Testing ULTIMATE Skatepark Pump Track!!

Testing ULTIMATE Skatepark Pump Track!!

Oh No, are you okay right now if your breath Hey look on the bright side, that’s right. I got that If you missed yesterday’s video I informed you guys that today the pumptrack at Temecula skatepark is officially opening now This is the closest skate park to my actual house Although I do not consider it my local because they’ve gone to catalog skate park forever And that’s where I learned everything, but regardless that new poem track is opening up today And I want to take my mountain bike But it needs to be worked on really really bad and I had to put my rack on my car if I want to do That so well, we gotta put my rack on my car if I want to do that It helps to put the the front one in the front and the rear one in there in the rear Okay mics are on top of the car ready to go it’s getting really really windy right now So I’m really hoping that this is our rain because it’s supposed to like way later on in the day but if it starts to rain while we’re at the pump track right after I just wash my Freaking bike I’m gonna be upset, but let’s head over to Allen’s get this thing set up Okay, so we’re just around the corner from the skate park and pumptrack now. I got my bike all cleaned I didn’t film it because I had only so much time but she’s nice clean lubed up ready to go ready to ride we should Be at the pump track within like two or three minutes I’m really curious to see how many people are actually there because like I said It’s probably not gonna be just me and a whole bunch of screwed riders. There’s gonna be skateboarders It’s gonna be bikers giving me all kinds of people families and everything. So I’m very very excited So, let’s see what this place looks like All right So we’re over here right now and there are a ton of freaking people out here lookit we got an entire crowd over here We got a few people on the track right now every cruise and having a lot of fun I might think I’m gonna take my phone out so I can actually get a normal clip So now you guys can actually see how many freaking people are here And there are a ton of bikes scoots skateboards. Everything is here Okay, so all kinds of vendors over there and everything So the city is actually free heights on this right now you guys by ever since seen the finished product We got the vehicle cruising over there right now. I just want to hit that wall. I jus I hit the wall That’s all I want to do to be honest. So we have all these people here There’s lightning in the sky and it just started to rain But I love hi. I love any of these people gonna be older. Unfortunately because Come down hard. You’re pretty quick. We’re gonna do our very very best to get a lineman out But there’s at least a hundred people on this thing. Would it once oh my god this is not no this friggin grass is not gonna last very long Oh God go My Wells got why you stopping it? I was kind of working. Whoa call me inferences all attacked twice I’m not passing anyone because ladies guys I want to run into someone everyone’s to go fast. And this is not working for anybody Whoa, go home. You got it. You guys keep standing don’t stop Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. All right so far. I’m on my bike. It feels like really smooth I have no idea what its gonna feel like when I do get on my scoop. But either way it’s working. Yeah starters Right now if anyone follows everyone falls So I’m not able to go super fast right now because if I do I’m gonna hit someone I just want everybody Have a good time without falling and getting hurt We’re gonna try to get one more line record but after that I think we’re just gonna end up going into this gate park and riding because not being able to ride This is I mean, it’s pretty much inevitable right now. If I go go go go go you go. You got it Go Levi, this is not my scooter. But we need a scooter thumbnail. Oh right now is the time to go Oh, Oh God, alright go go go go go go Are you okay? Right you have your breath Hey, I’ll lift you Hey look on the bright side that’s rope I got that Are you good? Are you sure yeah you died Let’s go up top so we’re out of the way Alright, well as we’re just frickin RIPD, so let’s get out of the way now So I gotta get out of the way little homie died. I had to make sure you saw it. Alright, let’s see him Double berries bro. Alright frickin feet. Let me see it dude. Did you get on your ear hoodie? It’s the Oh city That’s DeVos OD last dirty, but hey, I’m glad you’re good. I’m glad you’re good Well that was working for a little bit and then Azra decided to slide out any freaking dive But I’m glad that he’s good as a I was actually really scared that I was gonna run over both your legs but there are probably like if I think guess is like 400 300 people here right now and there’s probably 30 or 40 people on the pumptrack at once and After that, I’m not gonna ride the pumptrack anymore. So let’s go into the park. Okay Let’s see if we can even somehow get a line. Okay, look look at how many people are in here even This is not working out this is scooters right here the fly out. I wanna hang out with you scooter kids Hey scooter kid there are Way too many people in here to actually get any writing done. I got friends giving to go to anyway over at Riley’s house So I think we’re gonna have to call it here at the park and hope for the best Tomorrow morning because I’d love to come out here and ride my cuz I actually got my project in the mail today so I’d like to cruise over bribe my prodigy in the park write it on the phone track test it out then and Hopefully just hopefully it’s not nearly as packed I’m upset. I’m upset because it is currently pouring out here in California. There is lightning So there is that and I kind of I like lightning so that’s sort of a plus but regardless is still working wet Here’s the worst part. I just got my prodigy essay in the mail And I was really looking forward to writing this thing today and filming a couple of videos with it But but that ain’t happening that ain’t happening at all. I also got this thing in the mail I don’t want to tell you guys exactly what that is right now You guys will find out in the next few days and I’m actually very excited to open that thing up and play with it I have plans to go out this morning and do some riding and things like that to make sure that this video is a little Bit longer, but we’re cutting it short today But either way I still hope that you guys enjoy today’s video If you guys did please click that subscribe button if you are not subscribed already so that you guys don’t miss any of the videos That I post up in the future and of course make sure to turn on post notifications So that you get the little thing every time it comes through much. Love you guys and until next time I’m out of here later

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  1. PUMP TRACK PUMP TRACK PUMP TRACK PUMP TRACK! Great vid Raymond have a good day also I thought of starting a scooter and skateboard for repair for friends yay

  2. So stoked on this pump track! I need to get back over there to film a proper video when it is A LOT less busy. Place was PACKED!

  3. so im looking for a scooter for Christmas and i was on one but then they ran out of that scooter so now I'm looking at the Prodigy S8 and do you think that's a good choice?

  4. you're awesome and you're the best you tuber ever ;-] I really want the s8 for cristmas i doent no how to spell that sorry.

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