Testing Saw Blade Wheels on Frozen Lake!

Hello, and welcome to Beyond the Press Chanel. I’m Lauri, and I’m Anni. Today we are going to do the best video in the whole GODDAMN INTERNET. Pretty goddamn cool! Yeah, the idea is to drive with these saw blade wheels on the frozen lake. Whooohoooo! Annnd lets hope that we don’t sink. We have done like lot of ice research. And there’s about half a meter of ice And we are also going to stick with the area where there isn’t much water under the ice. So we think it’s only about this deep. (chuckling) So we have still, plenty of room to come out. I think we are going to drive the windows open. Yeah. And the wheels. They are about 600 millimeters Or 2 feet. In diameter. 10 millimeters or about 1/2 inch thick. They weigh about 35 kilograms or about 70 pounds. So (rock music starts) They are like pretty hardcore Yeah ok Tada! Seems that they don’t sieze too much. I think they’s going to work. Yep, so..(engine starts and revs) I think this is it. (Ice crunching) Woohoo Yaa! Holy shit! (More ice crunching) Woohoo! How much it seems? Uhhh, let’s see. Eh, not much. Maybe one centimeter. I try to go back! ok Yeah, woohoo! (Anni laughing) Lauri: (Laughing while talking) Holy shit! Anni: That’s crazy I think it dosen’t get stuck! Anni: Yea I think so and it’s uh.. softer here. Lauri:Yeah I think it’s better there. Anni: ya ya… ya ya Holy shit.

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