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  1. me: if I turn the volume all the way up, then I'll be able to hear her voice more!

    turns the volume all the way up, destroying my ears

    me: Yay! Taylor Swift!

    mom: turn the volume down!

    me: what?

    mom: TURN THE VOLUME DOWN!!!!!

    me: sorry I'm listening to Taylor Swift and can't hear you

  2. Is it cool I'm listening to this song in 2019 & beyond is it chill cause it's in my head cause I know it's delicate isn't it isn't it delicate cause I have this album isn't that delicate isn't it isn't it delicate is it cool that I said all that cause I know it's delicate true fan Taylor Matthew Age 37 in Norfolk, Virginia United States of America !!!!

  3. sino nakakaalam kung saan yung lugar na yannn, paglaki ko pupunta ako dyan, tapos i'll dance exacty what taylor dancing hehe <3

  4. hayjusko pano nila nagagawang umakting na di nila nakikita si taylorrrrr, MYGHAD CASSIE, KUNG AKO NANDYAN DI KO MAGAGAWA YUN HUHU

  5. Image and reputation are very delicate. Once you make a mistake everyone will judge you. Nowadays, it's called "Cancelled"

  6. If you listen to the lyrics it kinda sounds like Taylor is with a guy who she knows is with (many) other women but wants him to herself (not trying to hate, don’t get offended!!!)

  7. ON 1:37 THE GIRL IN THE WHITE DRESS NOTICED HER! XD i love u taylor~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM UR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Gorgeous , 11/19/19 , Gorgeous is just 5 short days from Performing any Historic Music . Now that's Delicate News …. P. S. Not Fake News !!!

  9. 😂❤️😭🌈🔥💜✂️🙄😜💙😔💔🤣💚💛😍👇🏽🤪🤗🧡😛🥴🥳😁😆😇🙂😀😃😄

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