The 3 Best Ford F150 Cat-Back Exhausts For 2015-2017 5.0L F150

The 3 Best Ford F150 Cat-Back Exhausts For 2015-2017 5.0L F150

Hey, what’s up everybody? I’m Justin with And welcome to my “Best Of” video for the
exhaust category available for all 2015 and newer 5-liter F-150s. Now, the purpose of this video is to give
you my top three Cat-Back choices here on the site. Based off my personal experience along with
some customer feedback to help you guys choose a quiet medium or wild system for your rig. Now, I just wanna point out that these are
three of many different options you’ll find here at And if you’re not digging any of my choices
in this video, that’s perfectly okay. In fact, I encourage you to check out some
of our other options here on the site along with the corresponding sound clips. So why put an aftermarket exhaust on your
rig? Well, that’s a dump question. Right? Louder is always better, especially, with
the 5-liter powered F-150s. The question is, just how loud do you wanna
go? Well, that’s what we’re gonna find out here
today. Well, let’s first start out with my choice
for a mild option. Now, this is gonna be a great exhaust for
the owners who wanna hear just a little bit more volume over the factory system, but would
still prefer to stay under the radar. And for that, I went with the MagnaFlow and
that series Cat-Back which I gave a three out of five on my wake the neighbors scale
and here’s what it sounds like. And I’ve been on record saying the MagnaFlow
systems are, without a doubt, one of my favorites for the F-150, no matter what engine, 2735
Echo Boost, but especially, the great sounding 5-liter V8. And the thing I like most about the MagnaFlow
systems is just the overwhelmingly deep tone the company is able to achieve using their
signature MF Series muffler here. Now, this thing is straight through by the
design and it is packed with an acoustic fiber material that when combined does help shape
that nice smooth deep tone you guys heard with their sound clips. Another thing I do enjoy about the MagnaFlow
is the amount of options they give prospective buyers when it comes to the layout. Now, the system that we have here in this
video does feature their dual same side exit configuration, does dump before the passenger
side rear tire, which is currently the most popular option here on the site. And also, the most affordable for MagnaFlow
at right around 700 bucks. Now, you can also grab this thing in a dual
same side exit, but after the rear tire. You can also get it in a single side exit
configuration, door split rear exit configuration. So, you have a lot of options. And since all of the systems utilized roughly
the same MF series muffler, albeit different lengths, you can expect that same deep thumping
tone with each system. But on top of the tone and configuration,
5-liter owners can also look forward to a rock solid build quality here at the MagnaFlow,
including 409 grade stainless steel throughout, quality welds, mandrel bent tubing, and finally,
all exiting out, the three and half inch staggered slash-cut tips. In summary guys, the MagnaFlow is going to
be an affordable well-built system and one that will deliver an enjoyable tone but with
minimal drone. But what if you crave a little bit more? You don’t mind a decent amount of volume or
bark at full bogie, but at the same time you don’t wanna alert every cop in town. Well, for that may I suggest our middle of
the road system, the Borla S-Type which I gave a four out of five on the wake the neighbors
scale and here’s what it sounds like. Now, Borla is, without a doubt, one of the
most trusted names in the aftermarket exhaust game and is gonna offer you a few different
flavors depending on what you are after. For instance, the S-Type that we had here
is going to be the company’s middle of the road offering with their touring system being
the milder of the three, and finally, the attack system rounding up at the top honors
for being the company’s screamer. Let’s bring our focus back to the S-Type here
and talk about why it made my list for the middle of the road system. Now listen guys, the volume on the S-Type,
in my opinion, it’s nearly perfect. Just the right amount of bark coming from
the Borla. But at the same time, it’s polished enough
to drive grandma to church if and when you need to, thanks to the extremely quiet and
cabin experience. But on top of that awesome tone, the Borla
will deliver some of the nicest materials and build quality out of all my choices here
today, 304 grade stainless steel throughout which is the benchmark material in the aftermarket
exhaust world, and ultimately, it’s gonna be the best at reducing or resisting corrosion
over the years. Three-inch mandrel tubing before the S-Type
muffler does step down a two and a quarter inch tubing here before exiting out to rather
large four-inch polish tips, and bolster that Borla logo. Now, guys the quality materials and the build
here are certainly gonna add to that final price tag as a Borla does ring in at right
around 1,100 bucks for the split rear exit system that we have here. Now just like MagnaFlow, Borla does give truck
owners some options when it comes to layout. As I just mentioned, you’re currently looking
at the tried and true truck design guys, that dual split rear exit configuration. By the way, that’s also currently the most
popular on the site. But did you know you can also grab this thing
in a dual same side exit configuration, that’s gonna dump behind the passenger side rear
tire, and it will deliver more of a factory style appearance. But either way guys, the S-Type is an awesome
system from the tone down to the quality. It was an easy choice for my middle of the
road system. Last but not least, we have the Wildcat. Now, these things certainly, aren’t going
to be for the faint of heart and it can be for the truck owners who wanna be heard and
wanna be heard a lot. And while there are a few systems that qualified
based on overall volume alone, I decided to go with the fan-favorite Flowmaster Outlaw
which did receive a strong five out of five on the wake the neighbors scale and here’s
what it sounds like. As you guys just heard with our sound clips,
the Outlaw system is going to punish eardrums from miles around, thanks largely in part
to the Super 10 Series muffler that is incorporated into the Outlaw Cat-Back for the 5-liter pick-up. Now, guys make no mistake about it, easily
one of the most aggressive mufflers in the iconic Flowmaster lineup. And also, is going to produce a boatload of
noise both outside and inside the truck making it a perfect choice for the owners who wanna
be heard. And one of the things I like most about the
Outlaw here from Flowmaster is that the company includes a couple of different configurations
with every single kit. What I mean by that is, utilize these guys
here with the tips and you can dump this thing out underneath the rear bumper or, on the
other hand you can throw these guys on and you can dump it behind the passenger and driver
side rear tire. So, we’re got to a very cool option that the
company includes with every single kit. And all that said, this is still well below
1,000 bucks, easily making this one of the best bang for your back systems on the site. Material wise, you are looking at a full stainless
steel build here at the Flowmaster as well, 409 grade to be exact. Not quite as nice as Borla’s 304 grade. But at this price point, it’s kind of expected. Now, the 409 is still gonna do a great job
of reducing corrosion over the years and far better than the entry level material in the
category which is typically gonna be your aluminized steel. Other notables with the Flowmaster include
three-inch mandrel bent tubing. Again, the different configuration options
like we already covered, four-inch ceramic coated tips which will be a little bit more
durable than a painted surface, and like the rest of my systems here in this video built
right here in the USA, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. The Outlaw is an absolute screamer guys. It will definitely not disappoint in the volume
department and can be had for well south of 1,000 bucks. Well, guys that’s gonna wrap us up here for
my “Best Of” video in the exhaust category for all 2015 and newer 5-liter F-150s. Again, these are just three of the many different
options you’re gonna find here at AT, so I encourage you to check out our selection,
listen to the sound clips and better help you decide on the right system for your ride. I’m Justin, thanks for watching and for all
things F-150, keep it right here at

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I went with the magnaflow and happy with it. Was thinking I should've gone borla, but in this video, may be it's just me, the magnaflow sounds a little deeper, borla is louder and a little raspy. Maybe it sounds different in person.

  2. Does the exhaust on the 15-17 F150 fit the 2018 F150? Or does the 18 F150 need a new designed exhaust. With the 10 speed transmissions I wonder if a new designed exhaust us required.

  3. Wheres the Corsa exhaust? Got it on my 16 f150 and also had it on my 16 5.0 mustang before i traded it in… wouldn't choose any other system. No drone and absolutely RIPS!

  4. I'm putting one of these exhaust on my 5.0 f150! Thanks for uploading these different types of exhaust sound. You just made it easier for me which exhaust I want in my truck. As always, your videos are awesome, helpful and informative.

  5. I have the MF lightning style side exit on my 18 5.O. It's plenty deep and throaty, quite different then stock. She's loud enough to me when you get into the throttle, but not ridiculous in the cab. I guarandamntee people hear my coyote loud and clear when I pass them on the freeway. Like these fuktard japtraps (usually rav4s, Honda minivans, highlanders, kias, etc.) that think they can blow by me in the right hand lane and cut over in front of me… well it's a 400 hp truck with a 10 speed tranny. And I run 105+ octane cornfuel. Effin idiots.

  6. the audio is muffled in all of your soundclips. not just this video but others as well. remove the wind filter from the mic. I can't really tell what the trucks sound like.

  7. I went with a Flowmaster American Thunder on my 5.4L. It was the perfect amount of loud and I got it on sale. If I get a V8 again, that's what I'll go with.

  8. If interested in the Borla s-type (4 out of 5) but looking for something slightly cheaper. Would anyone have any suggestions? It's nearly $1600 where I live.

  9. just had that exact Outlaw series with the Super 10 muffler put on my 2014 Ford FX4 a week ago, with the black tips just the same out the back each side. I LOVE everything about it, EXCEPT THE DRONE SOUND you get between 60-75 mph on the freeway is unbearable.  I'm surprised that they would make a system like this, which costs you a hard earned $1,100 out of your pocket, advertise it for these specific daily driver vehicles, and have a drone sound with this muffler where you can't even hold a conversation with your wife in the truck while cruising on the freeway.  

    I have a '96 Camaro SS with the first SLP exhaust that came with no resonator, stock, that is louder than this truck but has zero drone on the freeway, so I know exhaust. That is a beautiful designed exhaust.  So I'm used to loud exhausts.  But this drone at a constant speed is unbearable.  You can't exit your truck every time feeling like you just left a 2 hour concert standing next to the floor tower speakers.  I just spent 4 hours putting Dynomat along the back wall of the truck cab wall, and as that helped take away some road noise, it did absolutely nothing for the drone.  Waste of time and money even more.  On this truck, there's 2 baffles along the back wall that you can't cover up because that helps release the air pressure inside the cab for when the AC kicks on and the windows are up.  So I covered those up with plexiglass except at the 2 ends to still allow air flow through it for pressure release.  But by doing that, it still allows sound inside the cab.  The back windows obviously doesn't help to keep sound out either.  And that all comes from the Super 10 muffler that unfortunately is 12 inches away right behind the back cab area.

    I'm going to have to go back and talk to them and see about the 40 muffler and if that'll help with the drone while hopefully not losing the overall sound that I've already gotten used to and like.  Dropping $1,100 on a setup for what they offer on a daily driver that has this much drone, they really dropped the ball in not advertising this to consumers.  Who wants this drone sound?  Advertising the fact that it is one of their loudest options is NOT the same as having an unbearable continual drone sound that is not healthy for your ears.  An hour after driving the truck on the freeway, I still have that humming in the ears from it like I just left a concert.  People equate "loud", with the rumble that they hear from their online sound clips. BUT, their sound clips don't give you the cruising speed drone that you get, when that is what you are doing the most on the freeway.

    If you city drive from street light to street light, this may never be an issue, but when you drive 30mi one way on the freeway day to day to work, drone is your enemy.  I don't know anyone who thinks this drone sound is cool.

    I will now have to look for plan B.  I hope I find it.

  10. Roush sounds the best.
    Had it 4 years, and no ones exhaust compares to it.
    I live in Texas, and trucks and exhaust go hand and hand.
    But if you don’t like drone, then Roush is not one to go with.

  11. With these models do you get any clicking noise through the exhaust with the mds switching from 8 to 4 cylinders?

  12. Get some videos with aftermarket exhaust towing a load. Cant find any videos out there with what the interior/exterior sound is like when towing.

  13. Like the vid.. kool info…..I have a 2013 for f150 fx2… but sadly a v6… what whould be my options for my yr model or is there a vid like this on my yr of truck…

  14. Flowmaster outlaw system is a head turner and sets off some sensitive car alarms with just a start up and almost any other alarm with a little rev. Really love it on my 5.0

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