Tesla Truck vs Ford F-150 Cost of Ownership: Is the Tesla a Value Buy?

Tesla Truck vs Ford F-150 Cost of Ownership: Is the Tesla a Value Buy?

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  2. You also have to consider the longetivity of the car which based on current data we are talking about 300k plus miles. By the time it comes out with a new battery design I would say you can expect 500k+

  3. Love the data on true cost of ownership. I have a Raptor and a Model 3. When you go electric, you really finally see how much better it is compared to ICE vehicles. I'm one that will gladly get rid of the Raptor for the Cybertruck!

  4. Really don't understand why you made the comment about charging being a problem when towing. I've towed a motorcycle behind my S and I just park and unhitch the trailer when I charge. It takes about 2 minutes. Not a big deal. And since Tesla is making the big rig as well, they'll clearly be installing charging stations that can handle vehicles with trailers.

  5. F150 for generations….seriously? How boring is that!!!! Call me odd but I need to mix things up in life a bit to keep things interesting, ate only steak and potatoes for years, think I’ll try pizza.

  6. The TCO comparison over looked the fact that 50% of trucks in the US are Fleet Vehicles (groups of 15 or more). Even by your 5 year TCO numbers a Fleet manager could save 30% per truck. The real number should take into account the Cybertruck will outlast the F150's by 3 to 4 times i.e., 20 years not 5. This makes the savings numbers really staggering. Fleets will be buying Cyberturcks or looking for a new manager who knows how to manage money. Cybertruck sales are going to be huge and really hurt Ford and probably put GM out of business.

  7. There's so much wrong with your estimates.

    Estimated wh/mi for the dial motor is 420. Should be less for the single motor. Not sure where you're getting 500 from. Because the average numbers I've seen for model x is mid to high 300s.

    Insurance is going to be higher because of the fancy materials and EVs are typically more expensive to insure.

    Depreciation is totally wrong. Teslas have a much lower depreciation than a Ford truck.

    Even with all that the Tesla still wins.

    You really should just use sale price with fuel and maintenance cost. But even that you're getting wrong.

  8. What can make it a game changer though is the rather large fleet market… Fleet buyers like cities and utilities buy on 2 criteria…Does the vehicle do what we need it to do and is the total cost of ownership lower than what we're using now. If the answers to both those questions are yes then it's a no brainer.. I have to imagine that every electric utility would switch to electric trucks as soon as the solution becomes available. Same with companies like ATT and Comcast. Most of those trucks don't need a lot of range and would sit all night when charging costs would be lowest.

  9. Do you have any data on the actual life of the truck (say 200,000 miles). I know first 5 years there is no cost of maintenance. Tesla is pushing that information because the average ownership time for people is actually shorter then that. But what the people that drive a car until it dies? What about when parts fail? can you do the work yourself like a standard truck, or is everything going to be in a shop because of all the computers and specialty parts? What happens when drive motors break, or computer systems need an update or fry? I'm very interested to see what happens over the long haul of owning one? If tesla is pushing for cheaper cars/trucks they have to also take into account what people who buy the cheaper cars do to keep from having to restart a car payment plan again. Thanks for the info. I enjoyed the video.

  10. Where to put a ladder rack? Camper? Hauling big things? Range 500 miles empty less than 200 miles fully loaded?
    !!!!Not a truck!!!!

  11. Many people take issue with the F-150 five year cost of maintenance. So what? If you totally remove it from the calculations (not actually advised in practice) the Cybertruck still beats the F-150 by more than $10,000 for the five year cost of ownership. That's a lot. It should give tradesmen something to think about when it comes time to buy their next truck.

  12. You're comparing apples to oranges and there's just no comparison. Any electric vehicle will have a lower cost of ownership to any gasoline/diesel vehicle. This should be compared to the electric F-150 when released or any other electric pickup for that matter

  13. So what happens if you push the CoO out to 10+ years? My current truck is almost 30 years old and aside from replacing the engine/transmission this year (300k miles) with a junk yard LS special for ~$2k it costs me next to nothing to own. How much is it going to cost to replace those battery packs in the Tesla?

  14. alternative math. purchased F-150 new in 2003. $17k. 16 years and 260k miles later, still going strong. I'm saving the world!

  15. Electricity to power my Model 3 is ZERO because I have solar. It will also be zero to power my Cybertruck which will be replacing my F150. Never having to buy gas and send my hard-earned U.S. dollars overseas to terrorist-sponsoring nations in the Middle East will be a godsend to my pocketbook, my conscience, and ultimately once the EV revolution reaches critical mass, to humanity.

  16. This was a horrible comparison..you are not even close to apples to apples on this. You don’t know understand the different ford models. I think before making a video you should always do your research. Also no one knows how this cyber truck will be equipped inside. This truck which to me isn’t a truck anyways is min 2 years away but more like 4 years away.

  17. I run off grid solar so the CyberTruck is about 60-65% of the cost of the gas guzzler. I also think the depreciation and maintenance of the Ford will total higher and the CyberTruck will be lower than you project, especially for us CyberCats in the west that actually use our truck for a truck instead of driving to Home Depot and a 9-5 job every day.

  18. How much will the battery replacement cost ? Yup too much and service would be non existent in most areas where men buy trucks..
    kids this is a flash in the pan.
    Go ask a mechanic. He would laugh at at any human buying this disposal douche .

  19. i own a coyote equipped f150 and own three trailers at least one of which sees weekly service. im also a farmer so im right in the middle of the truck owner/user market.
    in short:
    1. dont care how it looks and dont care what anyone thinks. truck is a tool if its ugly (and i think it is) then its ugly. shutup and make it work, thats what its for.,
    2. i ordered one. not giving up my beloved ford. may not carry through purchase if range is severely affected by towing as seems to be the case in tests so far with other teslas.
    3. its not cost effective if you own your current truck outright, which i do.

  20. Depreciation is a curious one. In the current markets in 2019, EVs are not depreciating. In fact, some are worth more today than they were when brand new, something unheard of outside of the world of limited edition sports cars and collectors vehicles. High demand and low availability being the driving factors. By 2021, that will probably self correct as more EVs enter the market and production numbers ramp up. While I expect that trend in the general EV market, it's certainly possible that Cybertruck will attain immediate cult status and used models (especially non-workhorse ones) will retain value because of that.

  21. I read that somewhere that a full payload or close to towing capacity and the Cuber truck would only get 110 miles to the charge.

  22. Good luck finding someone that'll fix it let alone the resale value. Tesla's are so hard to get fixed unlike Ford where you can usually find a dealership in almost every city or if you're mechanically inclined , you can fix the Ford yourself. I knew of a few Tesla owners that after a certain amount of mileage on the car, they needed work done and Tesla wouldn't touch it. Electric cars aren't quite there yet. I'd say 10 years before they really start taking off.

  23. Seven minutes into this video and I have seen for ice truck related commercials. YouTube algorithm is trying it’s best blessed heart. Let all four videos play out in some of them were two minutes each. Wanted to charge the company full price for their ads and give you the ad cents.

    My prediction is cyber truck will be cheaper but not by much.

    Holy crap I was way wrong. PS I will be buying a Cybertruck a Sim as I can afford it. And I don’t really have need of a truck. I just think it’s the coolest thing ever.

  24. Add the self driving for 7k and you can eliminate depreciation and come out way ahead of any other pickup. PS it doesn't have an engine so why the hell would you want to add a large hood if only to make it look like every other truck. People wake up!

  25. Does your video consider the F150 EV will likely roll of the assembly lines into dealer lots before Tesla even breaks ground on an additional manufacturing line. The Union contracts have already been signed and agreed upom as to where the F150 EV and PHEV versions will be built.

  26. Can anyone tell me how far the 500 mile range loaded with max towing will be able to make it on a CHARGE? I can't wait to have livestock sitting at a Supercharger while waiting😏.

  27. Cybertruck by over a $1,000 a year…and now after seeing the results, wow more than double what I guesstimated. Glad I got my order in early.

  28. It’s only a matter of time before the government will tax your electric vehicle mileage. Similar to the tax on gasoline.

  29. Thumbs up, on the comparison of ownership of a Cybertruck in California. Who cares about Texas. You are missing the truck buyers in the North Central USA, and Canada, where trucks are as common as mud. These Northern USA states, feel EV batteries will not work in the cold central USA. Is that why you choose Texas?

  30. City boys truck… ppl that need trucks need to pull stuff… the batt looses an insane amount of power quickly pulling…. try pulling a trailer in canada in the winter with the heater going full blast and see how far you get… but if you dont really need a truck this can be fun

  31. You can’t gloss over the fact that insurance can be very expensive for the Tesla and other pure EVs. It makes a big dent in the overall value proposition. For the record – I like Tesla’s but won’t consider owning one until the true cost of ownership – largely driven by insurance costs- comes down.

  32. Great video, I am shocked by the comparisons.
    Now if you’re attempting to compare apples with apples, try and find an F150 with the performance of the cyber truck! The performance of the latter is quite staggering….

  33. you are comparing apples to oranges here. If your going to compare APPLES to APPLES you must compare the electric trucks not the gas trucks like the Atlis XT and Aivion that can run with the Tesla.
    The Ford electric truck also and the Colorado ZH2 a Chevy that the military is testing that gives you water in an emergency and will power your house in a emergency also. These are trucks that will come out while everyone is waiting for 2 or 3 years for that Tesla ??? These trucks look like trucks and not a car like Elons EL Camino. The Tesla truck looks like a Fiero made it with a Delorean and out popped a Fieroean. We know the Fiero crashed and burned and even "Back To The Future" couldn't save the Delorean. I'm thinking the third time is not the charm here, this car is just plain UGLY.

  34. The Atlis XT, Rivian , Ford Electric Truck, Colorado ZH2 a Chevy the military is testing now, look nothing like Elons car oops, I mean truck.
    Elon can land a rocket in the middle of the Ocean, make a car drive itself but he can't figure out how to put curves into stainless, what ??? It looks like all the Tesla stock holders and car owners have went into full BRAINWASHING MODE, it's not good when Tesla stocks go from 351.00 down to 333.00 then to 330.00 range. I think I see 👀 the hidden truth here.
    It is crazy to tell someone yeah, it's ugly but I bought it anyway or I know it ugly but Just keep looking at it, after awhile it starts looking good.
    This is like a cattle farmer standing in his cow pasture staring at a cow pie and telling us, if you look at it long enough it starts looking like ice cream or hot fudge .
    Seems like all the ones that are investors or driving Tesla's want all of us that aren't investors and not driving Tesla's to see a work of art instead of what it actually is to us UGLY. If we don't buy it, won't Elon have to admit he failed to give the buyers a vehicle that they wanted, thus learning from his mistake and giving it another shot.
    What makes billionaires, billionaires is they like to dictate to we the POOR what we WANT. FORGETTING our hard earned cash helped them become those billionaires.
    In the past these BRAINWASHING methods worked but I think alot of people are waking up from this and it's not working anymore. WHY SETTLE FOR UGLY ???? Most IMPORTANT who wants to pay money down and wait 2 or 3 years to get any truck ???? Example; Look how long we waited for this reveal and we got UGLY.
    I think Elon just might have gave his competitors the time they needed to catch up, judging from the Atlis XT, Rivian, Ford Electric Truck and the Colorado ZH2 a Chevy that the military is testing now. They are way closer than Elon thought.

  35. Seems like insurance should be a lot cheaper for the Tesla because paint is a big item and the Tesla doesn’t need paint.

  36. Yes, cheaper than gas, but what about when the batteries go bad? What is THAT cost at the end of year 6-10? Or are we talking about disposable, just like the rest of our economy?

  37. I pre-ordered the cyber truck, am selling my current jeep, and leasing a model 3.
    You bet your A$$ I'm getting the cyber truck as soon as it's out!

  38. "Cost of ownership" is a myth. Car buyers by them because they love the vehicle they get or something else ( influenced by the ads, color, design, style or whatever it is) Assuming that truck consumers will deeply think about cost of ownership when try to figure it out which one to buy between the Cyberthing and an F150, then you can assume 100 % of them will get the Elon's Lego Truck. But unfortunately the reality is not like that 😎

  39. What would be a good exercise is what is the cost of ownership when using the cyber truck as a truck vs the f150 as a truck and not a daily driver. Such as plowing snow, hauling a load, towing a trailer, towing a camper through the mountains etc.

  40. This wont last on a farm where we expect 10yr of service under hard labor Ex. load mineral trailer spread lime and fertilizer. Good option for city truck drivers. (fo truck drivers) let's go to Lowe's and get a fridge…

  41. Wow! Not to mention no body damage, rust fixing, undercoating etc… the cool ass design. And how fast it is… also the depreciation would not be nearly the same. I’ve been looking at used Tesla’s. They don’t drop much at all.

  42. Wait, how did you start with a $49k Cybertruck and get a 5yr TCO of $46k? I see you have $0 for the tax credit, so it's not that…

  43. By adding the solar option in the sothern states it's about 15 miles a day free which is basically a gallon off petrol free. Add those numbers in .

  44. Anyone know of a calculator, that can give you an output of the number of solar panels you need? For instance: daily commute 30 miles in a Model3 or Hyundai Ionique : winter sun = n panels / summer sun = n panels… Or m^3 (or feet) of gas to heat the home, you'll need nn solar panels if you use a ground water heat pump?

  45. all electric vehicles have the same flaw, they cant travel the same distances in the same time span as fossil fuel vehicles… however it is a neat concept

  46. In Canada, this is a "No Brainer". $5 a gallon, snow salt, etc.. How long will the Cybertruck last compared to an F-150? The materials are so superior to Ford rust buckets that this will be the last vehicle we purchase. I have always driven Fords and can't wait for my new Tesla.

  47. Feels halfhearted Ben. This topic could have been great. Get into nitty-gritty of comparable options cost. Dwelve into how long conventional trucks last compare that to CT.etc etc etc. Think and try to come up with some new angles. Could have been 30-40 minutes of pure numbers bliss . Use some of that crazy aerospikeness that Tim hopefully infects you and Tom with:) For the record i did enjoy watching the video. Popcornish 🙂

  48. Yeah but it tesla going to force you go buy "premium" packages like they did with the model 3? (premium packages that end up being standard equipment)

  49. Is there a tax credit available for purchasing a new electric vehicle? If so, that could influence the cost of ownership as well.

  50. To me, it’s not a competition. They are very different vehicles. Enjoy them both for their strengths.

    With how hard I drive my 6.2L SVT Raptor in Puerto Rico my TCO is probably gleefully DOUBLE the Cybertruck with all the sensual rumble to accompany those dollars blasting out the tailpipe. 😁

    That’s not to say I won’t enjoy the silent rocket sled spaceship wonder truck sitting next to the Raptor on the beach, charging in the Caribbean sun through its rooftop solar panels.

    Another thing to consider on savings for the Cybertruck for my fellow Puerto Rico dwellers, EV vehicles are exempted from the 40% import duty that ICE vehicles are subject to, so that’s a massive savings when you figure that ~$50k price they quoted for the F-150 in the video is $70k+ in PR after the import tax.

    Crazy, eh.

  51. How about Cybertruck vs Raptor, Raptor has one of the lowest depreciation values of anything being sold right now. Cybertruck, game over.

  52. There is NO WAY the Tesla insurance cost is same s the f150!!! I just got the model x and insurance DOUBLE the cost my wife Lexus Rx 350!!! So although you gonna save money on gas, the price of insurance will even that out. Don't believe me, then go get a quote.

  53. You'll find people say I'll never buy this or that, Then one day they end up buying what they said they Will never buy or have. Then end up saying they like it, Most things we say we don't like is because we judge it by looks, until you give it a try and start thinking conservative as we get older and our mind mature.. youll see this all the time.

  54. Ev have comes w 10 years warranty on ev system, lot less maintenance cost regen system saves brakes, body w be more durable get you into the HOV lane and lot more!

  55. The Tesla cybertruck is not come out and we are waiting the 35k model 3. So your calculation are theoric. More theoric.

  56. I'm not a truck guy
    but the F-150 looks like something I could see driving and use on a worksite
    The Tesla is something that should have lasers and phasers mounted on it
    Warp speed Scotty
    it's a joke from a SiFi movie

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