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  1. nice video mate can you specialise a video in your model 3 spec and your current specs o. your model s would be. a sick video man

  2. The taxes in developing countries on automobiles are very high so a conventional vehicle in a in developing countries costs similar to a luxury vehicle in the US also the fuel prices are higher, so Tesla could sell its vehicles without many problems.

  3. The tax credit doesn't drop from 7500 to 3250 until something like 6 months after the manufacturer hits the 200,000, so probably July 2018, then Jan 2019, it drops in half again… so tax credit will still be meaningful for a couple years

  4. I was at NY auto show today and they had a Ford Focus EV. Plus NY state had a map showing the infrastructure the state is creating for EV charging stations.

  5. The governor are not stupid they are never stupid, he was giving a message, ''hey im open for business koath brothers im here see !?''.

  6. It is 200,000 US sales for the credit not total sales you keep misleading people. You are Tesla's worst nightmare.

  7. Can we get a census pin the muted front nose of the Model 3 candidates that we've see out and about.

    I absolutely don't like it and I am praying to God that is not what is going into production.

    The alphas look so aggressive add more appealing than the mom and pop candidates.

  8. I'm 100% all for EV but the dodge Demon is a man's man car. just like a bad ass roller coaster but you own it. he gets a pass for rolling up in it seriously. I just want my P100D model S though.

  9. you talked about solid-state battery a little here is a good page to look at about the 94 year old inventor. https://electrek.co/2017/03/01/li-ion-battery-inventor-solid-state-battery-breakthrough/ It has a lot of comments about Tesla giga factory.

  10. Wow. I'm a subscriber but am rethinking that decision. Another rambling video. I
    don't have time to listen to 37+ minutes that could have been done in 8
    minutes or less. Also you are unbelievably wrong about your Tesla
    rebate statements. Moreover, your first comment is to self promote
    pateron. Lastly, EV owners should pay their fare share for roads but should also be rebated for reduction in pollution, health care costs, deaths, etc. I will be reevaluating following you in the future.

  11. The incentives for electric vehicles are only for US, in addition Tesla sells almost half of its vehicles in Europe and Asia so that between 70,000 to 90,000 vehicles of the 150,000 that Tesla sold would be in the US.

  12. The 200,000 vehicles is for US sales. The IRS say:
    The credit begins to phase out for a manufacturer’s vehicles when at least 200,000 qualifying vehicles have been sold for use in the United States (determined on a cumulative basis for sales after December 31, 2009).

  13. Loved the Dodge Challenger demon and some of the BMW's. They seemed to have lots of models. Even the chevy Bolt looked nice. They also had several fuel cell cars. I can not say if they will ever really take off. Honda and Toyota have the lead but still no extensive infrastructure in America. Also there seemed to be quite a few more companies building giant service vans. The sizes were quite incredible. Any way you cut it the show is great and always has lots to see. I guess that is why it has been around over a century and I have been going for almost 50 years.

  14. Ben, go to http://insideevs.com/monthly-plug-in-sales-scorecard/ and look at the US tesla sales for S and X and add those up from the begining and you will get as of last month 119,405 Teslas have been registered in the US. The US sales is what effects the tax credit not total sales.

  15. Ben, the idea of smaller short distance trucks is actually a great idea, think about it, many businesses need to drive less than 200 miles a day, 5 days a week and a big expense is fuel and maintenance…didn't Elon say there would be a pickup truck?

  16. Trying to impose some kind of political correctness is not a good thing, totally undesirable.

    Dodge is cool. Live and let live. The Era of energy efficiency and clean energy will come on it's merits. Coertion is a non starter.

  17. on semis , local makes more sense.
    you only need 200 mile range for majority of days. the big difference is getting the port containers out away from the coast.
    the sleeper berth weighs 5k
    the engine. tranny and fuel weigh 2k.
    so a day cab can have around 5k in batteries.
    then when autonomous is legal. these first semis can start going interstate.

  18. Tesla isnt the most valuable car company as you claim at 11:20, TM is still much much more valuable in fact around 4 times as valuable. Dont get me wrong, I have nothing against Tesla, just pointing out this little fact from an investor point of view

  19. According to Insideevs website. Tesla has sold 117042 in Us up to March. Since the beginning of Model S production curently selling about 11k a quarter in US market with that Rate and expected ramp I imagine it will be Q1 2018 when they hit 200k

  20. Why hypocrisy? You can be a Tesla fan, understand the whole EV movement, and even buy a Tesla while still liking a muscle car. They are both bad ass. Don't understand your point. Weak!!!

  21. too bad I missed the live stream but due to time difference, it airs late in the night, but hey, I saw you sought of gave me a shout-out (guy from Kenya trying to create EV awareness), thanks, the name's Felix. and I too do agree that developing markets are not ready for electric cars, I mean, the "newest" cars on our roads right now are 3-7 year old models from the EU and Japan, so the developing countries are more of a market for used cars and so until EVs become staple and readily available in the developed markets that they begin to fill up used cars inventories, we won't be seeing them anytime soon in our streets. but fast forward 2020, when the Chevy volts, bolts, Hyundai ionics, and Nissan leafs come off their leases and owners wanting to upgrade while more are produced in masses, then we will start seeing a revolution in our markets, I mean, all those used EVs gotta go somewhere? BTW, if you ever plan on selling your model 3, I'll be first in line 😉😀😉 my first EV will probably be a used model 3.

  22. I look forward to seeing what they unveil in September for Semi-trucks. But I really cannot wait to see the unveiling of their pickup trucks. I hope Tesla can take cues from the F150, Silverado, Ram, and Tundra. And if they are smart not the Ridgeline. The Ridgeline is nice but not many trucks buyers are interested in it

  23. End of fuel cars 🚗 tesla is the future car 🚗 all American cars l
    Love ❤️ tesla car I can't afford tesla car I hope Elon musk made cheaper cars for the little people.more power too Tesla.God bless Tesla.Amen. :-))

  24. Hi Ben it's John in Santee,I b waiting for my T3
    I just found 20 Tesla model S is mixed bag for $9999 at a junkyard in San Diego and they all looked pretty good except for two of them were just crushed dead. Let's start at Parts business

  25. That was$9999 each salvaged Tesla S in San Diego junkyard
    Also we need Ben to go slow when saying the email address

  26. I agree they should cover the semi trailer in PV cells so extend range. Might not be enough to power it all but it's still possibly 15 to 20 kw worth of room for panels on a trailer roof n sides.

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