The 3 Best Jeep Wrangler Axle Back Exhausts For 2007-2017 JK

The 3 Best Jeep Wrangler Axle Back Exhausts For 2007-2017 JK

I’m Ryan from, and in this
video, I’m going to give you my top three picks for axle-back exhaust systems for your
2007 and up JK. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel
to check out other great comparison videos like this, as well as product review videos
and other great Jeep content. So, there are a couple of different reasons
you’d want to install an axle-back system on your JK. Those are going to be sound and aesthetics. From a sound standpoint, you’re going to get
a lower, more aggressive exhaust note, and you’re also going to get a little bit more
exhaust volume. And from an aesthetics standpoint, you’re
going to get a change, as well. All of these systems are going to be dual
outlet systems, giving you an additional pipe at the back, and two of them are going to
be black, giving your Jeep a little bit more of an aggressive look, as well. Now, if you’re considering all exhaust systems
and you’re not sure what type to go with, an axle-back is going to be inexpensive, easy
to add on, and is going to have those sound and aesthetic changes. If you’re looking for something that has even
more function, you might want to look at one of the cat-back systems. Those systems can tuck more piping up out
of the way, so if you do a lot of wheeling on the rocks, they’ll have less stuff to get
smashed, and some of those systems will eliminate the factory resonator in favor of a smaller
bullet-style muffler, so you can get even additional sound out of those axle-backs. But, again, they’re going to be a little bit
more expensive, and they are going to be a more difficult installation. So, we are going to talk about three different
options. Again, these are just my picks in a couple
of different categories, and these systems are going to have different builds, and also
some different features. So, we’ll talk about that in just a second. Now, regardless of what axle-back you pick,
they’re all pretty much going to fit your two-door and your four-door, your 3.8-liter
and your 3.6-liter engines, not too much of a difference there, and they’re all going
to install very, very easily onto your Jeep, as well. The factory system will come out by just undoing
one exhaust clamp and two exhaust hangers, and these systems will pop right back in place,
replacing that system without the need to cut, weld, or do any other major modifications
to your Jeep. So, again, very easy install, regardless of
what system you pick. The three systems I want to talk about today
are the RedRock 4×4 dual outlet exhaust system, the Gibson Deegan 38 split rear exhaust system
in black, and finally, the Magnaflow Performance black dual exhaust system, as well. So, let’s get into them. So, the first system I want to talk about
is RedRock 4×4 dual outlet axle-back exhaust system. This is the black version, but there is also
an unpainted version available, as well. This system is going to give you that lower
exhaust note and a louder exhaust note, but it’s not going to be quite as refined as maybe
some of the more expensive systems out there. This is going to be one of the cheapest dual
outlet systems that you can get for your JK. This system is going to be made of a 409 stainless
steel, which is going to be a better material as far as corrosion resistance than an aluminized
stainless, but not quite as good as 304. And this whole system is going to be made
of 409, including the tips, where again, some of the more expensive systems are going to
have a 304 tip just to make sure you don’t get any type of corrosion on the tip, as well. This whole system is going to be black powder
coated, but it’s not going to be quite as tough as some of those ceramic coated systems
that, again, are going to be more expensive. So, I think this is going to be a really nice
system if you’re looking for that lower, louder exhaust note, you want to change the attitude
of your Jeep from an aesthetic standpoint, but you want to be able to save a bit of money. The next system is the Gibson Deegan 38 dual
split axle-back exhaust in black ceramic. Now, a couple of differences between this
and the RedRock one that we just talked about. This system is going to be made out of aluminized
steel instead of stainless steel, although the tips are still going to be a 304 stainless. Now, in general, an aluminized steel isn’t
going to hold up as well against rust and corrosion as a 409 or even a 304 stainless,
however, this does have a black ceramic coating on it, which is going to be a little bit different
than the powder coated finish that we saw on the RedRock 4×4. So, this ceramic is going to hold up to heat
a little bit better, and in general, is going to stick really well to that aluminized steel. So, definitely, a little bit of a different
flavor from the construction, the materials used, and also the coating used on this one. This is going to have a little bit of a bigger
tip on it, as well, just giving you a little bit of a different style, and the sound of
this system is going to be a little bit more refined and a little bit more well-rounded
than that RedRock system was. The last system I want to talk about is the
Magnaflow Performance Series black axle-back exhaust system, and this one is going to be
a little bit different from the others in construction, and also in sound. It’s still going to be a dual outlet black
system, kind of like the Gibson one that we talked about, but because of the way that
this one is built and designed, it is going to be a little bit pricier that the others. This is going to be a 409 stainless body that
has a high-temp black coating on it. It’s also going to have 304 stainless tips,
so if you were to get any sort of scratches on the tips, you’re not going to have to worry
about rusting on those. And, overall, this system is just very, very
well-built. You can tell by the finished look of the welds. The coating on here is pretty much flawless. It’s just very, very well-built, and very
well put together, and that’s part of what’s going to add to the cost. This system is also going to have an even
more refined sound, a very well-rounded sound, a very pleasant exhaust note. You’re not going to get any type of drone
out of this system at all. Another construction difference that you’ll
find in this system is that the tips are welded on instead of clamped on. That’s not necessarily a positive or a negative,
but it is something that I wanted to point out for this system. If you are looking for something that has
the highest build quality, is still made of very high-quality materials, and is going
to give you a very nice sound, and you have the budget for it, I would recommend taking
a look at this. So, those are my top three picks for axle-back
exhaust systems for your JK. We talked about the RodRock 4×4 dual outlet
system, the Gibson Deegan 38 Signature system, and finally, that Magnaflow dual outlet system. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel
because, like I said before, these are just my picks. You can check out product reviews for all
of the other axle-back systems available. And also, make sure you comment below. Let me know what you think about my picks,
what system you’re running on your Jeep, how you like it, or which one you plan to install
on your JK.

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  1. I got the magnaflow at Amazon for $470 you just have to have patience prices drop at night, I love it but wish it was louder

  2. Dual outlet exhausts look weird on a Jeep and are not a good choice for off road. I went with the AFE Power Mach Force axle back. Tucks up high and the tip is hidden. It's also a very tame exhaust with zero drone, around town or on the freeway. Just a deeper growl when you get on the gas. How it should have come from the factory.

  3. The Red Rock 4 x 4 system looks nice sounds good at an idle but sounds like total crap when you accelerate, waste of money

  4. If you really want a louder exhaust get yourself a flowmaster 40. Nice burble at low RPMs and not very raspy at the top. Also gives off a lot of nice pops and cracks as you down shift.

  5. Anyone thinking of buying the Magnaflow axle back exhaust should be advised that the quality on the Magnaflow is hit or miss. Both exhaust tips can have incorrect weld angles on to the main muffler body causing the tips to point downwards after it is on the Jeep. In this video, the exhaust does not have this issue and both tips are level to the bottom of the bumper. Mine does not sit that way. Contacting Magnaflow does not help as they claim this is normal. So much for their QC when it comes to welding. Definitely would not recommend this company and their exhaust.

  6. As much as i love my flow master super 10 i wish i researched to get the side to center inlet/outlet so i could tuck it up in front. In the moment i dont have a muffler on and its nicer compaired to stock but my super 10 is amazing. As a warning the flowmaster super 10 is LOUD both in and out of the jeep.

  7. Back in the old days when we modified the exhaust it was for something called performance. I guess now it's all about aesthetics.

  8. I own a jeep Sahara now finally. And i was told that you should only put duals on a V-8 and that info came from the gentlemen who owns the local muffler shop. He would have love to taken my money but he did let me know that the 6 cylinder could possibly sound weird no matter what system you pick . I will stick with my stock exhaust.

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