Tesla Model X vs Range Rover – Which is the Better Value?

Tesla Model X vs Range Rover – Which is the Better Value?

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  1. I've just purchased a Model X, trading up from a 2015 i3. Prior to the BMW I had two Range Rovers. A 2012 then a 2013. The first being a lemon, replaced with the second RR. First, the warranty that JLR provides is garbage. At my cost, I replaced rear brake pads on the 2nd Range Rover at 10k, and all of the brake pads at 22k. Which is absurd. They even charged me for the key fob battery that failed after a year. I never left the service department without paying hundreds of dollars for something. Plastic bits, door retention arms, electrical gremlins, squeeks/rattles, and complete engine failure in both vehicles. Some of the issues happened over and over, such as plastic air dam on the front which would come undone and drag on the ground. The third time this happened, JLR service told me that they couldn't replace it again because that the design was flawed, but that they were not permitted by JLR to alter the design to fix it. So I took it to my independent mechanic who drilled a screw into the front to keep it secure.  I'm a pretty mellow guy, but they turned me into a raging lunatic. After all that, I was so done with Range Rover that I bought the most polar opposite vehicle I could find. The i3 has been a total pleasure, but the range isn't good at all and the charging network is pretty abysmal compared to Tesla.  I'll be giving the i3 to my mother-in-law once my Model X arrives Delivery is a week late because of last week's snow flurry. 🙁

     I gave JLR two chances, and that's enough. As seductive as Range Rovers are, there is no amount of luxury that can offset how much of a pain in the a$$ they are. Fingers crossed that the Model X is awesome!

  2. Ahh, I can already see mad Range Rover owners that have switched to the Tesla and saying that it's not luxurious enough. :/

    But thanks for the Video, i love the new perspektive!

  3. I went into a Land Rover dealership just a few months ago and was adjusting the seat and the button fell off. I also noticed the knob on the passenger seat was cracked. The car was brand new. I know of so many people who have had lemon Range rovers I can’t count. The build quality is abysmal. I has a Mercedes c class and also had many issues, I had a Mazda before that for five years and no issues. So those who complain about Tesl build quality I can assure you that most of the high manufacturers have similar if not worse quality issues.

  4. Great vid. We drove our parents 2017 Range Rover earlier in the year and although some of its features were superior to the X, the most important feature, the driving, handling and obviously acceleration was no comparison to a Tesla and frankly made the Rover feel like a joke.

  5. Thanks for the great work! Would love to see a comparison similar comparison between a model X and SUV and even Mini-van in the $50k range. Would love an X, but to be comfortable, need to keep budget around $50k.

  6. Good analysis that underestimates Tesla benefits. My Model S experience driving 35,000 miles per year is that insurance is less than my Porsche Boxster that cost half as much, maintenance is 1/4 the cost, and I've spent a total of $5.13 for electricity (free charging at my highrise plus Superchargers) vs. maximum of 24 mpg (!) for Boxster; plus, at any speed my single engine Model S while hauling a full load blows away my Boxster. Only advantage of Boxster is it is a small car that my girlfriend has to drive. Without self-drive autopilot there is no way could I survive driving any other car 35,000 miles per year!

  7. Ben,

    Great analysis! You are the king of comparative analysis and I love your conservatism as it frees you from any bias !! Really great value

  8. Thanks for stating mileage in km/litre. That is very helpful in understanding. Great comparison .loved your conservative approach and still finding ev is better deal

  9. Hi Ben, excellent job. Could you please make video comparing Tesla vs. BYD. I think it would be really interesting. Thanks.

  10. Great video and numbers Ben! 

    As a comparison, here's the numbers for owning a Porsche Cayenne S for 13 years. With every car I have owned, my goal was always to own a premium vehicle for around $500 per month. This can be achieved by buying the car used, taking good care of it, and driving it for 10+ years. If you want a new vehicle and you don't want to drive it for more than 3-5 years, expect to pay double, or around $1,000 per month instead for the same vehicle (or add another $200-$400 per month for a new Model S or X).

    I bought the car as a certified pre-owned from Porsche in 2005 with only 3000 miles on it. It looked brand new and was less than a year old and. That saved me 15% right off the bat, and I paid $61K instead of $72K. The price included a (negotiated) 6 year extended warranty and LoJack. With tax the total was $68K. Now 13 years and 90K miles later, I have only spent a total of $14K on repairs and service. This includes everything except tires, insurance and gas. So the cost of ownership over 13 years have been 75K, or $480 per month. 

    I'll buy my next car in a year or two, and this time, it will definitely be an EV. Probably a Tesla or a Porsche. But before I'lll buy a Tesla, they definitely need to improve the build quality and the fit and finish. If you're only leasing for three years, then that may not matter much. But if you plan to own the vehicle for 10+ years, then it definitely does. And Porsche is, at least for now, in a different league when it comes to build quality, just as Tesla is way ahead of everybody else with their tech. The future is looking very bright!

  11. Why do you have subtitles for an English guy speaking English when you don't have them for an American guy speaking English? Really! I mean, I completely understand if it was an Australian guy (like me) speaking English, not! Huh! Awesome! G'day 😉

  12. If you buy a Rav 4 you would be saving almost $100,000 over 5 years vs the XThe x is neat. Sorry this is one of the few times in history were the Range Rover is actually the MORE reliable SUV. The rover drives far far better than the x. The interior is 4 times the level of workmanship. The rear seats are far more comfortable in the Rover. The new Rovers also have a very high real world re-sale value. Best of all the Rover is one of the best consumer off road suvs on earth. Budget shopping for a 100,000 SUV is insane. None of them make Financial sense. The X looks like a toy next to the Rover. Have you even driven a Rover? Sorry but this is one time when the Tesla is outclassed in almost every way.

  13. The X is not an SUV, good for dog…No. good for surfing/windsurfing….. No. good for Boating……No, good for Mountain Biking……No.
    I have run Merc ML and Volvo new XC90, why Cant Tesla build cars for real people like me, Really ! At least BMW give us wagon 3 series. Let’s hope the model Y will be an SUV, so a square back, roof rails for racks, no stupid doors, time to stop gimmicks and build practical cars, by the way Ben, I do not buy cars on cost of ownership and I don’t know many people that do. Can I carry my kit to the beach, mountains. My free time is important and I need a car to deliver me, the wife and our dog. Plus all our lovely toys. In fact I need a SUV, just need Tesla to start making one

  14. My daughter had one (RR) and I almost went broke keeping it on the road. Nice looking pieces of crap in my opinion. The X is superior in every way.

  15. I don't think it's valid to assume equal depreciation & insurance rates between the two vehicles. Because the X has a cheaper initial price, it skews the data in it's favor. Unless there ARE numbers we can use, it's not a fair comparison to include those factors IMHO.

  16. Neither, both are unreliable money pit machines. Stick with your Honda CRVs and Toyota RAV4s. Also Land Rover and Jaguar are owned by Tata motors an Indian knock off car company so it's no wonder their quality is so bad.

  17. FYI: Land Rover isn't owned by "Jag-war". The Jaguar Land Rover Group is owned by the Indian industrial giant Tata. For the rest: keep up the good work!

  18. $3000 of gas in a year for the Range Rover? That's very bad math. For 1300 miles it's about 55 gallons, which is around $140 x 12 months = $1500

    I don't know what sort of math you made to get $3000

  19. I think you severely underestimate the difference in maintenance and repair costs Ben.  The RR has well north of 2,500 moving parts with an internal combustion engine, cooling system, fuel system, timing system, exhaust system, emissions control, transmission, supercharger, and gearbox complexities compared with the 30 (give or take) moving parts of the Tesla.  Although it depends which bits you count, the truth of the matter is that there is FAR more to go wrong in an RR than a Tesla.  Trust me – speaking as a recovering Landrover Discovery owner.

    There's a reason why Tesla can offer a million mile warranty on their Semi.  Internal combustion just can't compete with Solid State.

  20. Can you solve that cube on your desk? Looks a little like a product placement (if it that's cool too). I just know your a data geek and many cubers are also heavy into data or statistics. I can tell by the color scheme it's not a Rubik's brand.

  21. Great videos but why assume the same level of depreciation? With less mechanical parts it should theoretically be less. Also is some states there is no sales tax.

  22. In the past I was very impressed with your analysis. I was very disappointed here. No real data, wrong numbers. You understate the cost of Model X. In Aug 2016 cost of the 90D was $125,000 cash delivered, that included everything. So cost that you used is too low. On the other side you did NOT consider the FREE supercharging that we have to use a lot on long trips. After 16 months have 22,000 miles, that is 16,500/year. Just one trip we took NY to Denver Co was over 4,000 miles, all using FREE supercharging. Maintenance was really low $600 for 1st year. Please use better numbers and do things right as I have seen you do so well in the past. You are VERY GOOD, show your great abilities. The Tesla is a MUCH bigger winner, see some comments below too.

  23. Does anyone who what a falcon wing door repair or replacement costs when they start failing?
    I have a friend with an X whos had his drivers side door replaced twice, falcon door constantly have issues to the point where he isnt using them, drivers seat has been replaced 3 times (no hes not fat), air con replaced, rear mono post seat motors replaced, rear hatch motors replaced, air suspension on the rear failed, front drive unit replacement, and the list goes on.
    He has, no joke, gone to the service center every 3-4 weeks. He says he loves driving it but it pisses him off and there he is selling it at day one when warranty has expired.
    My land rover discovery 4 has been stellar for 7 years! Only part that has failed is the rear trunk roll up mechanism for the wire. Of course costs of break pads and rotors is a lot higher, oil changes etc.
    I will gladly pay more for those parts then have to go to the service center every month because the hassle of that cant be put into numbers.
    Other mates of mine have also had stellar range rovers and land rovers.
    Dont get me wrong I love teslas, im a great fan and have convinced 4 friends of mine to buy one (1 being the X i described) the others having S’s, and they have seen their fair share of repairs too.
    I would love the acceleration and handling of the X though lets be honest, then again imagine the cost of tyres if u were to launch all the time, which u obviously dont 😀
    Tesla needs to figure out all the issues with the X otherwise everyone will be dumping their cars on the used markets after warranty running out, saying but it still has battery and drive train warranty, while the real problem is all the other shit that fails that bugs the shit out of u and also costs quite a lot.

  24. Love that you picked the SVR to make the number for a truck more expensive. You could get a v8 supercharged for considerably less… But then your Tesla wouldn't win your comparison.

    Also Tesla depreciation is steeper than range Rovers

  25. As a Range Rover owner I have to be honest, yes, the cost to maintain it can be on the high side, but as a 4×4, well, it's up there with the best. When and if Tesla bring out a proper 4×4, something along the lines of the Defender would be enough, then I think they will have covered all the bases. The Model X is alright I guess as a SUV, but as a true 4×4 (off-roader) they still have a long way to go.

  26. A couple of other things to consider, as far as fuel costs go. Superchargers for us are free for ever, and if you have solar panels on your house the fuel cost drops to zero. We currently have a 2014 Model S with 122,000 miles and have not paid for electricity and still have the original break pads! We have not paid for anything except for tires. We expect our 2017 Model X be be the same.

  27. The Range Rover is far more luxurious and comfortable in every way vs the Tesla. The money you're spending is going towards the electric motors but the interior is in par with a high spec Honda Accord. Worse ride quality and off road it will break in half. Once Land Rover releases an Electric Range Rover it will be bye bye Model X. I'll admit the model X iş far faster but not enough to offset the cheap interior and lack of off road ability.

  28. I think it is important to note that the Range Rover is a much more capable off-road vehicle, for off-roading the X is really a bit of a joke. So in that regard they are very different vehicles and can hardly be compared. Not even to mention finding a charging point in the outback. Thanks for your video, I enjoyed it.

  29. Ill never buy the tesla,ever
    Its ugly,very short range,useless off road,too expensive,not well built and i bet the xc90 is safer

  30. On paper these figures certainly makes a good case for the Model X, but most Luxury buyers aren’t really shopping for “value”. Considering most Luxury vehicles depreciate at a jaw dropping rate, I would argue that there is no real “value” in any high end vehicle. People buy Luxury cars and SUVs for more than practicality. They buy them for the distinction of owning a prestigious badge. They don’t really care about the cost of ownership nor the depreciation.

  31. Comparing chalk and cheese here. The Model X is no more a 4×4 than a Toyota Prius is, low ground clearance, poor breakover angles and approach and departure angles, the Range Rover can safely wade nearly 1m of water and has probably one of the best traction control systems currently in production… Range Rover for all its perceived flaws is a PROPER heavy duty 4×4 regardless of if the first owner never takes it off road. Also, Range Rover can tow heavy objects well in excess of 2 tons such as… horse boxes and caravans. Range Rovers aren't "Good value" I'll agree 100% there, think most people knew that before the video even begun 😀

  32. Do you need a new employee?!  I focus on your analysis in my MBA classes, which has recently introduced me to Tableau, that I see on your charts.  Your take on Tesla is unique and I greatly appreciate what you do!  PS –  I recently reserved a Model 3 🙂

  33. I drive 150 miles per day.50k miles a year.250k in 5 years. model x vs range rover. who can be driven 250 k in 5 years with less problems? I am very close to order model x. I hope its right choice for me.

  34. This is a no brainer …. If for anything the Tesla won't breakdown ……Range Rovers are for people with more money than brains ..just look at their resale value after a few years …….Range Rovers are total junk …NO LONG TERM RELIABILITY $$$$

  35. IMO the only premium I see on the X is the acceleration and sometimes the handling, as well as the price. I have driven it twice now and I do not get a premium feel when I step into the interior of the car. Breaking down the cost of the car is only part of the picture. The rattles and poor fit and quality of the materials are still not top notch. Covering all the plastics with leather doesn't hide that. I agree that the cost of ownership makes it more affordable but is that really an issue for people also looking at RR? I live in Norway so the incentives on EV's are hard to ignore. I will buy an EV later this year and I will probably go for the Tesla X because it is the best deal right now in terms of range and charging network, size, AWD and a higher seating position.

  36. There will always be some that dissect your analysis and criticize the conclusions that are made. The fact remains that people that may have money to easily burn through will buy what they want and generally don't care about the comparative footprint left by ICE vehicles vs. EPV's. Your nicely outlined comparison of costs clearly shows that one will cost more over time than the other. Eventually many of us will get over the prestige factor of owning a high end branded vehicle over purchasing a vehicle that will possibly slow down the process of overexploiting the planet's natural resources. Thanks for your work and efforts on your channel…

  37. The entire underlying assumption of this video is a incorrect. Nobody buying $100K+ luxury SUVs cares about fuel costs or maintenance costs. If they did, they could buy a reliable Toyota or Honda for 20% of the cost. The only meaningful way to compare these vehicles is baed upon features and driver experience. I believe the Tesla still wins out, but this video shows nothing useful.

  38. Can you drive with your Tesla X through 60 cm deep water and show it on video? That‘ ll be awesome !

  39. For me the fuel of a range rover monthly cost more than financing a new tesla that is why i don’t get why people say Tesla’s are to expensive

  40. My friend owned a Range Rover I forget the model but it was only 2 years old he had a ton of issues with the thing range rovers are trash

  41. tesla makes people stupid .they makes dumb car . there is no comparison between range rover and tesla .range rover are far ahead from them. they are father fo all suv.

  42. At 100K+ for a vehicle, the difference in the overall value is not too big of a delta to really care about. The gas savings and zero emissions could​ be something that could swing it for some though. I had a 2014 HSE range rover and I god damn is it an amazing and luxurious vehicle.

  43. I was doubting buying a Model X for my next family car, but your analisis really made it for me. I am sure the Model-X will be my next family vehicle.

  44. Frankly they BOTH suck when it comes to reliability. And yes that includes "minor issues" which Tesla owners love to say. You could literally roll the dice on these two and either one will end up in the shop more then average. The Range Rover runs rings around the Tesla in the looks the department. But pick your poison either way.

  45. As far as kilometers and liters are concerned, fuel consumption is measured in liters per 100 kilometers and not kilometers per liter. Just saying. 🙂

  46. Your numbers are skewed from reality. The X will not depreciate nearly as much as the Range Rovers—which are notorious for big depreciation and even bigger repairs. A five year old Range Rover is cheap to buy and there’s a reason for that—huge and ongoing problems. You gave the land rover way to much credit.

  47. FYI the reason he picked just the base model 100d is because the p100d is way more expensive….p meaning performance…which has a much more powerful kw battery…which gets the car to 60mph in 2.5 seconds vs the regular 100d to 60mph in 4.6 seconds….and the 100d having a top speed of 155 mph…vs the p100d having a top speed of 165 mph….if your not looking for extra speed just stick to the regular 100d🤷‍♂️

  48. I think you have done a great job here ben. It seems like a very fair analysis. However. under maintenance costs, if you were to keep the Range rover, which is a huge market. The costs become huge and repetitive. Also under fuels costs, what about people who have access to free charging and are in locations where they only charge off that, not to mention people with solar panels and other renewable sources powering their homes. Tesla has consistently topped customer service polls and from what I have seen and heard, has a fantastic warranty service. I'm saying good job Ben, Tesla comes out on top, but I think in some cases the gap is much bigger and greater financial savings can be made.

  49. Where did you go to school? Obviously the Tesla is going to have lower overall depreciation than the Range Rover that is priced HIGHER than it.

  50. So, when the Land Rover starts to produce electric Range Rovers then it will be a good idea to buy one then. Because they really looks much, much nicer than a tesla inside and out.

  51. Tesla is garbage. My 2019 Discovery Diesel is awesome from head to toe.I wouldn’t trust a Tesla. Too many alarming problems outweigh the benefits.

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