Tesla’s Cybertruck is a Lie

Tesla’s Cybertruck is a Lie

rev your engines yeah I’m disappoint it looks like they’re not gonna be a rematch between the Tesla cyber truck and the
Ford f-150 senior vice president of Ford tweeted that they wanted to have a
rematch and have them pull against it but for just put out a press release it
says well that was tongue-in-cheek they’re not actually going to do it but
you remember that talk of war that they showed the Tesla winning the tug of war
and pulling the Ford well if you watched it it was a joke because it wasn’t even
all-wheel drive like the Tesla truck was he not even comparing apples to apples
they would have put in a big old f-150 with a v8 and all-wheel drive I kind of
doubt that the Tesla was gonna be full of that bang prankster people put up you
know you never have any idea what’s actually going on in any of them in the
video world I know a lot of videographers they can make anything
look like anything you know without actually doing it I mean you could leave
one car in neutral I would pull the other one you could take your foot off
the gas there’s all kinds of things that you could do the only test I would like
to see an actual test where there were guys that I knew say an asphalt track
where they get good grip and then just have them both pull in and see which I
wish someone would actually do this setup then I would find interesting but
you know all this tweeting back and forth to me tweeting is nonsense I don’t
spend any of my time tweeting about anything I’m here to help people out
with real information not to just make up stuff and tweet it to try to get
something sensational out here they may not mean anything at all you know let’s
live in a real world but in a real world I do have to say I would love to see a
real test with a v8 war wheel drive f150 against the cyber truck to see what
would happen one way or another or any kind of test that we’re actually really
done wouldn’t explain this has this this says that and then do it scientifically
for 80 years I had so many non scientific things tried to be sold to me
like I said how this magic thing makes me get better gas mileage and I’ll say
did you test it on a dyno on a racetrack with a car that didn’t have it then the
same car that did have to see what the gas mileage
what the power was you have to do things scientifically when you test stuff that
oh I used this and got better gas mileage that doesn’t mean anything psychologically
you could be driving slower because you want better gas much I got customers
driving Tesla’s they can get 60 something miles on a partial charge but they drive like total turds turtles going so slow people want to run them over cuz they’re
going so slow so that’s not an accurate test an accurate test it’s done at all
speeds all temperatures over time then you know yes it works or no it doesn’t I
might think what these dusters would be what are you gonna be like actually
pulling stuff actually carrying a lot of weight
how long have those batteries gonna last because from my experience with electric
vehicles they generally are fine when they’re empty but when you start loading
them down and either going at high speeds or pulling heavy loads they drain the batteries a lot faster that’s just how they are just like a gasoline engine
if you’re towing something it gets horrendous gas mileage if you’re towing
heavy weights where the diesel engines they get much better gas mileage towing
heavy weights cuz that’s what they’re designed for so let’s be scientifically
any testings and not just have a tweet storm of nonsense flying back and forth
Jonathan says hey Scotty I’m about to change my engine oil and filter car has very high
mileage should I use high mileage oil or should I leave what’s in it my theory
with engine oil yes if you’re using a quality engine I like personnel use
Castro and you have no problems just continue to use it the high mileage oil
theoretically is for engines that are worn it’s best to stick to whatever
you’ve used and definitely don’t go from synthetic to non synthetic or from
non-synthetic to synthetic and a high engine there used to want oil if it
works fine the way it is stick with what you have don’t change just for change 6
and from my experience all the oils that they sell name brands they’re decent
oils they work perfectly fine but they have slightly different additives so if
you find one works fine with one that you have just stick to it don’t go
changing around just for change that car cuz one is 50 cents a quart cheaper or
something I just got so many thousands of dollars don’t think about that small
change red track says I got an 06 Jeep Wrangler 4 liter my obd is
incomplete i can’t get it inspected when they plug in the scanner it says Mil not
ready what can I do oxygen sensor
or the one that won’t get ready it says mil not ready that generally means
there’s a problem either an oxygen sensors the wiring or the catalytic
converter I fixed one of those three months ago even though it was a 2006 it
has a recall for the oxygen sensor wiring once he recall exists they have
to fix the car forever it does not matter that your Jeep is 14 years old
now it has a recall the only thing they were doing a dealer is they’ll take your
VIN number and they’ll run it and if it doesn’t say that that recalls been fixed
they’ll fix it for free so all you got to do is get your VIN number to view
content occasion number called the Jeep dealer and says I know there’s a recall
for this for the oxygen sensor wire and you fix them for free has this one every
one fixed are you fix it for free and they look it up and then they tell you
know if they said it’s been fixed alrighty cover mechanic check out the
wiring to see if it has been replaced cuz sometimes they might lie to you but
generally it’s a recall and they aren’t gonna lie too much about recalls that’s
federal law so if it hasn’t been done and they’ll have to fix it for free
anytime you got a question about a problem with your car but you can do it
you can just go to that government website just type in US government
recall website just google it and it will come right up then you type your VIN number
in and it’ll show you all the recalls anytime you got a problem with your car
yeah why not just do that cuz you might have a free tips you never know and it
can never stop recalls in the United States recalls are forever they don’t
have a limited warranty three years 50,000 miles no recalls go forever so
just do that it’s real easy to do aussie’s not going sick says I got a
2004 Buick Regal and cranks it won’t start and the security alike is coming
on help when the security light comes on and it cranks but it won’t start
that means your security system is keeping your car from being started 2004
it’s got the key and a key has a little chip and that estimation with signal
that comes into the steering column that goes to the body control module it’s
nothing you can really fix yourself lets your mechanic if your mechanic gods are
you’re not gonna be asking me about it find either a locksmith or a mechanical
works on those systems a lot of times locksmiths work on them a lot cheaper
locksmiths made house calls mechanics don’t you’ll save yourself a hundred
something though they’re gonna check the horse
before you even do that try another key maybe you got another key it works that
what’s broken another key just more it’s either the
unit that’s inside the steering column that meshes with the key that gets the
signal they often break or a fixed one about a month ago and it was the body
control module that sends the signal to the body control module if the body
control module breaks it won’t send the signal back to the computer to let us
not even need the part in your steering column fixed or a new body control
module but either way if you can find locksmith that doesn’t work start there
and they could come to you and do the work and study you having to tow your
car even if you guessed you can’t cancel the body control module because if you
put it in a car won’t start it has to be reprogrammed so they make it so you
can’t fix that stuff yourself they’re evil but that’s the way that it goes we
got another key try that I’ll get customers dude I’ve had them
bring me bad keys I’ll see your car won’t start you have any other keys yeah
they bring the other key it starts right up and said well your car’s fixed now brick
Wow says I got 2010 Ford Fusion v6 there’s no heat from the heat or the
blower motor won’t blow anything there’s generally two things that go wrong
either the blower motors going bad or the ball or motor resistor is going bad
the sense of power no they’ve made them more complicated and the simple blower
motor resistor that used to cost like fifteen bucks
and on those Ford’s those are notorious or going bad so under the dash and you
see it used to be called the resistor like I said now it’s got the blower
motor speed controller go to that tap it with a hammer if you tap it and it
starts working that’s bad that’s how I test them cuz it’s often that’s stupid
little module that goes bad and if you tap and it starts working that’s it now
if you tap it it doesn’t work and then you go to the baller motor and you tap
that and it works that means you need a blower motor could be either but I’ve
seen those modules go bad all the time on the Ford’s it’s kind of a design flaw
kathan says Scotty I want to buy a classic seventies American car not
sportscar from eBay for collection and also for rent
hourly now for your collection buy whatever you want that you like
personally with those things I’d say Ford’s are a lot easier to get parts for
into fix and then you’d go GM after that if you’re talking about classic sell
because at least they were making better cars back then I don’t know
thing because you get old cars and you round them out to people hey you got a
baby an old car and you round them out to people they’re generally gonna rag on
I know and my son got married they rented a Mustang to zoom around in hey
drove the heck out of that thing I’m amazed it didn’t fall apart what they’re
driving at something maybe buying a classic seventies American continent
renting it out to people might not be such a smart idea if you want to collect
them and have them for your own toys yeah but renting them out to people that
might be a stretch then that all stops gonna break it if you do put a lot of
money into them then you’re putting a lot of money yeah you’re not gonna get that
much rent I’m out that they’re probably gonna do more damage to the car then you
put into it I gotta rethink that what if I were you Cal Hall says I got a
2016 Volkswagen Jetta the drivers heated seat doesn’t work and it’s called here
in Minnesota obviously check the fuse to really make sure that’s work but from my
experience with those Volkswagens they have crappy heating elements that short
out it’s not that hard to test them you can just unplug where the power goes
then you have a guy check them with a meter and if it shows open that means
that this is short in a circuit because it’s an open circuit now the last time I
fixed one of those I had to replace the expensive heating element now if it’s
that you don’t want to pay for it hey just use the heater maybe bring a
blanket what’s it those things aren’t cheap nothing’s cheap in a Volkswagen
other than the quality but I do see those heating elements break all the
time which is funny because the other day I was in a 25 year old Lexus and
those heated seats were burning my but they were still working so hot but you
got a three-year old Volkswagen it’s broken already listen to scotty when he says don’t buy VW’s mike says Scotty I got a
four-wheel drive 1990 Bronco 2 it’s lifted with 32 inch tires
I notice the RPMs are about 4,000 65 miles an hour I looked on the internet
but they said it should be around 2000 depending on the gearing first of all
realize it’s lifted and it has bigger tires you start messing with the tire
size that’s based on the stock wheels the way it was set up the guy could have
put on different gears in the transmission or a different rear end
with the year race you know normally with those I
find they changed the rear ends and when they changed the rear ends then all bets
are off they change the rear ends so they have more accelaration taking off
from zero but then at higher speeds the engine’s gonna spin higher so the odds
are they messed with the differential with the rear end and that’s the problem,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Edit: I didn't mean to say 60 mpg on the Tesla, I meant to say charge, slip of the tongue and it's filmed live so I can't change it

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  2. Not to mention that the Tesla Truck weighs almost 2,000 pounds more.

    So it's not even a matter of towing power, it's a matter of surface friction.

  3. Looking for a used minivan and am torn between Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. Heard odyssey has transmission issue and I’m partial to the Toyota’s. I’ve found the siennas are more expensive and less common. Is Honda transmission a big problem? Should I just spring for a Toyota? Thanks!

  4. Scotty: I'm here to give people good information, not just put out some sensational nonsense.

    Scotty: "Tesla's Cybertruck is a lie"

  5. Best advertising scheme to break the unbreakable window they got so much free advertisements with that false information

  6. Thank god for you Scotty, cutting through the smoke and mirror bulls—t
    and educating us at the same time.

    Might have to start subscribing again. 👍👌😏

  7. How the hell is a 4wd Ford pick up going to outpull a cybertruck when the Ford can't do 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds? It just doesn't have the power (or weight).

  8. Well, a tug of war obviously favours the electric vehicle which needs no revolutions to develop torque while gasoline engines often don't reach peak torque till over 3,000 rpm, diesels have more torque at low rpms but still requires revolutions to have any torque at all, that she mplt isn't the case with electric motors, they just have torque regardless of revolutions. Where electric vehicles fail is in volumetric energy density, gasoline has 9,000 wh per litre so the Nissan Leaf with it's impressive 30 kwh battery has less than a gallon worth of energy in it's rather large battery pack. Now electric motors are well over 98% efficient while gasoline engines are about 25% efficient so it's more like the equivalent of about 3 gallons of gas and the rest of the difference has to be made by other efficiencies such as carrying less weight, better aerodynamics and lower expectations. It would be easy to make an electric truck that could drag any gasoline or diesel truck around like a toy, it would just discharge it's batteries very quickly cause there simply wouldn't be much energy in it's batteries to begin with. This is also why we don't see compressed natural gas vehicles often, they have better energy density than batteries but still a fraction of gasoline or diesel, there were a lot of transit authorities that converted gasoline vehicles to CNG back in the late 70's and early 80's but they all wound up running those vehicles on gasoline rather than refill them multiple times through the day. I see that a number of transit authorities are buying purpose built CNG vehicles and yes fuel injection technology has made CNG engines a lot more efficient but it's like watching them repeat the errors they made in the 70's all over again.

    Had Tesla incorporated wireless charging preferably from a distance, even if it was only capable of charging during idle scrub cycles, then I would've been impressed. A post apocalyptic movie set reject that can win at tug of wars with existing gasoline trucks is simply not impressive at all.

  9. My Tesla Model 3 SR+ (rated for 240 miles) gets me about 190 miles on a full charge. And i drive like a crazy person

  10. Scotty has never driven a Tesla. In the real world; electric motors power the largest ships in the world, electric motors power all of the trains/locomotives (diesel engines just power generators that make electricity for electric motors), electric motors power the largest cranes on earth. There is no gas powerd engine on earth that can outperform electric motors. Obviously those electric motors need imense amount of electricity. But as the battery technology is getting better and cheaper. Anything powered by petrolium products will be cometely obsolete, sooner than most of us think.

  11. Eh, you're wrong about the ford pulling the tesla. Theres a reason why ford wont nut up. Theres an entire video done on the math of why the tesla is able to pull the ford

  12. Did people actually take the Tesla/Ford video seriously? Seriously? Are people becoming more gullible as time goes on? Besides, everyone knows a Chevy would have won if it hadn't broken down on the way. Ha ha!

  13. Okay I gotta say it, of all people, Scotty you should know that even if the ford was a 4×4 V8 it wouldn't have won because the cyber truck is probably heavier and makes instant torque.

  14. Even if the ford tug of war is not comparing apples to apples, the cybertruck still beats ford in almost every aspect. I think we all need to recognize that electric is going to be the future.

  15. You clearly have no idea of the amount of torque from a three motor electric truck versus a V8 that needs a transmission for the sole purpose of acquiring torque at different rpms.

  16. Scotty… the cybertruck probably weighs three times as much lol. It would still win. But it still sucks in every other way

  17. Oh come on! The Cyber truck would do the same towing job to the F-450 diesel as it does to the f-150. If it loses i'll donate my cyber truck to Scotty.

  18. "Tweeting is nonsense"
    Scotty Kilmer – 2019

    Agreed, a most forms of social media banter back and forth is complete nonsense only things worth following are your dreams and making reality instead of talking about everyone else's reality.

  19. I did a search and found a video where a guy hooked a 1,500 lb trailer to a Model X (or Y).
    – It cut the range in half.
    – At one (of 3) charge stations he had to drop the trailer to get in to charge.
    – It took 8 hours to go 217 miles (average 26.5 mph).

    Added note, if you charge on the road an electric will cost more per mile than a gas car.

  20. Teslas in general are for pretenders who find BMW:s too mainstrean and not douchbag enough. But ,in reality, as the Cybertruck is heavy, it may have a clear advantage in a tug of war. It will have much better grip than any unladen real pick up. So, as the tread pattern also counts, off road tires in a real 4×4 pick up will make traction on pavement even worse, so in any case it is comparing useful pick ups against electric toys that have useless range when carrying stuff or towing.

  21. Why would a mechanic lie about the recall having been done? Doesn't the mechanic get paid when they do recall work by the manufacturer?

  22. To the guy who was going to rent out his classic car: talk to your car insurance agent. There are major coverage issues in your policy that would make that a TERRIBLE idea.

  23. 04 regal. Dont they have the key that has a resistor built in? Also 2010 fusion. They have blower motor issues however I've seen them have cooling system issues.

  24. Scotty Kilmer 100% right V8 F150 four wheels drive never and nowadays the V8 F150 four wheels drive can loose Tesla Cyber truck electric car.

  25. re-marrying a key to a security system : make sure the battery in car is full. close all doors and hatches, stick key in outside door lock, lock door, remove key , pull handle, reinsert key and unlock, get inside of vehicle and reinsert key in ignition and start vehicle. I do this for a living on a used car lot and have been doing so for 7 years on vehicles of most makes ranging from 2000 until recent.

  26. I know scientifically that my 4.7L Dodge Dakota got better mileage than my 4.0L Ford Explorer when towing my trailer on highway miles. My Dodge ran it $60 cheaper on same trip than my Ford Explorer. The round trip distance is approximately 580 miles.

  27. I would say the Tesla would most definitely win the tug if war even if they'd used 4×4 f-150. Elec. Motor instant torque. It's complicated though.. power needs traction and the weight certainly helps. However, long range pulling load the f150 will spank the Tesla. Elec. motors are super efficient but lack the energy density to pull weight at distance. They're getting there and it will be interesting to see the next level of dry cell batteries and capacitors etc..!

  28. In my humble 2 cents, I have few things to say, hear me out and if you can give it some thoughts.
    1. A little bit of math from an electrical engineer: 1 gallon of diesel is equivalent to 40kwh, so the model X has maximum 100kwh which equals to 2.5 gallons of diesel as far as energy storage is concerned. I estimate the cybertruck will have 200kwh and can travel 500 miles. Can you travel 500 miles with 5 gallons of diesel? This shows how efficient electric automobile are. That is why electric car owner can save a lot of money travelling.
    2. The future is here just like when the qwerty keyboard phone is switched to touch screen phone. Just like when we switch from horse to car, from wood to oil and now from oil to electric and solar. Look at china and how pollution is making everyone sick in big city, and soon everywhere on this earth.
    3. If you found someone put garbage in front of your house what would you feel? Well, everyday people spraying exhaust garbage right into your nose, much worse than the sight of garbage in front of your house. It will be illegal in California from 2025 and eventually everywhere. Wake up and really see the truth instead of sticking to what used to work but won't in the future. In the beginning of automobile people actually going through the same rejection of new things, such as between horse and car where horse only need grass and water and you couldn't get gas in the middle of the road (there used to be no gas station anywhere). You already know what the result was.
    4. If you buy a gas automobile now, be prepare to not be able to sell it to others and have to purchase electric once the law is changed because we will have to outlaw gas automobile.

    Embrace what is better instead of holding on and hanging on to what no longer work and regret much more later on.
    My little 2 cents advice to readers.

  29. That Tesla would've dragged the f150 around like a rag doll! Even the v8 4×4. Google Tesla's getting ICEd. Even the model 3s can drag those giant Diesel trucks away from charging stations. Obviously in those cases, the truck wasn't even running, but it's still impressive.

  30. Your right Scotty. Actually the cyber truck needs to be matched to an ice vehicle in the same size, weight, hp, and torque vehicle class. When vehicle performance is compared its usually a matching class vehicle. Musk needs to enter his cyber junk into a Moab, or Rubicon challenge.

  31. If you haven't towed anything in 5 years, or you are going to tow your whatever 5 miles, any cybertruck will do it. If you are going to tow a lot of weight hundreds of miles on a regular basis, or you just "need" a giant truck that goes 0-60 in under 3 seconds, that 500 mile model is the one.

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