Test Drive and Review – Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography

– Hello, my name is Sam Rees and I’m from Sports and
Prestige in Worcester, part of the Pershore Motors Group and today I’m driving a
Range Rover Autobiography. It’s got a 4.4 litre v8 engine and the equipment level on this is absolutely out of this world. It’s the top of the range
Range Rover there is. You’ve got paddle shifts
here for changing gear, it’s got automatic lights,
it has automatic wipers. You also have a nice quirky bit here, which is a heated steering wheel, so in the winter you don’t
need to get your gloves out, just put your heated steering wheel on and the actual steering
wheel is heated for you. You’ve got dynamic cruise
control with a limiter, safety features when on the motorway, so pop it into cruise control and set the speed to what you want it to. You have a Bluetooth
hands-free connection, which is all situated on the
steering wheel here as well. Your indicators are in this position here for left and right. You’ve got a nice digital
display in the front, which tells you your
average fuel consumption, the radio station that’s on. Or if you’ve got your Bluetooth on, it will also show you who’s calling. Obviously it tells you your speed. The car’s only done 48,000 miles, which is very low mileage for its year. It’s currently a 63 plate and it’s priced for as
little as 33,000 pound. Over here you have all
your electric windows, also has child locks
on the electric windows for the rear passengers. You have your electric mirrors here, which are controlled via this. They also are electric
power folding mirrors, so they do fold in as well when you park in those tight little spaces. With this digital display here
you’ve got DAB free radio, you’ve got a satellite navigation system, which is all there, it’s
actually all colour 3D as well. It also is equipped with
a DVD player, CD player and it is a digital
TV, so you could watch. Also, this car is equipped with
full leather navy interior. It also actually has a
leather ceiling as well, which is an added extra. You’ve got a nice walnut dash,
leather dash here as well. The vehicle also has
heated and cooled seats, which also has a massage function as well for your comfortable driving. As I said, stereo is here,
it’s got a nice sound system. You’ve got a dual glove box as well. It’s equipped with nice cup holders. You also have a dynamic mode with this vehicle for off-roading. You can drive it in snow, gravel and it also has hill
climb and hill descend. Also with the vehicle,
it has a fixed tow bar with twin electrics, has
22 inch alloy wheels, just avoid this horse. 22 inch alloy wheels. It’s got dual climate control, so your passenger can have this side cold, whilst you can have this side hot. In the rear it’s got isofix
seating with the child seats and it’s full leather in the back as well. Also the vehicle is equipped
with a fridge, which is here. And also within that space down there is auxiliary output to
plug in your iPhone, you can also stream your music
through the sound system. It has a dual roof, one that opens, this is the panoramic roof,
which is all controlled by here. Also with the vehicle, with the seating, as well as the massage function, it’s also got three
settings of memory seats. So if other people drive the car, you can set the vehicle its memory seats to different passengers that drive it. Along with the climate control,
the dual climate control, your passengers who are in the rear also have the facility to
control the air function. So they can control it in the back, they can have cold one side, they could have warm the other side or obviously both have cold. (water splashes) Welcome back, I’m just gonna take you round the outside of the vehicle, of this Range Rover Autobiography. So as you can see, you’ve
got the 22 inch alloy wheels. It’s got mudguards, it also has sidesteps, which have got the aluminium finish. As we approach the back,
as I talked about earlier, you’ve got the tow bar
with the twin electrics. It also has its parking sensors and a nice function on this,
it’s got a parking camera. Also it’s got electric powered tailgate which goes up and down. And also, if you were having a picnic, you could use it as a seat. And all you do then is press
the buttons to return it. (door clunks) And again. And see you’ve got the
nice Autobiography badge. It’s also got privacy glass,
it’s set in a white paint. It’s also got the power folding
mirrors which fold in there. It also has puddle lights, so if you’re in the dark
and you drop your keys, you’ll get a little Land Rover symbol which will shine on the floor
so you could see your keys. You’ve got halogen light bulbs and it also has front parking aids and it also has a front camera as well. So once again, I’m Sam from
Sports and Prestige in Stoulton, part of the Pershore Motor Group. And this is our lovely
Range Rover Autobiography on a 63 plate and it’s done 48,000 miles and it’s priced as little as 33,000 pound. So contact myself if you
need any further inquiries.

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