Teens React to Viral Videos: Used Car Commercials

Teens React to Viral Videos: Used Car Commercials

– Oh God, he got
the drone and everything. – Is that a belt
holding it together? What? – (FBE) What is the most that
you would bid for a 1996 Honda Accord? – ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – “My girlfriend needs
to sell her car. To help her,
I made this commercial.” – I love this thing.
It’s pretty funny. – (narrator) You, you’re different.
– This is so dramatic. – (narrator) That’s what makes you
one of a kind. – Just a random person
just made his girlfriend a commercial?
What a good guy. – (narrator) You don’t need things.
– Dang, that’s some old technology. I don’t even know
what she just put in. – She still has an iPod classic. – (narrator) You don’t care
about money. You have everything
you’ve ever wanted. – (gasps) The cat.
Oh my God. – What the heck? – That’s me in the morning. – It’s so well made, too. – (narrator) This is you. – Oh God, he got
the drone and everything. – (narrator) Introducing
a used 1996 Honda Accord. – That’s so funny. – At $500, I would buy it.
I need a car. – (narrator) Luxury
is a state of mind. – Just some random guy
just made this? He even had a drone
for it. That’s pretty cool. – I’m just more blown away
at the cost of making this than the actual car itself. – 1996 Accord with 141,000
miles, they can run for 300,000 miles.
I’m telling you, underpriced. – (FBE) So, we’re gonna show
you some more videos in a second, but
the Honda in this commercial is actually listed on eBay,
where bids for the car reached over $150,000.
– What, why? – That is a little overpriced,
I must say. – Why?
That doesn’t make the car any more special.
Just because it’s in a viral video. – (FBE) Unfortunately,
eBay canceled the auction before the car was sold,
quote “due to concerns around illegitimate bidding.”
– What? – No. – (FBE) This is not the
first time that a car commercial has been made like this,
so we’re gonna show you a couple more examples
of people who got creative when trying to sell
their old car. – Okay.
This is cool. I like this.
I should do this. – I’ve only seen that one,
so this is gonna be a treat. – (narrator) The most iconic
monuments have always seemed to be there.
– This one’s cool. It’s old timey, black and white. – (narrator) Those that stood
through wars. – This is great.
I love this. – (narrator) Today
still stand impressive. 2013 brings out
a true embodiment of iconic luxury.
– (laughs) – (narrator) The luxurious Maxima..
– Is that a belt holding it together?
What? – (narrator) 17 years
in monumental perfection. – (laughs)
17 year old car. – (narrator) Maxima delivers
an unprecedented sports sedan fully loaded with an engine,
wheels, tires, and an automatic… – I’d hope that it’s fully loaded
with wheels and tires. – (narrator) Over a decade.
This vehicle can guarantee it will get you from point A to B.
– Oh my God. – (narrator) Most of the time.
– Most of the time? – (narrator) Currently being
offered up for sale. – Yeah, how much?
Like, a dollar? – (narrator) Tour de force
of true motoring. – This car is just kinda garbage. – I would buy that car.
It sold me. What the heck? – It’s being held together
by a belt. That’s awful,
but it’s good marketing. It’s funny, dude. – I just like how they show
the ripped seats. They could have chosen
any other seat, but they chose to film
the one that has a big rip right through
the middle. – The work people put
in this. Oh my God. – If I had to sell something
that I knew had no way of selling by itself, I’d do
stuff like this. – (narrator) Feast your eyes
on this mother. Do you want to be perceived
as rich and cuddly? Of course you do.
– (laughs) – (narrator) Then buy my car.
– That’s a pretty car, I think. It’s bright orange. – (narrator) Equipped
with both an inside and an outside.
– No way. – (narrator) A curly exhaust.
– (laughs) – (narrator) Two pieces of
black roof sticks. Increased lumbar support
and Hepatitis B. – What? – (narrator) Four door handles.
– Four door handles. – (narrator) One of which
is broken. Decorative plate scab
on the tail boot. – Then why would you buy it? – (narrator) Fancy turning crank
with a built in… – Oh, turning crank. – This makes your crappy car
look ten times better, though, if you do something like this. – (narrator) And a recipe holder.
– A recipe holder? – (narrator) According to the legend
of my grandpa’s father’s grandpa, – Okay, this part is just weird. – (narrator) The back seat
is haunted. – Stop. – Get free ghosts
with the purchase of this car. – At least I’ll have company. – (narrator) Buy my Volvo.
– No, bro. – (narrator) Please.
– Please. He just knows nobody’s
gonna wanna buy it. – The first one was
still the best, because of the drone shots
and everything. – Great job putting the effort
on the commercials, but I’m still not gonna get
the broken wrecked car that you’re selling. – Those were fine cars.
They moved and the delivery of all the videos,
it convinced me. I wanna buy a car. – This type of humor
is so underappreciated and it’s just so dumb
and I love watching it. I don’t know, it’s just
so entertaining. – (FBE) So, the first video
we showed you was originally posted
on Reddit by Max Lanman to help advertise his
then girlfriend’s used 1996 Honda.
Since Lanman’s post, the video has amassed
over four million views at the time of this filming
and has even been featured on Good Morning America.
– What? Just for the car commercial? – That’s crazy.
Anything could get popular as long as you post it
at the right time and you just get
a little lucky. – (FBE) As you saw,
this wasn’t the first video to do this type
of thing, so why do you think this particular
video took off in this way? – It really seemed like
a real commercial. They sold me.
I would’ve bough the car like that. – The execution was so perfect
to an actual car commercial. I think that’s why it
stood out from the other ones. – The production quality,
the other two were good, but the quality,
it was so good. – They had drone shots,
it was the coast. Rich people that have money
that don’t even need it, they’d be like,
“Yeah, I want that car for $150,000.
I’m not gonna drive it, but I just want it
to say that it was in a viral video.” – He did it for his girlfriend
and he did it and the humor was on point.
It will inspire people to sell everything in
the best way they can. – It was comedic in
the writing and they made it exactly
like how a Honda commercial would look with the
light flares off of the car. It’s just going to amass
and inspire people who know how to
work with a camera and want to sell something
that they’re gonna be like, “I’ma do that now,
’cause I wanna go viral and I’m trying to sell my car.”
I guarantee someone’s gonna watch this and
be inspired and make a very similar video. – (FBE) So, there’s a ton
of creative outlets found nowadays online, where people
are able to create and showcase their creativity to the world.
So much so, that when it comes to used car commercials,
a fairly dull topic to most people, people still find a way
to make it interesting. So, as a teen today,
do you think that you’re able to be more creative
because of outlets like the internet and social media?
– Yes, of course. We could be in our rooms
watching videos or we could make
a show out of it. – If I didn’t have YouTube
or something like Instagram or anything, there was no
outlet before that. It was like, go draw some
pictures with some crayons. – I love it, because I feel like
everyone has a voice, obviously. Every individual has a way of
expressing certain things. It’s really good to see that
creativity in our generation is really, really up there – Being able to watch
other videos and be inspired or talk to people on the internet
or through social media, then I no way would have
been able to talk to, helps a lot. – YouTube is one ex–
is the most obvious example, but also other things like
Soundcloud for different types of art, like video making,
music, whatever you wanna do, there are plenty of places
online for you to post that now. Even if not a lot of people
view what you make, you can still put it
out there, right? Anybody can see it. – (FBE) So finally,
what is the most that you would bid
for a 1996 Honda Accord? – Their starting price. – $400.
Just because it was in a fancy video,
doesn’t mean you gotta bet $150,000 on it. – If I’m honest,
I literally don’t know car prices. Probably like $500. – $500 with no commercial.
With commercial, maybe about $800. – $1500 is the most. – I’d pay two grand
for that car. I feel like that’s a solid
Kelley Blue Book value right there. – I would pay $3000 for something–
for that first car. – I wouldn’t pay more
than $5000 for that. I could probably lease
a better car for a more reasonable price. – If I have the money
and I saw the commercial and I was a billionaire
or millionaire, probably give it more than
it even needed. $200,000.
If I had that money. If he was especially
bidding it for 100– people are bidding 150,
I’d be like, “200,000.
You deserve it.” – ♪ (game show music) ♪ – Thanks for watching
Teens React. Shoutout to Dalton Daniels
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Bye guys.

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  3. The Internet also makes you realize how futile and hard it is to be original, since almost everything is done already, even your own idea befor you could use it.

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