months till MG hector will kill it.

  9. Why Tata isn't launching more Colur option if Tata Launch Harrier in colour Matt Black and Matt Blue it looks More Stunning

  10. Worst car
    noisy engine why cannot tata able to crack the refinement game like Hyundai do
    Not worth it.. U need to take a test drive to feel it

  11. Heavy noise when AC Fan is set high and even tried with one step lowering it almost feels like a heavy generator is running and cannot bear the AC compressor noise inside the cabin.
    Steering is light but the Motor noise of the power steering you can hear try to start the car and turning the steering you can hear the steering motor noise .
    Vibrations on gearstick , clutch ,Steering & Overall NVH is poor
    N0 electric adjustment for driver seat

  12. Based on a Land Rover based platform
    And Land Rover has already ditched this platform for a new one right this very year LOLOLLL
    I was still gonna look for this Auto Petrol version but guess what – Not Interested anymore!

  13. Does not have a sunroof , front arm rest is useless and driver seats do not have automatic adjustments .and automatic gears is also not offered currently

  14. Gadi ki test drive li ,andar baithkar laga ki neeche kahin baith gaye gadde me ,jitni badi gadi bahar se andar baith kar dekhi to laga ki choti car drive kar rahe hai ,
    Over all front visibility bahut kam hai,
    Same feeling in nexon and harrier ki we are not sitting in suv drive seat exactly

  15. I took a test drive and u won't believe I just booked in next 15 mins… It was awesome experience for 16 lakh car… White color just look stunning.♥♥♥

  16. The only thing that stops me from buying is the absence the 4×4… If that's solved it will be the best suv in the segment n Jeep will get slaughtered

  17. Perfect review. No petrol engine. why TATA?. No concern about pertol buyers and for those who have less drives? Shoud they opt for other cars?

  18. I took a test drive couple of days ago. At first I liked the way the SUV looked, but after a drive in Bangalore’s congested roads I figured it’s too big for city limits. Also the engine was noisy even at lower gears and cabin insulation was horrible. Gear box was hard and clutch has it’s own issues. Contrast to this Creta 2019 is all you look for at this price range, ventilated seats and loads of other options at top end variant. I finally booked a Creta. This is ofcourse, my personal opinion feel free to form your own.

  19. Cardeakho I need a car for mostly mining use like drive mostly hill area which car suits me, Scorpio, Harrier, or compas

  20. Took a test drive and realised that the sound insulation is not great, sometimes it’s annoying . However someone who is moving from a hatch back to this .. they would need sometime before they get used to the A and D pillar .

  21. You said it has blind spots . We have a thar. That car is BLIND SPOTTED EVERYWHERE. But you get used to it

  22. Tata Harrier is better than MG Hector or Kia Seltos. Hector looks mean and remember its a chinese product. Also, more automation means more complexities. Also most of Hector automation features are practically useless. Its just a crazy hype.

  23. Updation needed
    More visibility front and rear corners.
    Wireless charging system.
    Diamond cut dual tone alloys.
    All wheel drive.
    Retractable seats for rear passengers.
    3rd row seating.
    Cornering lights.
    Powerd tail gate

  24. Harrier is under test drive for sunroof so soon will get sunroof. Also they r improved insulation for NVSH . Old customer of Harrier will get this insulation pad fitted from their respective dealer.

  25. With out rear disc breaks what is the difference between a small car and car of this size. Indians have to learn more

  26. Well it's ok but the company has ignored so many things like the lights inside looks cheap… and the body metal is also like egg shell,,,, for such a heavy vehicles it doesn't have 4×4 facilities…. I wanted to buy but changed my mind after I checked it n moreover TATA Vehicles usually gets DISCONTINUED after sometimes , say for a year or two… So Guys think before u buy…

  27. Cabin insulation is decent for a diesel…no complaints there. The biggest grouses are lack of an automatic and the terrible ORVM's which make one blind on turns

  28. Such top Engineers, but what a blind spot they've created in such a nice car by wrong positioning of the rear view mirrors!!!
    Ppl may be avoiding the car bcos of such a blind spot tat may cause accidents easily.
    Hope TATA corrects it soon.

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  30. Why Tata has not put rear independent suspension to make more smooth ride and rectify the placement of rear view mirrors

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